What Type Of Jewellery Can You Wear Everyday?

When is comes to wearing jewellery everyday, there are three types of people:

  1. People who know exactly what piece they want to wear with their outfit;
  2. People who have a couple of fixed pieces that they wear everyday;
  3. People who prefer not to accessorise with jewellery at all.

Whichever category you belong to, we’re here to introduce you to some irresistibly simple pieces. The following types/pieces of jewellery can be worn every single day and can be paired with any type of outfit.

  1. Coming in hot at number 1 is this classic gold chain from Sri Jagdamba Pearls. This necklace, made of 22kt gold, weighs only 5.73 grams and is both light-weight and subtle enough to make it to our best daily wear pieces list. Order this piece here
    5.73 Gold Chain 1
  2. Another popular option is this set of gold pearl earrings. Simple and elegant, these earrings can pull together any outfit without drawing too much attention.
    Gold Studs at jpearls
  3. The good thing about purchasing a pendant set is that you don’t have to bother with any other accessories. A pair of earrings along with a pendant can polish up your outfit like nothing else. Check out some options for pendant sets here
  4. There is just something so complete about diamond earrings, isn’t there? On some days, you need to go all out with jewellery and on other days, you can throw on a pair of stunning diamond earrings and head out. Check out this page for some diamond earring inspiration
  5. For days on which you feel like wearing a traditional outfit, these bangles will be your best friend. Made of 22kt gold, these bangles weigh a total of 35 grams, thus being lightweight enough to be worn out and elegant enough to stand out. Check out these bangles here
    Lila Gold Bangles at jpearls
  6. Birthstone based jewellery is also something that you can consider wearing everyday. It is said that wearing your birthstone can have spiritual and healing benefits. Wear your gemstone in the form of a ring, a pendant or even earrings – the choice is yours.

Always dress for yourself. We hope these suggestions helped you. Let us know in the comments if there’s any other type of jewellery you’d consider wearing everyday.

Birthstones Of April | Diamond & Sapphire

birthstones of april

What are the birthstones of April?

Each month of the year is associated with certain gemstones. For example, when an individual is born in March, their birthstones are Bloodstone and Aquamarine. Birthstones are said to carry spiritual energy and can bring their wearer good luck. This is why the whole concept of wearing/carrying your birthstones is very popular.

People born in April are especially lucky, because their birthstones are Diamond and Sapphire. Not only are these gemstones stunning, but they are also easily available in the market and can be worn in different ways.

What are the benefits of wearing your birthstone?

As mentioned before, birthstones carry spiritual energy. For people born in April, wearing diamonds can boost inner strength and improve relationships. Not only this, diamonds are said to have healing properties and can act as a catalyst in curing ailments. To add to all these positives, diamonds are absolutely stunning and can dress up any outfit.

Sapphire on the other hand represents wisdom and royalty. This beautiful blue gemstone brings more than just glamour to the table. It is believed that carrying/wearing Sapphires can bring fortune, good health and spiritual awakening. The stone’s blue tones also help in promoting peace and calm.

How can you wear your gemstones?

If there’s one thing that’s easy to wear it’s jewellery; and there is no dearth of jewellery made with diamonds and sapphires. Most people choose to wear their birthstones as rings but the options are unlimited.

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