Top Favourites Of The Year

This year has been phenomenal in ways more than one. Here’s raising a toast to some gleamingly splendid pieces of this year that makes our collection one of the most sought after.

  1. This choker paired with a contrasting coloured attire is bound to leave you looking like a princess straight out of a royal story. Chokers are a known piece of elegance known to amplify your traditional look. This year, chokers have made a comeback and looks like they’re here to stay.
  2. Epitomising the elegance and beauty of your tender ears, is this delicate pair of earrings. Not too over-the-top, yet very eye-catchy, this pair is a head-turner!
  3.  An enduring and everlasting elegant vibe that this chain brings along with it is what we aim for in crafting our jewellery. Achieve a look of a timeless diva with this  gold chain studded with emeralds and rubies.
  4. Flaunt these diamond earrings made to suit all seasons and occasions. End the year on a shining note with this beautifully crafted pair of earrings.

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5 Reasons To Buy 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Raise your fashion quotient by wearing silver jewellery. The versatility of silver is a well-known fact. Silver pendants, silver earrings and silver necklaces can be teamed up with any attire to take your look to a whole new level. Sterling silver makes for a great metal for jewellery. Here are some of the features that makes it stand apart from the rest.

  1. Light in Weight and Durable –  The combination of metals used in sterling silver makes jewellery incredibly long lasting and easy to wear daily. If properly cared for, they continue to add beauty to your collection for decades to come. 
  2. Customizable – Due to its workable properties, sterling silver gives artistic freedom to jewellers and designers to mould the metal into pendants, earrings and so many more options making it easy to work with, all without burning a hole in your pocket.
  3. Less prone to causing allergies – Metals are known to suit some and not suit the others. Sterling Silver jewellery is less likely to cause allergies and hence can be worn on a daily basis for work or otherwise without the risk of infecting oneself. 
  4. Relatively Stronger – The properties of sterling silver make it one of the stronger metals as compared to gold and pure silver. Another striking feature is that it’s scratch-resistant and durable making it last for ages to come.
  5. Accessibility and Diversity – If you’re looking for jewellery that looks chic and something that defines high-end designs, look for sterling silver jewellery. Invest in a pendant set or earrings that complements your attire in more ways than one. Their accessibility makes silver jewellery one the most easily bought. They are also available in mutiple designs that upgrade your collection.

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Stunning Jewellery Sets To Pair With Your Golden Bridal Lehenga!

What jewellery to wear with a golden bridal lehenga? With so many options to choose from, it can get confusing and overwhelming. The kind of jewellery options we have for you will leave you mesmerised. 

We have elegant Emeralds, ravishing Rubies, precious Pearls, dazzling Diamonds & so much more!

Scroll down and take a look at the top 5 impressive options to wear with your golden bridal lehenga!

  1. The perfect blend of kundan and multicolor gemstones in this necklace to compliment your golden bridal lehenga.
  2. When rubies and gold come together with a golden bridal lehenga, you can’t expect anything short of magnificent!
  3. One can never go wrong while pairing a golden bridal lehenga with a pearl bauble and gold earring and necklace set as elegant as this!
  4. Choose this layered antique Princess Emerald necklace to compliment your golden lehenga and feel like a Princess!
  5. Opt for our elegant diamond necklace to wear with your exquisite bridal golden lehenga for a royal and elegant look!Along with these top 5 impressive options, we have many more beautiful options to choose from.Please visit and get mesmerised. 


How To Pick The Perfect Jewellery For Work?

Most women find it hard to pick the jewellery that blends into the work environment seamlessly. Pearl and gold jewellery are the most classic way to style your look. Pearl jewellery adds a sophisticated touch to every attire. While gold is extremely flattering and suits most skin tones. Don’t worry; we got that dilemma sorted for you. Here is a guide on how to pick the right jewellery to wear to work on an everyday basis.

  1. If the mood is to dress traditional, nail the look with these beautiful diamond earrings that are sure to make heads turn and bring out the best.
  2.  Pick your favourite pieces of office wear jewellery intelligently. If you decide to ditch the necklace, style your hands with rings and bracelets that are dainty looking.
  3.   Always remember, the way you accessorise will make or break the outfit. So, if you’re feeling particularly dressy, keep the chunky and loud jewellery at bay, stick to something like this that is minimal, yet extremely sophisticated.
  4.  If versatility defines your personality best, buy office wear jewellery like this stunning set of earrings that is enough to make a statement.
  5.  Keep it classy and ace that ethnic look with a gold chain like this that will highlight the beauty of the dress. You’re sure to receive a ton of compliments with this one while avoiding an overload of detail.

You can buy the best workwear jewellery at the best rates on It’s time to shine with not just promotions and bonuses but also with some exquisite jewellery that will take your whole look a notch higher!

7 Versatile Pieces of Jewellery That Will Go With Anything


2016 is here and its time for you to ride the trends of the year. Some smart shopping can help us fulfil our desire to look good and also own timeless pieces of jewellery. We bring to you some stuff that can go with any outfit that you wear- ethnic or modern.

  1. Pearl Necklace Set with CZ

SJ-1012This is a perennial combination. It gives off a rich look but isn’t so heavy on the pocket and it also goes well with pretty much anything- be it a simple kurta or a cute low cut top.

Our pick is this gorgeous red CZ stone pearl necklace. It looks graceful and not too opulent either.



  1. Rose Gold

PF014690Add a touch of elegance to your collection by picking rose gold accessories. If you’ve never been fond of the yellow tinge that gold possesses but still like the metal, then rose gold is an excellent alternative. Not only that, it is cheaper in some cases too.

You can try this cute, ampersand shaped pendant in rose gold with diamond studs in it. It’s simple, yet different enough to turn heads.


  1. South Sea Pearl

JNOV-0197Pearls can never go wrong. They can completely transform your simple black top and make it look super regal. Investing in pearls hence, is a good decision.

Add some opulence to your wardrobe, and try this yellow pearl necklace with Victorian balls. It’s gorgeous and can be an everlasting piece.



  1. Cute rings

RF009273If you like rings, then you’ve got a lot of options in the market. From diamond to gold to pearl, they’re unlimited.

This adorable, butterfly ring is not too flashy but also sets a statement of its own. Adorn your fingers with this, or you could try something with different colored stones like this one.



  1. Stone Earrings

JPSEP-14-363These are beautiful and super bold. Pick a color which is girly and bright and you’re going to shine your way through Saturday nights and Sangeet evenings just as well.

Like this pair of ruby stone earrings with gold encasings. The ruby is such a brilliant color and the gold on the edges gives off the right glint.



  1. Diamond Bracelet

jpaug-073Bracelets are such a fun accessory. They can add some glamour to a bare wrist. And if you pick the right one, you can play around with different clothes to match them too. Like this diamond bracelet, which is not only fashionable but also utilitarian.




  1. Diamond Earrings

EF0125739A girl’s collection is incomplete and so not happening without diamond earrings. They shine and make you shine too. Always be on the lookout for diamonds and they’re not always expensive. Something like these gold and diamond earrings, plain old studs but they’re a classic.

Keep replenishing your wardrobe biennially with stuff that can stick around for long and you’ll have yourself a formidable collection of the most beautiful jewellery!

Why 2016 is a good year for jewellery lovers

Are you somebody who always spends her free time shopping for jewellery? 2016 might well be your year. Some new trends have caught our attention and they’re picking up fast! Be it precious stones, or pieces of jewellery on your clothes, it’s all going to be very exciting for the ‘jewellery lover’.

  1. Precious Stones are back!

JDEC-0348This year is all about creating magic through colors. Say all your thanks to gem-stone cutters and jewellers. We’re talking about mixing different colored stones in one single piece so that it reflects the multiple colors beautifully.

Like this stunning necklace which is made of south sea pearl and a group of other stones like ruby, emerald and sapphire. It is nothing short of magical!


  1. Pendant Penchant

JNOV-0250If you are doubtful about wearing an entire necklace with colors, you could choose something smaller, like a pendant. You could string it along a gold necklace to make it more conventional. Just to be experimental, choose a pendant that stands out because of its colors. This tiger claw shaped pendant is not just uniquely shaped but is studded with little ruby and emerald studs. It’s bold!


  1. Size matters

JSEP-0126CSuper long earrings are the latest fad. The longer it is, the trendier it is. Feather designs, intricate handwork, and simple metal finishes, they’re all ruling the roost right now. Team them up with deep cut tops, dresses and you have a winner.

Try these pearl earrings with ruby studs in them. These aren’t too long but they are bright and cute. You can wear these with a nice Anarkali suit or even an Indian gown.


  1. Fantastic Bracelets

JPOCT-14-093It’s also the year of opulent bracelets. Different splashes of colors and gigantic rocks are definitely making news this year. It’s all about adorning your wrist with big and bold bracelets.

We have here, a black bow shaped bracelet with a fine diamond butterfly in the center. The combination of black and gold is classic and the shape of the butterfly is big enough to catch attention. You can wear this with black, red or even off-white.

  1. Wristbands are cool

JPOCT-14-090If you want to get more ostentatious, try a completely stone-studded bracelet. Make sure that they are of different colors and glint marvelously.

This unique bracelet is studded with topaz and ruby and is gold plated. The shape is breathtaking and it is glamorous and colorful.

  1. Necklaces turn maang tikaas

NE-2This trend is catching up too fast and we cannot thank enough. It’s super simple, yet super stylish. You can completely transform the look of an Indian outfit with this cool trick. Just pick up a necklace and instead of wearing it around your neck, simply wear it like a crown style maang tikaa.

You could try this gold plated, flower style necklace. The even design make it look simple and not too out of place. Wear with this, a lovely lehenga or even a saree in dark colors.


In 2016, Make Monochrome Fun With Pearls & Gems!

Let’s face it. Dual tones are boring. Solid black, greys or blues turn you on and your gaze always turns to them when you’re out shopping. So, you’re a monochrome lover.

The Cambridge dictionary defines monochrome as “using only black, white and grey, or using only one colour.” And to most people, this seems rather an uninteresting proposition. However, monochrome outfits can be spruced up with the right kind jewellery. And we believe that 2016 might as well be made the year of monochrome. Here are five must-have pearl necklaces for monochromes.

Necklace with great artwork

SJBJNK015Who doesn’t love elaborate designs and intricate handiwork? They spell luxury and transform your outfit completely. Though they can be pricey, they can be reused and matched with many kinds of clothes, so you have a winner!

This white pearl necklace, embedded with coral and turquoise is perfect for dark colored dresses or gowns. It comes in a set, so you can throw on the earrings too.

Classic pearl

sjpgn03A plain white pearl necklace can never go wrong. It looks stellar when worn with navy blue or black. This pearl-gold set will be the perfect companion to your LBD. It has a large circular pearl pendant with a pretty gold border and semi-precious stones encrusted. You’re all set for the fancy dinner.


JSEP-0119While pearl is versatile, it is an even bigger boon when put together with stones. Like, in this cute, simple set where it is wonderfully complemented by the bottle-green color of emerald. The pearl is white and they are strung together with a gold chain.

If you like your accessories to be minimal, you can wear this set with either an off-white or a black top/dress.

Colorful Thewa Jewellery

JNOV-0239Since it’s the wedding season, we are sure you are quite muddled up with clothes and dresses. Frequent trips to the tailor and poring over Pinterest are your major tasks for the day. A good idea would be to pick out a monochrome gown in dark green or turquoise blue. Add to that this extremely colorful Rajasthani thewa jewellery set, and you’re all set for the occasion.

As red as a ruby

SJ-1012If your wardrobe is filled with white clothes, then plain pearls might not be a great idea. That’s where CZ and semi-precious stones come to the rescue. Invest in this beautiful set made of pearls and semi-precious red stones and you’re going to shine bright in that white top.

With the right colors and necklines, these necklace sets can be stunners and work wonders for your monochrome outfit. Monochromes for 2016!

Add bling to your boring work attire with JPearls office-wear earrings!

So you’re forced to wear formals to your work place and wish there was some way you could add some colour and zing to it? JPearls office-wear earrings are the answer to your prayers.

Pearl earrings are everything that you’d want that perfect work-wear jewellery to be – classy, blingy, simple and often make a very elegant statement.  Without being ostentatious, pearl earrings silently go about doing their job of making you look pretty.

We at JPearls have got a great collection of some sparkling earrings that are designed just to with your work-wear. They’re simple and yet radiant. Our team of designers and craftsmen have woven these pearl rings with some great expertise and art. Here are some of our most beautiful pearl earrings listed out for you…

Nothing like adding some flower power to your pearl earrings

Did you always love floral designs? Flowers needn’t just be restricted to your clothes but can also be worn as jewellery. Our pearl floral earrings will take care of your floral jewellery needs from hereafter!

These set of pearl jewellery have all got a beautiful coloured rose embedded on top of a hanging pearl top. Get them all from here and wear one each day of the week to go with the colour of your dress.

j pearls rose earrings 1

Lose out your heart to these heart shaped pearl earrings

Wearing your heart on your sleeve might not really be a good idea, especially at your work place. But who said anything about wearing a heart on your ear? Wearing a beautiful heart shaped pearl earring could take you places in your career, after all, you are putting your heart to your work (symbolically of course)!

Check out these heart shaped pearl earrings of ours that you (and your colleagues) are sure to fall in love with..

j pearls heart earrings

Leafy dangling Pearl Earrings

There is only one way to make pearl earrings look more beautiful than they already are – to weave them into different shapes that could enhance their elegance. Ever heard of jewellery woven into the shape of leaves? We at JPearls have made this little experiment of crafting pearls in the form of leaves and they came out this pretty. For one thing, work friends and colleagues won’t be able to take their eyes of them!

j pearls leaf earrings

Let us decide your week-long pearl earring schedule for you

Often times, we won’t have enough time to spend on choosing our every day jewellery or for that matter even our everyday clothing. For hectic weeks and days like that, we’ve got your pearl earring schedule planned out for you. This Monday to Friday work wear pearl earrings set has got the perfect combination of pearl earrings that you should try out from Monday through Friday. What’s more…since they come in a set, they come at a very low price.

j pearls rose pearl earrings

Time to colour your pearls up!

Why wear only white pearls everyday for your work when you can wear coloured pearls? When you want to match your jewellery with your clothes and would still like to wear pearls, our coloured pearl earrings are what you should turn to.

Our collection of dangling peach, green and white coloured pearls will not just add class to your work-wear jewellery but also that splash of colour that it needs!

j pearls pear ear hangings

With our amazing work-wear pearl earrings collection that you can now get your hands on, going to work will no longer be boring!

JPearl bracelets befitting royalty – to pamper the princess in you!

There’s only one thing that could make you feel like a princess and that’s jewellery. While a crown is what the princess in you really deserves, bracelets sure are next the line.

A modern spin-off of bangles, bracelets are not just trendy but are also very beautiful. Whether you decide to don the western chic avatar or become the traditional belle, bracelets are sure to fit in and accentuate your look.

Time for a little bracelet history:

Before you go bracelet shopping, you should know the significance of bracelets. It turns out that bracelets aren’t just decorative pieces but have actually got some significance to them since very early times. Ancient Egyptians, Greek and Indians have all worn bracelets as good luck charms. Stones, crystals and rocks that are meant to bring good luck to the wearer were always attached to a bracelet. There were also times when bracelets were tied by one person to another to signify the relationship between them, especially when they were parting.

At JPearls, we’ve got the most beautiful collection of bracelets. Whether it’s because they have your birthstone embedded on them or it’s because they make for the perfect gift or it’s because they are just that beautiful, you should totally indulge in one of our designer bracelets.

Here are some of the best bracelets we’ve got…

This one’s sure to give your loved one the butterflies!

How about a butterfly bracelet that makes for the perfect gift for your loved one? With a gold and stone butterfly held onto a black leather bracelet, this ‘fine cut charm diamond bracelet’ is just what would make for the most beautiful gift ever whether it’s for the valentine’s day or for your anniversary.


How would you like to wear a stone rose on your hand?

With a beautiful carving of a pink coloured rose on it, the ‘fashion bangles bracelet’ that looks like half a bangle and half a bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is sure to make you look like a princess. Worn to a wedding or a party (because it goes well for both the occasions), this bracelet is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.


For those who like to keep it simple

So you’re not a fan of ostentatious jewellery. If keeping it simple is what you like when it comes to your jewellery, this simple chain bracelet is what you’re looking for. Delicately woven with gold and diamonds, half of this bracelet is just gold while the other half is studded with some stunning diamonds. It’s barely-there on your hand and yet, makes for a really charming piece of jewellery.


This heart-shaped diamond bracelet is sure to win hearts

There’s one good thing about bracelets and that is the fact that they come in the most beautiful and intricate designs ever. This heart shaped gold and stone bracelet that has tiny hearts crafted all over it is sure to win your heart and the hearts of everyone who lays their eyes upon it. At the very least, it can make for one really beautiful Valentine’s day gift.

jp-jan 766

There’s every reason why should get your hands on one of these bracelets from our exquisite bracelet collection and pamper the princess in you!

5 Colour-combos in Jewellery That Will Make Your Jewellery Case a Better Place!

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 2

When it comes to jewellery, it pays to have variety in your box. Well, if you’re into classic and elegant fare, then all the more reason why you should opt for something “out of the box” to fit into your fashionable life. Pearls are of course, in everybody’s lust list – they’re precious, classy and oh -so-fabulous which brings us back to the question – would you add anything else to make them better? Yes, of course! This holi, our dear festival of colours reminds us once again that we need something bright and big in our lives. Our jewellery box included. That’s precisely the reason why we need to up the ante and look for necklace ideas and combos that are off-beat and unique – one’s will stop traffic in varied hues. So go ahead, add a bit of colour into your staid pearl sets – the brighter, the better.

#1 Multi-coloured Wonders
5-Colour-combos-in-Pearl-Jewellery-1These jewellery pieces are extremely versatile – they fit perfectly, like a glove into your wardrobe. Because, they can go with every outfit of yours – you name the colour and they match it in a jiffy. Look for a necklace that can be worn on western or Indian outfits – and that’s why the Navratan collection is your best bet. It offers a safe option for those who are divided on colours and hues, plus it offers excellent avant-garde styling ideas. Of all colour combos, this one’s definitely the safest, you’ll never go wrong with this gem.

#2 Pearls With Rubies

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 2A combination that’s pretty common – rubies gel very well with pearls and together, they can clearly create magic. But if you’re vigilant, you can take this combination a notch higher with great craftsmanship and interesting designs. Opt for neckpieces that are wholesome and big so that rubies get as much attention as your pearls. Add floral elements or exquisite paisleys and you’re on the path to a fashionable start.


#3 Emeralds and Pearls

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 3Emeralds are all about royalty and power and when teamed with pearls, they add a touch of elegance and charm to their ilk. The explosive combination of emeralds with pearls can give you a sophisticated air – so look for ones that showcase both parties well. Go for neckpieces that work well on saris and anarkalis – so powerful and so exuberant. Layered necklaces will help bring out the best in them – and work very well on our outfits as well.


#4 Pastel Rainbow
5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 4Pastels are the biggest trend for summer – somehow anything light and delicate seems to be the tune for the day. So look for necklaces that showcase that simplicity and clarity in your styling like those that come with peach-coloured pearls, rose-coloured ones and even those that come in an interesting golden shade. Wear them with white pearls to add charm to your look.


#5 Purples and Whites

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 5There is definitely something about lilac and white combinations – they are ethereal and heavenly and all things divine. They bring out the hidden elegance in our styling and help us look really classy. That’s why this off-beat combination is only for those looking at something new altogether – something out of this world! Look for delicate threads, single layered necklaces that will slip in easily without being noticed – but on the whole they bring in a sort of delicacy to the entire look.