Bring luck into your home this Akshaya Tritya

coinsLuck is a powerful intangible force that shapes our lives. There is no science behind luck other than a combination of factors going right all at once. So if we there is a period when luck shines brightest on you, would you make use of it? Akshaya Tritiya is around the corner and this extremely auspicious occasion brings with it loads of luck.
Akshaya Tritiya means something which does not diminish. This is largely interpreted to mean that the initiatives you start on this day will only progress and grow. Thus, the concept of luck comes in. Akshaya Tritiya is now considered a very auspicious period to start a business, begin a job, launch a personal project or to buy valuables. Thousands of people use this occasion as a springboard for significant actions and changes to their lives. The strong anecdotal evidence of Akshaya Tritiya goes on to suggest that Akshaya Tritiya is a wonderful time for you to invest in something. green necklace
Akshaya Tritiya is also a great time to buy jewellery or invest in precious metals. At, so many of our customers have told us over and again that ever since they started shopping with us, the amount of jewellery in their lockers has only increased! It gives us immense joy to know that the value of our creations continues to grow for our customers.
thaliTo help you make the most of this period, Jpearls is running special offers for Akshaya Tritiya. We’re giving 5% off on our designer gold chain collection and 10% off for purchases above Rs. 10,000. Along with that, you’ll get a 5gram silver coin free on any purchase with us. Capitalize on this auspicious time to invest in jewellery and bring joy and luck into your home.

Styling your Cuffs

Most formal wear functions and black tie events translate into tuxedos and black ties. Crisp tailored dark suits in black or blue are preferable. Well, your ordeal for dressing the right way just doesn’t end there. The key is to complete your formal wear with the right set of accessories.

The look may not just be in the pin-striped shirt or the shoes; it is also in the tiny details. Take cufflinks for example. Cufflinks are considered to be a must-have fashion accessory that fastens together a shirt or blouse. It was recorded to have been used as early as the 16th century in the courts of France and have till date kept their elegant charm.

Cufflinks are designed for both men and women and come in a variety of designs and styles. Cufflinks can be made of steel, gold, platinum, silver or other precious metals. Some of them are also encrusted with gemstones. The formal ones add a touch of understated class to an outfit. The visible part of a cufflink is often monogrammed or decorated in some way. There are numerous styles including novelty cufflinks, traditional cufflinks, contemporary cufflinks, utility cufflinks, and humorous cufflinks. offers a wide range of men cufflinks in silver and gold. We also offer cufflinks made for a number of occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are a veteran cufflinks wearer or a first timer, there are quite a few options for you at


Jewelry with a story

charm1Remember as kids, every girl would have her own set of beads and assortments that she would string together to make pieces of jewelry. The DIY boxes occupied many a sunny afternoons and helped us hone our crafty side. Be it charm bracelets, anklets or plastic necklaces, we would make them all.

As we get older, the choice of jewelry we wear defines us, right from necklaces, earrings to charm bracelets. From kitschy miniatures of the Eiffel Tower to decorative pendants or trinkets and other figurines, charm bracelets reveal a lot about the people who wear them.

This jingly adornment was said to have carried talismans to repel evil and bring good luck. Tracing the accessory back to ancient times, we find that it was as early as the Neolithic period that charms were used. It was during the period of Egyptian pharaohs that the first recognizable charm bracelets and necklaces first appeared.


There is something intricately charming about charm bracelets. While some would wear whatever comes in handy, for others, charm bracelets are more personal and is symbolic of what they hold close to their heart. Charm bracelets tend to tell a story unique to its owner and chronicles the small moments in a life lived.

It was in the year 1889 that the world’s leading jeweler; Tiffany and Co. introduced their first charm bracelet – a link bracelet with a single heart dangling from it. In the 50s and 60s, screen stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford popularized charm bracelets.

Charm bracelets were reintroduced in 1976 by a Danish jewelry company called Trollbeads. Fashion giants like Louis Vuitton have brought the glamour back to charm bracelets and have declared them as the must have accessory for any occasion. And if the past is to be taken in consideration, then charm bracelets have firmly been rooted as a classic for quite some time.


Top 8 romantic heart pendants for her!

Want to melt her heart? Well, there is nothing like gifting her with your heart in gold and a diamond..or two or maybe more. Considered to be the universal symbol of love, a diamond heart is synonymous with love and affection. Here are JPearls’ top 12 pendants that convey the sentiment of “I give my heart to you” beautifully.

  1. heart pendantHeart Diamond Pendant – Diamond heart pendants are available in a variety of styles and in several types of metals apart from gold. With several diamonds outlining the heart pendant, this pendant is extremely stylish and since it is embedded in gold, it catches our eye instantly.
  1. dualDual Heart Diamond Pendant – This dual heart diamond pendant showcases two colours of shiny, valuable gold which combines to give this beautiful filigree design. Approximately, 0.25 carats of diamonds are featured in white gold and the other in gold.
  1. strikingStriking Heart Diamond Pendant – This design is classic and is perfect for someone who prefers simplicity over flashy. With 199 diamonds embedded in this 18KT white gold pendant, this is a perfect gift!
  1. endlessEndless Love Diamond Pendant – Extremely elegant in its simplicity and symmetry, this Endless Love Diamond Pendant features a simple heart outlined in nearly a full carat of diamonds. The symbolism of the open heart formed by diamonds speaks endlessly about the love the giver has for the recipient.
    PRODUCT ID  : PH014247F
  1. heart in heartHeart in Heart Diamond Pendant – Have a heart to heart with this Heart in Heart .100 carat diamond necklace in 18KT white gold and gold. This necklace has one gold heart and one interlocking diamond heart. The Heart-in-Heart Diamond Pendant also gets you a pair of free Pearl Pendant and Earrings!
    PRODUCT ID  : PH017446F
  1. loveIt’s Love Diamond Pendant – The diamonds in this pendant stand out even though they aren’t large stones but there are enough small diamonds encrusted to make a show. It’s combined with coloured gemstones and is laced with a diamond heart outside and a hanging half circle on top.
    PRODUCT ID  : PH072347
  1. myloveMy Love Diamond Pendant – Consider this heart pendant necklace from JPearls. An open heart, this piece of jewelry made in 18KT white gold has 17 diamond pieces neatly aligned on the rim of the heart. This pendant is bound to look good with any outfit!
    PRODUCT ID  : PH072736
  1. loveyouLove you Diamond Pendant – This diamond and white gold heart pendant dangles ever so sweetly on a simple chain. This feminine, filigreed pendant is filled with pure love and tells the world that the wearer is beloved.
    PRODUCT ID PH073155F


The 3 types of bangles

BanglesinindiaDiamond bracelets or bangles are aesthetically pleasing and provide a classic finish to any outfit. Wrists, unlike necklaces or earrings, aren’t generally the focal point of attention. So, they need to be glammed up with either bracelets or a bunch of bangles.

Bangles are the oldest form of jewelry and date back to 6th century Egypt. Some of the earliest forms of bangles were made from copper, seashells, or agate. They are worn quite often, in sync with Indian tradition and culture, symbolizing prosperity. But, other cultures restrict it as only a fashion accessory. A single sterling bangle can be worn to a formal event, when the jewelry is kept minimal. Bangles, adorned with semi-precious stones and glass beads can be worn in a bunch to add flare and to a casual outfit.

The best part about bangles is that it is that one piece of simple accessory that can be worn with either necklaces or earrings. has thousands of listings for bangles in popular styles which are made from 18-karat gold which may be a little on the expensive side but there are others that fit into any budget and style. That is why JPearls is the perfect pit-stop for buying bangles online as its bangle collection includes an array of unique designs and patterns.

There are three main types of bangles: Solid, Expanding, Spring or Hinge bangle.

THE SOLID BANGLE – solidOne of the most traditional bangle styles, the solid bangle is quite popular amongst buyers.



THE EXPANDING BANGLE expanding bangle– Some circular bangles are not completely solid, but reveal a small opening in which the two parts of the bangle can be pushed together, then slipped over the hand, and expanded as the bangle is moved up the arm.




springTHE SPRING OR HINGE BANGLE – This bangle opens and closes with a spring or hinge and is easy to get on and off.

Bangles are a timeless fashion accessory. They can serve as an accessory that merely accents an outfit or draws attention to itself. Regardless of the intended look the buyer is going for, they will find a plethora of bangles to choose from on


Tips on how to find your ring size!

Group shot of rings from the Collection by Monique Lhuillier.While the most precise way to find out the size of a ring is to have a jeweler do it. However, in the absence of a jeweler and when you are shopping online, there are two methods to go about it. They are as follows:

If you already have a ring that fits:

If you already have a ring that fits the finger but you are unsure of the size, try the website,

Then, all you will need is the ring and a normal driver’s license or any other form of plastic cards which are only to be used as size references and not for payment. You can wipe that sweat off your brow now!

Just follow the instructions mentioned and when you are sure of the size, go back to the product page on our website and order the size you need.

If you don’t already have a ring that fits:

If you don’t have a ring that fits, here’s a simple way to measure

  1. Cut a strip of paper or a piece of string. The paper should be approximately 1/2” wide and 5” long.
  2. Wrap the strip of paper around the finger you are measuring.
  3. Slide the paper or string up to the knuckle as the ring must be sized, large enough to be able to slip on and off.
  4. Mark the piece of paper with a pen where it overlaps.
  5. Take a ruler and measure the distance from the edge of the paper strip to the mark. This is the circumference.
  6. Locate your ring size by locating your measurement on the printed chart. If the measurement falls in between two sizes, it is recommended that you choose the larger size.


Princess Diana’s dazzling jewels!

www.thecelebritycity.comDiana, Princess of Wales, played a pioneering role in revolutionizing British fashion. Once a naïve 20-year-old with huge public responsibilities, Diana gracefully grew from being a girl struggling with protocol into becoming a wildly popular young mother, and eventually the sleek, confidently stylish People’s Princess the whole world had begun to love.

Graceful in whatever she wore; Diana had an impact on fashion like no other royalty before her. As a public figure, the Princess’s sense of style was under constant scrutiny, both by the public and the media.

From an excerpt from her book, ‘Diana, fashion and style’, the writers, Beatrice Behlen and Joanna Marschner mention that, ‘For Diana, clothes were part of a charisma captured in the camera eye. But the process became extremely thought-out and planned as the Princess took control of how she was represented.’

But, Diana’s style and her clothes could only be imitated but never duplicated.

Once she married Prince Charles in 1981, Lady Di gained access to a wide range of the British family jewels that had been accumulated over the years. While some were gifted to her, others she chose. Her favourite jewelry styles included pearls of all types, which became synonymous with her many an official galas. Chokers were another one of her favourites, some simple and others ornate.

Diana’s sense of dressing and style was bold and she wasn’t afraid to combine elements from one piece of jewelry into another or wear jewelry in non-traditional ways. This blog will examine some of the most famous pieces from the Princess of Wales jewelry collection.


Created by Garrards in 1980, the ring, set in 18-carat white gold is made up of a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire cut diamonds. The ring was later presented to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge on the occasion of her engagement to Prince William.


The Princess’ wedding band was made from the last of a soft nugget of Welsh gold, mined at the famous Clogau St. David’s gold mine. Pieces from the same nugget had earlier been used to make wedding rings for the Queen Mother, the Queen, Princesses Margaret and Anne.

‘I Love You, Diana’, is engraved on the inside of this wedding band.


One of the most famous of all tiaras in Diana’s collection, the Spencer Tiara was originally given as a wedding gift to Countess Cynthia Spencer from Lady Sarah Spencer in 1919. The Spencer Tiara is in the form of scrolling foliage adorned with tulip flowers and star shapes that are decorated with diamonds and set in silver.

The tiara along with the Princess’ wedding gown, and other items have been kept on display at an exhibition called ‘Diana – A Celebration’ at Althorp. The exhibition is open between July 1 and August 31 of each year.


Originally owned by Queen Mary, Diana was seen wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara on various occasions. Designed by Garrards in 1914, this silver, diamond and pearl tiara consists of diamonds and pearls from Queen Mary’s personal collection set into a silver holder. Queen Elizabeth II also sported this fine piece of jewelry at a number of events but presented it to Lady Di on her wedding to Prince Charles.


Princess Diana wore this stunning necklace of created by Garrards to the royal gala performance of the ballet, Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall in London in June 1997. The necklace consisted of South Sea Pearls which were regarded as the Princess’ favourite.





kingfasalDesigned by American jeweler Harry Winston and presented to the Queen by King Faisal in 1967 during his state visit to England, this impressive piece of jewelry consists of a fringe necklace with drop diamonds and is set with a number of baquettes and brilliant diamonds.





The Sapphire and Pearl Choker was not a choker when it was gifted to Lady Di by the Queen Mother Diana’s nuptials with Charles. It was originally a 20-carat brooch surrounded by two rows of diamonds to which Diana later attached four separate rows of pearls and turned it into a choker.


5 legendary gems and their cursed histories

Precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires hold more than just the surfaced glitz and fame. For time immemorial, unearthed gemstones have always been the object of many a man’s desire. Gems have always been associated with power and royalty. In ancient Rome, it was believed that diamonds repelled poison, and amethysts warded off drunkenness.

In India, most gems are embedded in pendants and rings and worn to bring good luck. However, some gems are known for their notoriety and are clouded in mystery and myth. Beautiful and deadly, here is a collection of terrifying accessories that, according to legend, have either killed their owners, or driven them mad. Read on.


hopediamondOne of the most ostentatious pieces of jewelry to have existed, the Hope Diamond was rumoured to have been stolen from a Hindu idol and acquired by one Jean Baptiste Tavernier. The rare blue diamond which weighed about 44.52 carats – was sold to Louis XIV of France in 1668. The diamond was then cut up and became a part of the crown jewels. After that, it disappeared for about 20 years during the revolution and resurfaced only to be re-cut and sold to English banker Henry Hope.

Taking on the Hope’s family name, it became an heirloom until it was lost in gambling debts in the early 1900’s. It was then acquired by the French jeweler Cartier who sold it to American heiress Evalyn Walsh McLean in 1911. During the time that Evalyn possessed the diamond, her husband became mentally ill and had to be institutionalized, her son died in a car crash, and a young daughter committed suicide. Now, all these events could have taken place otherwise even in the absence of the stone but who doesn’t like a good story!

Later, the stone was donated to the Smithsonian Museum and that is where it sits even today, not causing any more disasters unless you count their current administration.


the blackorlov“The Eye of Brahma Diamond” or more famously known as the Black Orlov Diamond was allegedly stolen by J.W. Paris, from one of the eyes in a statue of the Hindu god Brahma in Pondicherry. The stone was bought to the US in 1932 by Paris who then jumped to his death from a skyscraper in New York.

Suicide was to be the form of death for its next owners who were two Russian princesses. Both committed suicide (months apart) by jumping to their deaths from buildings in Rome. After this incident, the stone was cut into three different pieces by a jeweler who proclaimed the division would break the curse. And maybe it did, because we haven’t heard anything so far.


kohinoorSaid to have been extracted from the Kollur mine in Golconda, the Kohinoor Diamond weighs about 105.6 carats. As legend has it, the Kohinoor Diamond or the Mountain of Light was stolen from Lord Krishna whilst he slept.

The Kohinoor diamond first finds mention in Moghul chronicles and found its way to many a Persian emperor. When the Britishers invaded India, the diamond was handed over to the British East India Company as part of a settlement. Queen Victoria had it cut from 186 carats to its current 109 carats and had it set in a tiara. Since then, the stone has adorned many a coronation crowns and remains on display in the Tower of London with the rest of the Crown Jewels.


theblackprincesrubyFrom what it may seem to be, the Black Prince’s Ruby isn’t actually a ruby but a large, glassy mineral that crystallises into various shades, including fiery red. Mined from Badakshan, present day Tajikistan, the ruby was first recorded in the 14th century, when King Pedro “The Cruel” murdered its owner for it. It was later to be handed to Prince Edward of Wales as a token of payment when Edward rescued Pedro from his enemies. Edward was known as the Black Prince because of his black armour, who then took the ruby with him to England where it has since remained at the front of the Imperial State Crown.


the delhi purple sapphireWe saved the most cursed one for the last. Discovered by Peter Tandy, curator at the National History Museum in London, approximately 30 year odd years ago, the Delhi Purple Sapphire was found sealed up in several boxes and, wait for it.

It was surrounded by protective charms and came with a warning:

“Whoever shall then open it, shall first out this warning, and then do as he pleases with the jewel. My advice to him or her is to cast it into the sea.”

Many suspect that the gemstone which was not technically a sapphire was part of a looted treasure stolen from the Temple of Indra in Cawnpore during the bloody Indian Mutiny of 1857. The cursed quartz found its way into England in the hands of Bengal Cavalryman Colonel W. Ferris who went bankrupt and so did his son.

It was then purchased by writer Edward Heron Allen who claimed that it brought him nothing but bad luck. He gave it away to friends who then promptly returned it as it didn’t do them any good either. Heron couldn’t find a way to get rid of it as it kept coming back to him. It was then sealed up and sent away to the family banker with the instructions that it should stay locked away.


The Forever Vow

errTanmaniyas express a special bond that is marriage through intricate handcrafted, and delicate elegance. Tanmaniya, also known as mangalsutra, is the mark of a cultural vow taken by married women to always love and cherish her husband. It is a sacred thread of love and goodwill.

Women love diamonds and there is nothing more desirable than a diamond Tanmaniya for the bride-to-be. This month, JPearls offers stunning diamond tanmaniyas which are a perfect blend of tradition and style, keeping in mind the latest fashion trends.

Since a tanmaniya is to be worn every day, JPearls’ tanmaniya collection is bold, striking and grabs eyeballs instantly! The Tanmaniya collection has a global appeal as each piece has been inspired by international designs and carved with high standards. Encrusted in 18 karat gold, these 2 carat diamonds stand out and are guaranteed to match every outfit in your wardrobe.

ABOUT JAGDAMBA PEARLS is part of Sri Jagdamba Pearls, a 90 year old business which is synonymous with high-quality pearls in Hyderabad. Our years of hard-work in building the brand has us ranked as the most sought after jeweler in town.

Though we started out humbly, our clientele lists spans from royalty to working women who with their continued loyalty and support have made us what we are today.

The JPearls Tanamaniya collection is soon to be launched on April 20th, 2014. So, keep your mouse on the go because these Tanmaniyas are just a click away!

Happy shopping!

The Gem Story

For centuries man used gemstones for various purposes, either as a healing amulet or a devil’s charm. Gemstones have been used in various civilizations of a vast period of time. The earliest mention recorded so far is from the Bible, where in the 28th breastplate adorned with 12 precious stones worn by the high priest Aaron.

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The ancient Egyptians were highly skilled in the art of craving and their engraving on various precious stones still exists. Some were even believed to wear amulets with gems carved into the shape of a beetle, known as curious amulets or scarabs. It was believed that those who possess this amulet is considered to have a charmed life.

During those days, due to lack of technology, the gems were primarily classified on the basis of their colour, so all red coloured stones were termed as ruby, all green were termed emeralds and all blue were named sapphires. Later on it was noticed that the stones varied in weight, colour, durability and rarity.

Formed below the surface of the earth, gemstones are formed in many different environments. Mainly from magma, the gems undergo natural processes like hydrothermal heating, crystallization etc., all below the surface to form the uncut version which are then mined out and artificially processed.

Before the dawn of modernization and the industrial revolution, the rare, classic hard-to-find, almost colourless stones were termed precious and hence even priceless, while on the other hand stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald etc. were all termed as semi-precious stones. Nowadays, the precious and semiprecious terminologies have been laid to rest, and now it’s all recognized based on brands and the designer using it.

Although there is no universal system of grading gemstones, various laboratories and societies have taken it upon themselves to classify and quantify the worth and value of gemstones. Gemstones are often subjected to various treatments like heat, waxing, radiation and fracture to enhance the colour and clarity of the stone.

It was a well-meaning but absurd approach, because the more you delve into the stones, the more you uncover, and the more contrasting and even conflicting beliefs you find. There was no single definitive power, symbolism or quality for any type of stone.

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