Say it with jewellery – Valentine’s day gifts for the woman in your life

Valentine’s day is here again and with it comes the big question…what can you gift the woman in your life that could make her feel really special? About as special as she makes you feel every day with the love and care she bestows upon you, brightening up your days..? The answer to that has always been jewellery. No matter how many years, jewellery has always been the best Valentine’s day gift.

Be it with heart shaped pendants or heart shaped ear rings or a gorgeous diamond necklace, nothing speaks the language of love better than jewellery does. If Jewellery is what you wish to gift to that special woman in your life, we at JPearls have got just the kind of Valentine’s day jewellery that can sweep her off her feet and feel as special as she deserves to.

Let us give you some Valentine’s day gift ideas from our collection…

Putting a ring on it


Are you planning to pop the big question on V-day? You can make the moment memorable for the rest of your lives by asking her to marry you with our special collection of heart shaped rings. If you just want to give her a ring as a Valentine’s day gift instead, these beautiful rings will also make your day really special.

Get the JPearls diamond heart finger ring here:



Melt your girl’s heart with a heart shaped pendant


A gorgeous heart shaped pendant made out of rubies or emeralds or sapphires could melt the heart of your girl like no other gift can. The JPearls ruby heart pendant which has a tiny little ruby heart encrusted in an outer diamond heart is sure to make your day memorable.




A golden rose that’s never going to wither


Roses are a way to a girl’s heart like nothing else and if they’re made out of gold, they make for a Valentine’s day gift like no other. What’s more, a golden rose is not going to wither away after a few days and is going to last forever. Which is why the JPearls gold plated rose makes for one really great V-day gift.




Spellbinding Blue Diamonds for the love of your life


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and blue diamonds, the most precious diamond of them all can make for a really memorable Valentine’s day gift. JPearls Angel of my heart blue diamond ear rings we have to say, have been aptly named. They are made of gold, stones and blue diamonds all beautifully aligned into the shape of a heart.



A necklace set to sweep your girl off her feet

Valentines-day-gifts-for-the-woman-in-your-life-5To celebrate love, JPearls has a necklace that was specially designed for the Valentine’s day. Plated with gold and made with pearls, white and blue stones, this necklace is elegant and gorgeous to say the least. It is bound to make your day special and best of all, comes at just a very affordable Rs.999.




Jewellery, they say, says what words often fail to say. With JPearls Valentine’s day jewellery, you can say all that you want to, to the woman of your life by saying nothing at all!

Treat yourself with the fabulous JPearls Valentine’s day jewellery collection


Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it is time to get working on looking your best on the big day. Whether you’re single or coupled, there is every reason why you should start hitting the spas, beauty salons and shopping for the right clothes and jewellery so you could shine on, on the day of love. And when it comes to jewellery, with the really beautiful Valentine’s day jewellery collection that we’ve got at JPearls, there really is no need to go looking anywhere else.

Be it the festival of lights or festival of colours there isn’t a festival that is not celebrated with jewellery in India. There is no reason why the ‘festival of love’, which is already a huge thing in the country shouldn’t be celebrated with jewellery as well.

Whether it is simple gold chains with heart shaped pendants that you’d like to wear to work on V-Day or the initial of your beloved that you’d want to wear just to surprise him, we’ve got a vast and a beautiful collection of Valentine’s day jewellery.

Here’s all our special V-day jewellery that are worth owning…

JPearls Valentine’s day special work wear

Can’t avoid going to work on Valentine’s day? Who says you can’t celebrate the day of love at work? Wear one of our special work wear combo jewellery to your work place and these beautiful pieces of jewellery are sure to make your day less boring and more eventful. The whole set of four extremely gorgeous sets of chains and earrings come together and all for a price of just Rs.1299.


Get them here:–Fashion-Jewellery/Jpearls/Jpearls-Valentines-Special-Work-Wear-Combo-/pid-8727674.aspx





JPearls Alphabet diamond pendants

There is no better way to show your guy how special he is to you than to wear a pendant with his initial. Surprise him by getting yourself a JPearls alphabet diamond pendant with the first letter of his name for this Valentine’s day. These alphabet pendants made of yellow gold and diamonds studded among them are pretty and make for the perfect Valentine’s day jewellery.

Check out this cute A


Or this gorgeous N


JPearls Heart Shaped Pendants

It might sound like something of a cliché but wearing a heart shaped pendant for work or on that special date with your guy on Valentine’s day never fails to make the day more special, or you more beautiful. There is every reason why you should get these adorable heart shaped pendants as a Valentine’s day gift for yourself.


JPearls Dual Heart Pendant

For that really special V-day date, you’ve just got to have the perfect jewellery to go with the beautiful dress you plan on wearing. And there really couldn’t be anything more perfect than the combination of peach pearls and diamonds with a pendant that has a heart inside of another heart that is very symbolic of the love you and your guy share. Just like this JPearls Dual Heart pearl set.


Valentine’s day is the right reason to indulge yourself in all the beautiful jewellery JPearls has designed especially as a tribute to love.

JPearls Pearl Bangles – designed to allure!

j pearls teenage eye catching pearl bangle bracelet

It is often always pearl necklaces that steal all the attention, but pearls can be beautiful as just about anything they are worn as. Pearl bangles for instance, are a really beautiful form of pearl jewellery. Woven into bangles, pearls can bring a rare kind of beauty to the person wearing it and complete the rest of the attire with much class and elegance.

The whole beauty of using pearls as bangles lies in the versatility that they can be used with. They can be embedded in the middle of a gold bangle and mixed up with a bevy of coloured gems or worn as a single strand of pearl bracelet. Along with white pearls, peach coloured pearls and Tahitian grey coloured pearls are often used in pearl bangles. All kinds of pearl bangles have a unique beauty about them no matter how they are used.

It isn’t surprising that pearl bangles are usually a favourite when it comes to Indian weddings. They add sheen and prettiness to regular gold bangles and make wedding clothes look grander than they already are.

At JPearls, Pearl Bangles online collection, we’ve got an extensive array of pearl bangles in some really rare and exotic designs.

3 line white pearl bangles

The ‘JPearls three line white pearl bangles’ is a classic version of a pearl bangle design that is most commonly used. With three lines of tiny pearls around gold plated silver metal, the bangles look every bit beautiful and grand. Usually worn at weddings and functions, this pair could add a touch of elegance to any outfit, especially wedding outfits.



jpearls maroon pearl bangles

When white pearls are teamed up with red stones, it results in an exquisite and classic kind of beauty. The ‘JPearls Maroon Pearl Bangles’ which have semi-precious red stones teamed up with white pearls makes for a pair of beautiful bangles that have always been a favourite with the great Indian weddings.




j pearls hyderabadi bangles

JPearls peach oval pearl bangles’ are an example of how pearl bangles needn’t just be made with white pearls to look great. They are made up of oval peach pearls embedded on a gold plated silver alloy metal. Simple as they seem, they’re just perfect for any occasion.




jpearls mashy pearl bangles

A mash up of semi precious red stones, semi precious green stones and pearls, the ‘JPearls mashy pearl bangles’ show us how the beauty of pearl bangles or just about any kind of bangles lies in the way they are crafted. It is the beautiful design that makes this bangle stand out among the rest of the regular pearl bangles.




jpearls grey cz button pearl bangles

The rare Tahitian or black pearls are rarely used for bangles but when they do, they make for the most beautiful pearl bangles ever. ‘JPearls grey cz button pearl bangles’ which are made up of grey pearls and cz’s are a blend of beauty and class. They can also go with any outfit and need not just be worn at weddings.




j pearls teenage eye catching pearl bangle bracelet

Just like it has been named, the ‘JPearls teenage eye catching pearl bracelet’ is one eye catching piece of pearl jewellery. Three simple chains of white, peach and grey pearls, the bracelet can easily become the best piece of jewellery in your wardrobe for all is simplicity and beauty.




Indians’ love affair with pearl bangles has gone on for a long time now and this collection of beautifully crafted pearl bangles designs by JPearls  is a tribute to just that.

Pearl Gold Jewellery – the classic Indian wedding combination

j pearls gold necklace

Indians have always loved flaunting their jewellery, especially at their weddings. Gold has without doubt been a favourite with Indians but it is always the combination of gold with pearls that has been a hot favourite at all the grand Indian weddings. At every corner in a wedding we find people wearing the most fascinating designs of the classic combination – the pearl gold jewellery. As for the bride, amongst all the jewellery that she is filled to from head to toe, there is atleast one gold and pearl necklace that dominates the rest of her jewellery.

So why is pearl gold jewellery this popular at weddings? The answer to that is quite obvious. Pearls might look good with just about anything they are combined with, but gold accentuates their beauty like no other metal can. The gorgeous yellow shine that gold radiates makes pearls look their prettiest and the shiny little pearls that adorn a gold necklace add a subtle grandeur to the gold necklace. And this combination especially looks good on kanjeevarams that are worn at weddings.

At JPearls, we’ve got some stunning designs of pearl gold jewellery that is tailor-made for Indian weddings. Here are five of the best pearl and gold necklaces that spell class and grandeur.

Rajasthani Jaadu Jewellery

The gorgeous Rajasthani Jadau choker necklace set is made up of a classic gold and pearl necklace design. A thick, finely crafted gold choker with tiny pearls hanging off from the edge of it. Although the design is quite common, it is so popular that nearly every Indian woman owns one of it. For all the class and sheen it brings to the wearer, it is little wonder that it’s loved that much.



j pearls pearl gold necklace

The JPearls Pearl Gold necklace is yet another example of how beautiful pearls and gold can always look together. Especially when they are crafted into a beautiful design. This necklace hasn’t just got pearls hanging from the edge of the it but embedded althrough it, embedded in the middle like tiny white dots beautifying what could have been a plain gold and pearl necklace by many folds.



j pearls gold necklace

Adding coloured stones to a simple gold and pearl necklace can add a subtle grandeur of its own kind to a necklace. This JPearls gold necklace which is a mix of pearl, gold and coloured stones of coral, crystal and jade is proof of that. It looks beautiful and goes with a kanjeevaram of any colour.




j pearls diwali pearl gold chain

The JPearls Diwali Pearl Gold Chain is an example of how a simple gold chain can look fabulous just by the addition of a few pearls to it. This really simple piece of jewellery is made up of a single, thin gold chain with a few pearls adorned along its length symmetrically. It can be used not just for weddings and functions but for people who like to wear gold every day.



Jpearls South Sea Pearl Gold Chain With Victoriean Balls

A long chain of beautiful south sea pearls connected with little bits of gold, the JPearls South Sea Pearl Gold Chain with Victorean balls is extremely elegant. Although it is pearls dominating the chain, it is wedding-wear-material just because of the pretty, floral gold design interconnecting the pearls.




Pearl Gold jewellery although has been an ancient and age-old combination, due to all its versatility and elegance, continues to enjoy a special place even in the world of modern jewellery. And the best way to revel in this timeless combination is to own one of JPearls’ fabulous pearl gold jewellery designs.

Black Pearl Jewellery – Exotic and Beautiful

Mysterious, whole and absolute, one can’t deny that black is a beautiful colour. Wearing black as jewellery, especially in the form of pearls brings out the beautiful best in a woman. It is not a surprise that Black Pearl Jewellery is so sought after then, for all the unearthly beauty that black pearls seem to radiate.

Although it is widely assumed that black pearls are formed by dyeing white pearls black, black pearls are as natural as their more common cousins, the white pearls. Only that, they are extremely rare as the oyster that forms black pearls, the Tahitian black lipped oyster, is also extremely rare. This rarity is what makes the black pearl jewellery very expensive and also mysteriously exotic.

Tahitian pearls come in different shades of grey. Sometimes they are entirely black and sometimes they are a very light shade of grey. All the beautiful shades of these pearls are because of the difference in the amount of pigment that is released from the black lipped oyster as it makes these pearls. The more the pigment, the darker the shade.  And as the pearls get darker, they have an increasing shine to them.

A Black pearl can be worn in many different ways. Embed it in the midst of white pearls or gold or silver or just wear it as just a black pearl necklace, it’s just bound to look as beautiful in every form.

We at JPearls have some really enticing black pearl jewellery crafted into some of the beautiful designs.

black pearl set

Wearing black pearls as they are, whole and sole like the black pearl necklace ‘JPearls Pre-eminent set’ brings out their beauty like no other mix up of them does, making the wearer looking classy, elegant and indefinitely beautiful. What’s more, it goes with just about any dress or for any occasion.




trendy pearl necklace

Embedding black pearls in the middle of a chain of white pearls can make the whole set look enduring and this ‘Jpearls New Trendy Pearl Necklace’ is an example of that. This classy black pearl necklace can make a woman the cynosure of a crowd.




stylish designer pearl set

Black Pearls go with just about anything. When inserted into a thin silver chain like in the ‘JPearls Stylish Designer Pearl set’, they can bring bling and beauty into it while still looking very simple. A chain like this can be worn over any outfit and it would be perfect.




gold pearl pendant

The best way to emphasize the beauty of a black pearl is to wear a singular black pearl pendant. The ‘Tahitian golden pendant’, a black pearl pendant by JPearls where in a single black pearl is hung from a golden hook can make a simple gold chain look elegant.




j pearls cz pearl watch

The popularity of pearl watches has gone up recently for all their grandeur and elegance. Among all the pearls that are used for pearl watches, it is grey pearls that are much loved for the obvious reason that they look the most beautiful as watches. The ‘JPearls CZ grey pearl watch’, made with chains of grey pearls and CZs is one of a kind.



With all their exquisiteness and eerie glow, it is hardly surprising that Black Pearl Jewellery is getting increasingly popular with each passing day.


One of the most common questions that we get asked is how do we grade and value our pearls. Just like diamonds, there are quite a few factors that play a major role in assessing a real pearl necklace’s value.

In order to assess the right value of a pearl, one must first spot the difference between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl. Naturally occurring pearls hold a higher value as they are produced by oysters. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are synthetically manufactured; a process in which an agent is surgically implanted inside the oyster to produce a pearl. Although each variety of oysters create a different style of pearl, cultured pearls are perfectly spherical as most consumers desire.

Irrespective of whether a pearl is cultured or natural, the real pearl necklace value is determined in the same manner as that of other precious gems. There are 5 main aspects that are taken into consideration and affect both the grade and value of pearls used at Jagdamba.

  1. Size – Though the size of the pearl does not affect its grade, there are pearls in rarity that determine a higher price. In the case of some pearls, the difference of half a millimeter can make a considerable price difference. Therefore, it is always best to measure the size of a pearl. Pearls range greatly in size and can be anything in between 1mm to 20mm. Cultured pearls are usually found in between sizes of 6mm to 7.5mm. However, the larger the pearl, the bigger the price tag.
  2. Colour – The colour of the pearl does not affect its quality and is a matter of personal preference, silver-pink, white-pink and deep gold are the most sought after colours. The higher the demand, the higher the value it has.
  3. Surface – Imperfections in pearls is what adds to their natural texture and individual character. Only a very small percentage of pearls have a totally smooth surface. The pits, bumps and cracks on a pearl occur because they are created naturally. The more spotless the surface, the more valuable the pearl. Flawless pearls are quite rare and tend to be priced higher.
  4. Shape – Pearls that are perfectly spherical are of a much higher value and grade. Tear drop, oval, baroque, button and semi-round shaped are often preferred for that alternative look. Due to the rareness of shape in which these pearls are found, the price tag goes steeper.
  5. Lustre – It is the way in which a pearl will reflect light off its surface. The exceptional the lustre, the more mirror-like its reflection will be turning it into a pearl of a higher value. Only surface quality and the thickness of the nacre (the composite material produced by mollusks to create the pearl) will affect the lustre of the pearl.

When the above factors have been taken into consideration, each individual pearl is given a grade and value. Below is a chart of how both lustre and surface are used to determine the grade of a pearl.

AAA Exceptional, Mirror-Like Reflection Blemish-Free Surface*
AA Superb, Clear Reflection Very Slightly Blemished
A+ Very Good, Clear Reflection Very Slightly Blemished
A Good, Clear Reflection Very Slightly Blemished
A1 Good, Clear Reflection Slightly Blemished


The Jewel of the Nizams – Pearls

Pearls and Hyderabad have been synonymous with each other for years now. Hyderabad acquired the name “City of Pearls” due to the generous benefaction of the Nizams whose reign lasted for about 200 years. The Mughal Nizams were an imperial group of Persian-influenced Muslims that gained power over India, and brought with them their aesthetic ideals and highly skilled craftsmanship to the Indian sub-continent in the 1500s.

The Nizams led a very lavish lifestyle. Right from their food habits, and their hobbies, to the way they dressed, the Nizams were deeply rooted in tradition and were well-intact with their culture.

pearl-5Their imperial patronage and prosperous lifestyles attracted the likes of many a gem trader and jewelers from all over the world particularly more so from the Middle East, where the rare original pearls are found in profusion. The pearls were then brought in abundance to Hyderabad and the Nizams, during their glorious reigns, showered gratitude by offering pearls in variety to their subjects. This is how Hyderabad became the one-stop destination for pearls.

The Nizams adorned pearl jewelry in the form of head jewels, chokers, earrings, baju bandhs, and anklets. Women of royalty would wear bangles or choodiyan with characteristic pearls and stones and haath-phool which is a kind of delicate hand jewel extending from the wrist to the fingers.

Since then, pearl jewelry became an important aspect of Hyderabadi culture. After Hyderabad was stripped off its princely state title, the jewels of the Nizams were transferred to the government. The collection consisted of 173 pieces of jewels which included 25,000 diamonds weighing over 12,000 carats, 2000 emeralds weighing over 10,000 carats and pearls weighing more than 40,000 chows (Pearl merchants in the Arabian Gulf used chow as a unit of measurement of pearls). Another favourite of the Nizams was the Navratan, the nine stones representing the nine planets is basically Hindu in origin. It is believed that the entire collection of pearls in the Nizam’s collective collection could fill up an Olympic size swimming pool!

pearl-6In the Hyderabad’s pearl jewelry industry, it is interesting to find that traditional designs have survived side by side with modern western designs. What remains significant to traditional Hyderabadi pearl jewelry is the Satlada Haar which refers to a seven strand necklace and Panchlada Haar which is a five-strand necklace. The Haars or necklaces are made up of strands of graded Basra pearls. Earrings such as “karanphool” and “cholaphool” set with uncut diamonds and pearls are some of the more preferred and popular jewelry items as part of the wedding attire. Another popular traditional pearl jewelry item that is worn with Cholaphool earrings is the Gulubund choker made up of five strings of pearls, interspersed with three gold pendants set with rubies and emeralds.

Hyderabad has grown to be the hub of India’s most famous pearls for over 400 years. The most famous concentration of pearls is clustered in and around Charminar area. Gulzar Houz, Chaar Kamaan, and General Bazaar are the more popular areas to shop Hyderabad pearl jewelry from.

The long pearl necklace worn 13 ways!


Pearls are a great way to add that classic factor to any outfit simply because pearls go with everything. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, the Duchess of Windsor, and Jackie Kennedy have time and again proved that a strand of pearls is a staple for every woman’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a single, double or triple strand pearl necklace, you can accessorise in a number of ways with them.

Today’s blog, however, discusses the 60” pearl necklace at length. But, just make sure that your strand pf pearls are knotted after each pearl. If the pearls are just strung together, it won’t bend and knot as easily.

Are you ready to pearl it out! Read on:

  1. To have a unique sense of style, mix and match different coloured pearls to create the ultimate look! To make things more interesting, you could string your own strand of pearls.
  2. If you want to flaunt your collarbone, you can wrap three or more strands in the middle of the neck. This goes well with an off shoulder or a V-neck dress.
  3. If you are looking for a multi-strand effect, simply drape the long pearl necklace around your neck several times in different lengths. This adds a sassier look to your overall style.
  4. If you are in the mood to glam up the quotient a bit based on where you are wearing your pearls to, you can couple long pearl necklaces with other contrasting necklaces like glass beads, natural wooden necklaces etc. This look is a mix of both urban and chic is perfect for a summer evening.
  5. To draw attention your long pearl necklace, you can pair it up with a single strand choker.
  6. If you are heading out to a black tie formal event, you can create a stylish and sophisticated look by tying a casual knot mid-way through your long pearl necklace.
  7. Are you in the mood to experiment and want to add a different touch to your outfit? Try wearing your long pearl necklace on the back by knotting them up and slinging them over your shoulder. This will accentuate your backless dress and draw attention to your slender back.
  8. For that “opera look”, tie the pearl strand in a knot just at the neckline or near the bust. This is a vintage style and takes some time to perfect.
  9. If you do not want to wear your long pearl necklace around your neck, you can wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet for a chic look.
  10. You could add a brooch for a funky and edgy look. Arrange the strands together and secure the loose ends.
  11. If you are aiming for a more eclectic look, you can pair different types of pearls together. The contrasting colours will draw attention to your neckline.
  12. You could also wrap the long pearl necklace around your waist and accentuate your waistline. You could loop them around and tie a lariat knot.
  13. You could also wear your long pearl necklace by making one strand shorter than the other. This adds an ultra-modern look.

Now, you can experiment and wear a different look each time you adorn that long strand of pearls. Long pearl necklaces give you a lot to work with, so be creative. Loop them, layer them, pair them with other necklaces, or just wear them somewhere besides your neck. To look exceptional, use your creativity to give style the diva that is you!

Which pearl colour suits me best?

Did you know that pearls are not just available in the colour white but in just about every colour that you can imagine. There is what a jeweler calls, “a palette of colours” that one can choose their pearls from. Right from white, blue, black, lavender, yellow, pink, golden, and just about any colour that there is!

While most pearls (and you are right) are mostly white, or on rare occasions are found in the colour black, there is a possibility that it can occur in a whole lot of other colours too. Now, all pearls have tints and even in the most common and least common tints, there are colour overtones which tend to reflect across the surface of the pearl. For example, if you were to describe a pink pearl necklace, you would say that it’s a silver white pearl with pinks that reflect on it.

Pearls also have this quality in which shimmering, iridescent colours can swirl, move and glitter as the light changes or as the pearl is moved. This type of colouring effect is called orient. This effect, much similar to overtone is a result of the reflecting of light throughout the various nacre layers that compose the pearl.

While this was the technical bit about what brings out the colour in a pearl, all it takes to choose a pearl necklace for you is the colour of your skin tone. Yup! That’s it. The most popular types are white pearl necklaces as well as pearls in pink-rose colours as well. Both these colours flatter the widest range of skin tones.


Fair Skin – Women who have a fair complexion should opt for warm coloured pearl necklaces such as white/pink, golden and deep cream as do darker colours like black, gray and peacock.

Darker Skin –For those of you with a darker skin tone, wear light coloured pearls such as white, light cream, peach, pink, light blue, and silver. These mostly tend to highlight the skin tone.

So, before you invest in a white pearl necklace, put it up against your neck and face to see if the colour suits your skin, eye, and hair colour. If white pearls make you look pale, then try on a warmer shade such as cream or pink.


Try on white or pink or cream clothing and put on your pearls. The colour of pearls that complement your outfit are the ones that are best for you. Otherwise if you normally wear clothing of only a few colours, then select pearls accordingly. If you like wearing black outfits, South Sea pearls are the perfect choice as are Silver-toned Tahitians or Akoyas. If you are buying pearls for someone else, make sure that you gift them something of their choice as opposed to your own taste.

If you really want to make a statement in all its simplicity, white pearls look great with black or dark clothing and coloured pearls look great with white clothing. So tell us which colour suits you best.