Sapphires – Stones Of Royalty

Does the distinct blue hue of the Sapphire gemstone leave you awestruck too? Well, guess what? It’s one of our favourite gemstones as well. Though sapphires are often attributed with deep blue colours, they interestingly come in a variety of colours like pink, orange, yellow, brown and green.

Some people choose sapphires for their colour, some as their birthstone and some simply for the luck they bring. But one thing that everybody agrees on, is the immense beauty of these stones.

For ages now, people wearing sapphire stones have been known to be loyal, trustworthy, pure, and honest. These stones are even believed to protect your loved ones from harm. It is also believed that the stone’s colour darkens when worn by an unworthy person. However, sapphires are considered to be very strong and can bring the wearer name, fame and reputation.

When a sapphire is viewed under perfect light conditions, it fills its viewers with wonder and always leaves them wanting more. Pairing them with diamonds compliments the beauty of these stones and its sheer brilliance and deep color are accentuated. It heightens the richness and elegance of its wearers, especially when its a bride, making them truly a sight to behold. 

Sapphires are one of the most durable gemstones in the world, effectively making them a wise investment decision due to their longevity. They are known to last for generations and are often famously known for being passed down as family heirlooms. One of the most famous heirloom sapphires rests on the Imperial State Crown worn by the monarchs of England which symbolizes power while adding a lot of grace to the wearer.

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Jewels galore! Why Bajirao Mastani is a treat for jewellery lovers

jewlAnother piece of jewellery that is popular in his look is the ring. He wears as many as three in each hand. For the ring-loving man, we have this finely cut, well-formed diamond ring which will make you feel like a king.

When we say, Bajirao Mastani is a grandiose take on a historic time of the Maratha empire, we mean the jewellery. It’s the finest, the most magnificent and one of the most striking aspects of the film.

Nose Pins

The movie revolves around a Maratha minister and it is common among Maratha women to wear nose pins. These cute things can really accentuate a good looking nose and hide the flaws of a bulbous one.

If you have a nose piercing, pick out a simple diamond nose pin with a flower petal design. This one is made of brilliant cut diamond and seven diamond pieces.

A roundup of the ‘Pinga’ song

This song was touted to be the next ‘Dola Re’ with both the leading actresses dancing to typical Marathi lavani beats. While the whole world watched their moves, we saw their jewels. So finely decked were they, that we decided to dissect their ensemble. Here, we’ve mentioned the biggest wins, according to us.

Heavy Necklaces

Both Deepika and Priyanka have been adorned in the grandest of necklaces. Gold, stones and pearls have all been used in abundance. A great looking piece is our ruby gold necklace set which would have gone beautifully with the wine colored sarees of the two women.

Bold Bangles

While glass bangles find dominance in this song, they are finished up with pretty, thick gold bangles in the end. We found just the right replacement to them. These amazing gold bangles which are available in a set of four.

Ranveer Singh’s Look

Since he is playing the role of a royal, Ranveer Singh also has a lot of jewellery on. Look closely, and you will see a lot of pearls. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and also little tassels on his turban- they’re everywhere.

Luckily, we have a lot to offer for pearl lovers. This simple Zaina Pearl Set is mostly pearl with a few stones here and there.

Rings in multitude

Another piece of jewellery that is popular in his look is the ring. He wears as many as three in each hand. For the ring-loving man, we have this finely cut, well-formed diamond ring which will make you feel like a king.

When we say, Bajirao Mastani is a grandiose take on a historic time of the Maratha empire, we mean the jewellery. It’s the finest, the most magnificent and one of the most striking aspects of the film.

The New Year Dress Up Extravaganza

December is here- and sooner than we thought. One can argue that it hardly feels like December what with the mercury still being high but with Christmas & New Year festivities around the corner, there’s much to look forward to. Have you started planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Is it going to be a night of frolic at the new club that’s opening or a quiet night with friends? Whatever your choice, remember a lady is always well-dressed.

Since it’s not all that cold, you can flaunt your necklines, and your arms and even tie your hair up to show off those fancy earrings. Here are some pieces we have exclusively picked out for our New Year celebration!

  1. The right kind of bling for a ‘Page 3’ party setup

TM-317You’re attending one of the most happening parties in town for New Year’s Eve. To complement your tall frame, you’ve picked out a gown with a plunging neckline. To match that deep neck and to give off a rich look, we suggest this grand diamond pendant. It comes with a unique design, and has 172 diamond pieces in it with a little bit of gold that will go great with the bottle green of the dress.


  1.  Stay subtle and turn heads at family gatherings

TM-27Some of us might be spending New Year’s Eve with family. It’s appropriate to stick to traditional stuff at family gatherings. This classic diamond pendant would suit your attire and bring out a nice glow too. It’s a very simple pendant and can be worn with these heart-shaped diamond studded earrings. They’re cute and easy to pull-off with pretty much any outfit.



  1. Shine through your kitty parties

JDEC-0302For those of you who love organizing kitty parties with your ladies this humble South Sea pearl necklace is unconventionally attractive. While it is a conventional design, the specialty of this one is the color of the pearl-grey. You can team this up with a pretty baby pink silk saree and simple grey pearl earrings.



  1. Stand out in your corporate bash

EF100054SS (1)Are you travelling for New Year’s Eve and forced to attend corporate events? Fret not! We have just the jewellery to cheer you up. If you’re in a cold place and covered from head to toe, try these ‘Angel of my Heart’ diamond earrings for the night. The size is perfect and the blue stone is just the right brightness. And if you’re a fan of rings, you can pick up this little 0.03 carat ring for yourself. It won’t attract unnecessary attention but will also make a statement.

December is a great time of the year and even if you’re attending a regular party, don’t step out without your biggest accessory, your smile!


Pearl Nose Studs – A unique blend of bling and class!

The age-old Indian traditional jewel, the nose stud, has made a major come back in the recent times. And it really is no surprise that the whole world is so in love with this little trinklet, for all the exquisite beauty and elegance it brings to the wearer. Gold, diamonds and pearl nose studs have always been a constant favourite with the Indians while metal nose studs seem to have taken over the traditional old gold ones in the rest of the world.

Here’s why Pearl Nose Studs are the best of them all

Pearls can be great as any jewellery but as nose studs, pearls are really the best. Nose studs are supposed to be shiny and cute, most of all minimal. And pearls are all these. They can make for the most beautiful nose studs, be minimal, classy and elegant all at the same time.


Whether it’s a single pearl nose stud or a pearl dangling off from a gold nose stud, all the glow and sheen that pearls radiate makes them the perfect choice for a nose stud.

And naturally, they make for the perfect wedding-jewellery-material

A bride is never completely made up without wearing a nose stud and it’s pearl nose studs that brides and bridesmaids always seem to choose. Mixed up with coloured stones and crafted along with gold, the beautifully designed pearl nose studs that are made especially for Indian weddings are just way too irresistible and perfect for weddings.




The famous ‘Nath nose ring’ has always been a favourite with Indian brides. A large nose ring studded with pearls and other stones that leads into an ear ring with a long chain that is also studded with pearls is what is a Nath nose ring is. Something of a cultural heritage when it comes to jewellery, the Nath nose ring has been worn from the times of kings and queens.



Wearing a Pearl nose stud has got health benefits as well

It turns out that nose studs weren’t just worn for beauty, there is a health benefit that is associated with it, just like there is with ear piercings. Piercing the left nostril is known to help keep the reproductive system of women healthy. Along with that, wearing a gold nose stud helps with air purification even before it enters the lungs as gold has got the property to eliminate Carbon dioxide. If pearl is your birthstone, wearing a pearl nose ring with a golden stem is all the more beneficial.

Ancient India’s tryst with pearl nose studs

In the ancient days, nearly every woman in India would have her nose pierced. And this tradition is believed to have started only after the Mughals entered India as it is originally a Mughal tradition. Quickly, the tradition spread throughout the country.

In south India, large nose studs made of diamonds or pearls woven into the shape of a swan usually were worn by most women. In the northern India, the naths (or the circular nose rings) made of gold and pearls were usually worn. While most still continue the tradition, off late, the practice of piercing noses experienced a revival.

Actually, it wasn’t really that much of a revival as people never really stopped wearing this beautiful jewel ever since it was first worn. Because, among all the kinds of jewellery that was worn by our ancestors, nose studs really are the prettiest.

Which pearl colour suits me best?

Did you know that pearls are not just available in the colour white but in just about every colour that you can imagine. There is what a jeweler calls, “a palette of colours” that one can choose their pearls from. Right from white, blue, black, lavender, yellow, pink, golden, and just about any colour that there is!

While most pearls (and you are right) are mostly white, or on rare occasions are found in the colour black, there is a possibility that it can occur in a whole lot of other colours too. Now, all pearls have tints and even in the most common and least common tints, there are colour overtones which tend to reflect across the surface of the pearl. For example, if you were to describe a pink pearl necklace, you would say that it’s a silver white pearl with pinks that reflect on it.

Pearls also have this quality in which shimmering, iridescent colours can swirl, move and glitter as the light changes or as the pearl is moved. This type of colouring effect is called orient. This effect, much similar to overtone is a result of the reflecting of light throughout the various nacre layers that compose the pearl.

While this was the technical bit about what brings out the colour in a pearl, all it takes to choose a pearl necklace for you is the colour of your skin tone. Yup! That’s it. The most popular types are white pearl necklaces as well as pearls in pink-rose colours as well. Both these colours flatter the widest range of skin tones.


Fair Skin – Women who have a fair complexion should opt for warm coloured pearl necklaces such as white/pink, golden and deep cream as do darker colours like black, gray and peacock.

Darker Skin –For those of you with a darker skin tone, wear light coloured pearls such as white, light cream, peach, pink, light blue, and silver. These mostly tend to highlight the skin tone.

So, before you invest in a white pearl necklace, put it up against your neck and face to see if the colour suits your skin, eye, and hair colour. If white pearls make you look pale, then try on a warmer shade such as cream or pink.


Try on white or pink or cream clothing and put on your pearls. The colour of pearls that complement your outfit are the ones that are best for you. Otherwise if you normally wear clothing of only a few colours, then select pearls accordingly. If you like wearing black outfits, South Sea pearls are the perfect choice as are Silver-toned Tahitians or Akoyas. If you are buying pearls for someone else, make sure that you gift them something of their choice as opposed to your own taste.

If you really want to make a statement in all its simplicity, white pearls look great with black or dark clothing and coloured pearls look great with white clothing. So tell us which colour suits you best.

7 styling tricks to make you look thinner

shutterstock_171895628There are days when we feel and look amazing but in between those days, we also have a lot of bad hair days, wardrobe malfunctions and days when you just can’t find the right thing to wear. Regardless of whether the number on the scale has gone up, we do feel bloated, sluggish, or nothing fits or looks good. That is quite normal and happens to the best of us.

But, fashion experts who have the inside scoop on silhouettes that flatter, cuts that camouflage and fabrics that hide the physical dirty laundry have a few tips to share on styling tricks which are guaranteed to make you look thinner. Read on.

  1. Narrowing your hips – If you have big hips, try tying a plaid or a flimsy sweater around the waist as it helps direct the eye to the narrowness of the hips.
  2. Flat tummy tricking – In order to show you have a flat tummy, tuck in only one tiny part of your shirt in your jeans. It will give the perception of a well-toned, flat stomach. Now who would have thought that?
  3. Leaner limbs – Wear an oversized knit like a dude’s pullover to look slim instantly. Men’s clothes are longer and baggier and therefore tend to make you look slimmer.
  4. Suit up – Another trick to hide those ugly bulges is to throw on a blazer which hits below the waist, slim fit jeans and heels to go. This way you feel less exposed and those tires are well hidden.
  5. Statement jackets – On days when you are feeling a little bloated, throw on a statement jacket with big, structured shoulders, and cropped, slim pants.
  6. The Pricey Blouse – A loose fitting top and a super slim pair of jeans usually works in making you hide that weekend weight.
  7. Hourglass silhouette – Even when you feel you are having a bad day getting dolled up, try capitalizing on your assets. A basic black top and a loose skirt with a pair of heels should do the trick for you.