Wear The Shades of Winter With Sri Jagdamba Pearls

Winter is a time of sharing warmth and enjoying the elusive sun’s rays. Winter is also a beautiful time to dress in cozy layers. So why not layer up, right? Check out these beautiful jewelry pieces perfect for all your winter styles. Wear the shades of winter with Sri Jagdamba Pearls.

White Gold Diamond Bracelet:

On days it’s not too cold to adorn your wrists with the colors of the white season, try our classic diamond bracelet, designed with a base of white gold.

Check-out our White Gold Diamond BraceletDiamond Bracelet

Attraction Pearl Necklace:

Resembling a snowflake, this elegant design is spearheaded by white button freshwater pearls on the strong base of silver alloy.

Check-out our Attraction Pearl Necklace

Attractive Pearl Necklace

Fionnuala Pearl Gold Chain:

This subtly designed chain is perfect to wear with a high-neck top or sweater. Who said style has to compromise on comfort?

Check-out our Fionnuala Pearl Gold Chain

Pearl Gold Chain

Wow Diamond Ear Hangings:

These cute white gold hanging earrings are perfect for when you need to keep your ears warm but still show off that bling!

Check-out our Wow Diamond Ear Hangings

Diamond Earrings

White Gold Diamond Ring:

Give your finger the warmth of this sophisticatedly designed white gold diamond ring.

Check-out our White Gold Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Celebrate this winter season by adorning yourself in the shades of the season. For more refined pearl and diamond jewelry, check out our website!

The Warm Birthstones of November

warm birthstones of November

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents the month of a person’s birth. Every month of the year has its own birthstone. Sometimes, these birthstones are also linked to the zodiac sign. Birthstones stand for a lot of things – purity, prosperity, protection, and more. Topaz and Citrine are the birthstones for the month of November.

November seems to favor the shades of the sun and fire with its two birthstones. Although Topaz is found in hues other than yellow and orange, it is most commonly known for its yellow color.

Bring some Topaz in your life with our Gold Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant

The warm birthstones of November

Topaz and Citrine were believed to be one and the same in ancient times due to their affinity for yellow and orange. However, we know today that Topaz has many different colors, like pink, red, purple, blue, and green.

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The warm birthstones of November

Topaz, in its bright yellow, warm orange, and soothing blue shades, is known for its calming energies, eliminating nightmares and bringing warmth. It is believed to cure madness or hysteria because of its soothing effect on its wearer. Topaz can be worn in a necklace, as a pendant, and as a ring.

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The warm birthstones of November

The name Citrine is derived from the French word ‘citrin; which means yellow. It is a variation of quartz crystals with traces of iron, and its color ranges from lemon yellow to brown. Citrine is believed to share properties similar to Topaz. It is a positive gemstone known to ward off negativity and evil thoughts. It cools temperaments and brings forth a positive vibe for its wearer. Presently, it is known as the merchant’s stone due to its tendency to attract wealth and prosperity for its wearer.

Bring some warmth in your life with Topaz and Citrine this November!

5 Things That Make For The Perfect Diwali Gift

5 Things That Make For The Perfect Diwali Gift

Diwali, the festival of lights, new beginnings and, wealth, is also the festival of giving. From gifts to blessings to best wishes, we exchange greetings on Diwali with everyone we meet. Exchanging gifts is a beautiful tradition and we do so each Diwali with more and more love. This Diwali, wow your loved ones. Here are 5 things that make perfect Diwali gifts:

  • Gift cards – From coffee shops to apparel brands, you get gift cards for everything today. They’re convenient for you and useful for the recipient. Gift cards are perfect for when you don’t know have a specific thing in mind but can vouch that your loved one will appreciate the purchasing power that comes with their gift card! Gift the power of choice with Sri Jagdamba Pearls’ exclusive gift cards!
  • Online subscriptions – The digital wave has taken the world by storm, so why should you get left behind? Gift your loved ones monthly or annual subscriptions of video streaming services, e-commerce websites, premium restaurant services, and more! They will thank you when they’re happily binging on the newest shows or movies before everyone else.
  • Sweets – Chocolates & mithaai, what’s Diwali without some sweets? You can never go wrong with an assortment of sweets. Everyone loves one kind or another.
  • Voice controlled assistants – Voice controlled assistants are all the rage right now. Fairly new to the Indian market, they make for an exciting gift for people of all age groups.
  • Jewelry – The most evergreen of Diwali gifts, jewelry is a present that never stops giving. Not just an asset, jewelry items are also aesthetically appealing. You can choose from gold & silver coins, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, articles and more! Shop with us for the best offers and quality products to make your Diwali gifts extra special.

So this Diwali, may you master the art of gift giving!