Why Gold & Silver Coin are best for Diwali Corporate Gifting ??

Employees are the pillars of any company. Diwali is here and it is time to make them feel special. Bring a smile on your employees’ face with an amazing Diwali gift. Current Diwali Gifts in trend are Dry Fruit Box, Sweets Hamper, Kitchen Appliances, Home décor, Tablets & iPhones. Gift items have changed over a time, but all these depreciate in value as time passes. The really valuable gift is precious Metals. Gifting Gold & Silver coins to employees is not a new concept but even today it is trending. Undoubtedly, Gold & Silver coins are the best options for giving Diwali Corporate gifts, since gifting precious metal is not only considered auspicious but its value also increases over a period. It always beats the inflation.

However, there are many other advantages of Gifting Gold & Silver Coin that perfectly suit the needs of Diwali Corporate gifting.



Gold & Silver coins are available in many denominations ranging from 1 gm to 100 gm. This gives HR managers the flexibility to gift employees at different levels with coins of different denominations. Sr. managers may get higher value Gold / Silver Coins where as junior staff may get lower value of gold / Silver coins. However, the gift is Gold / Silver only and everyone feels equally appreciated without discrimination.

Budget Utility:

Like everything else Diwali Gifting have pre-decided budgets by the Corporates. With Gold / Silver coins, it is possible to give away many employees within the budget constraints. This may also help is controlling the dissatisfaction level and attrition.


Customized Experience:

Personalized Diwali gifts make the receiver feel happy and valued too. Gold &  Silver coins can be engraved with the logo of the company to give a personal touch to the gifts. Custom coins not only anchor the brand’s name but also create a sense of pride in the employees to hold the personalized gift for the rest of their lives. This act of presenting custom coins takes the concept of gifting, to a whole new level.


Monetary benefits:

Gold and Silver offer value, which grows over the time unlike other gifts. Employees would tend to preserve and cherish it for a long time and it can actually be passed over to next generations. Gold is always treasured and looked at as a safest form of investment by people from all walks of life. Therefore gifting Gold is like gifting wealth and wishing prosperity.



Gifting precious metals like Gold & Silver coins is considered as a token of love, trust and appreciation. It leaves them with the sense of pride associating with the company. This is sure to move them emotionally, giving them more reasons to bond together and stay with the company for a longer time.

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