How to wear chunky jewelry

ImageYou don’t have to break into your piggy bank to transform your drab outfit into a chic one by pairing it with a chunky necklace. Chunky necklaces are available in bright, bold colours, and come in varying lengths and styles. Worn mostly as bold statement pieces, chunky jewelry is made up of beads, acrylic, plastic, resin, glass, metal, shells, wood or even gemstones.

Due to its large size, a chunky necklace can stand out on its own but can also look great when worn with other necklaces as a layering piece. You can pair them with a buttoned down shirt or chic strappy dress. When you are wearing large and colourful statement jewelry, wear a solid colour and try not to have any florals or crazy patterns.

When you are wearing a chunky neckpiece, keep your other jewelry, accessories and make-up toned down a little. It shouldn’t be bright and gaudy. In order to make a bold statement, try to colour coordinate separate pieces, along with your clothing.

A chunky, flowery necklace looks best when worn with a sundress, white or beachy looks. Several chunky necklaces together look tacky and cheap and are also unnecessary. You can be fashion forward by pairing a big necklace with a scarf or any other variety of neck wear.

Keep your hair simple and try and tone down your hairstyle especially if you are opting for a very loud piece of jewelry. A loose ponytail, a clean bun or a sleek blowout will make your chunky jewelry noticeable.

One of the key points to keep in mind is to not pair chunky necklaces with chunky earrings! You can wear one of the two. You can, however, wear a pair of small studded earrings to accompany it.

The chunkier, the funkier, the bigger, the better! So, are you ready to ditch the small, delicate pieces and plan to go bold?


5 tips to wear jewelry like Liz Taylor

Elizabeth-Taylor-Private-Collection-Of-Jewelry“Here, in my own words and as I remember them, are my cherished stories about a lifetime of fun and love and laughter…I’ve never thought of my jewelry as trophies. I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.” —Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was known for her crazy love life. More so, she was known for her extraordinary jewelry and unique sense of style. As Anday Warhol most famously said, “It would be very glamorous to be reincarnated as a big ring on Elizabeth Taylor’s finger.

Liz Taylor was known to have acquired one of the greatest private collections of jewelry in the world with pieces designed by leading jewelers like Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard, Tiffany, Van Cleef and Arpels etc.

Here are six tips to channel your inner gem diva and grab some of the spotlight for yourself like Liz did!

  1. Size doesn’t matter – Liz’s second husband, Richard Burton bought her the smallest perfect diamond he could find: one-eighth of a carat, along with two other small diamond rings. So, it doesn’t matter how big the diamond is what matters is how much you enjoy wearing the jewelry.
  2. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it – Liz loved experimenting with her jewelry and the way she wore it. For the Proust Ball in 1972, she wore her own emeralds and diamonds in her hair and added more diamond necklaces on loan from Van Cleef & Arpels. So the next time you get dressed, add a surprising sparkle to in an unexpected place.
  3. Keep it Real – Liz believed in keeping it real. There was no such thing as fake jewelry. If you wanted to look like a star, it was diamonds or nothing.
  4. Wear jewels in the pool – Even though, it has been said that jewels are best avoided in the pool, Liz loved showing off the sparkle in the sun. It was in 1957 at a villa outside Monte Carlo. Liz wore a breathtaking ruby necklace and matching earrings. Elizabeth used to always say, “You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night. But they are sure fun when the sun shines.”
  5. Share the sparkle ­– Liz loved sharing her jewels with the world. She was always very open to people trying on her jewelry. Liz once lent her $150,000 emerald and diamond brooch to one of Richard Burton’s costars in Hamlet to be used as a safety pin for a broken zipper. Of her jewelry pieces, she used to say, “I don’t believe I own any of the pieces. I believe that I am their custodian, here to enjoy them, to give them the best treatment in the world, to watch after their safety, and to love them.”

10 things to wear to the beach this summer

If you are headed to the beach or the pool this summer, you wear a cute swimsuit and protect your skin with the right sunscreen. That’s all there is to it! What if you want to make a fashion statement at the beach without making a fashion mistake?

If you want to wear jewelry at the beach, it should be fashionable, durable, water-resistant and practical. The right piece of jewelry when accessorized with your swimsuit can make you stand out in a crowd. Whether you are spending a relaxing casual day at the beach, strolling by the water with a hot date, dancing with friends at a party or celebrating a beach wedding, there are quite a few swimwear jewelry options.

Here’s our fashion guide which tells you everything you need to know about what to wear at the beach:

  1. Ruffled Swimwear – Flirty ruffles have made their way into swimwear this summer right from halter bikinis to swimdresses.
  2. BeachToteBeach Tote – Your beach bag needs to be large enough to carry your towel, a paperback, sunscreen, and other beach essentials. Bold colour blocking with flowers is quite popular this season.
  3. Colourful cover-up – Instead of wearing a towel to cover-up, you can tie a colourful cover up around your waist. It makes quite the fashion statement.
  4. Wide brimmed hat – A wide brimmed hat protects you from the sun and adds a bit of glam to your beach wear. Pick a colourful one to add a little zing!
  5. Fabric headband – You don’t have to tie your hair in a rubberband. Keep your hair open and long and pull them back with a wide fabric headband instead.
  6. Oversized Sunglasses – Oversized sunglasses are every fashionista’s favourite. They protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun as well as the skin around.
  7. White Watch – The water resistant white watch is the perfect beach accessory for a wrist.
  8. okJewel thong sandals – Jeweled thong sandals always look chic when you are heading out to the beach. Shoes in citrus colours (tangerine, lemon, yellow and lemon green) are sizzling for summertime.
  9. Hoop earrings – Giant hoop earrings are the perfect accessory to wear at the beach or pool. They look absolutely fabulous with a retro swimsuit and a pair of shades.
  10. beach ankletsAnklets – The beach is the perfect place for wearing anklets. It will add glam to bare feet. Pain your toenails a colour to compliment the anklet you plan to wear.

Matching swimwear with jewelry is a great way to feel sexy. Our tips will help you look trendy. Just be sure to remove any accessories that aren’t waterproof from your body before you go for a swim.

Work it! Job Interview Style

Work-It-Interview-StyleAll of us are well aware of the fact that plunging necklines and mini-skirts are big no-nos when trying to land that dream job. While your credentials and experience should be the only deciding factors in getting you hired, your appearance plays an equally important role.

What about the jewelry? While jewelry can add to an outfit, one has to be extremely careful when dressing for a job interview.

Here are a few dos and don’ts of wearing jewelry to a job interview.

Do wear small and conservative pieces.

Do not wear large pendants. Pendants should be smaller than one inch in diameter.

Do wear only one or two pieces. Less is more. You could either wear a necklace and earrings or earrings and a bracelet.

Do not wear statement jewelry. Avoid large pieces of jewelry that are loud and noisy.

Do wear silver, gold or pearls. One classic piece in each earlobe is more than enough.

Do not wear more than one ring per hand. Rings should be inconspicuous.

Do wear coordinated sets. Don’t mix and match.

Do not wear dangling earrings and arms full of bracelets.

Do not wear religious jewelry. It may leave the wrong impression.

Remember this is a job interview. You want your interviewer to notice you, but keep interest in what you are saying, and what you can bring to the company. Try to keep eye contact when you are in the interview. The wrong jewelry can distract, offend, or even give your interviewer the wrong impression of you.

6 tips for choosing wedding jewellery!

ImageUndoubtedly, the most important day in a woman’s life is her “Wedding Day” and every girl since a very young age imagines she is a princess. The traditional gown/saree/khada dupatta, shoes and flower bouquet are given so much thought so why not your jewelry.

Jewelry, quite surprisingly, seems to be an afterthought. But, your wedding jewelry is a really important part of your whole wedding day look and style and you must get it right. It’s not necessary that your wedding jewelry has to eat away at your bank account – there are quite a few options to buy jewelry within your budget.

Right below, we have narrowed down a few tips and tricks to bear in mind while picking jewelry for your wedding day.

1. VINTAGE FEEL – If your overall wedding outfit gives a very vintage feel, then you should wear something with a little sentiment. The best place to look for a piece is in your family’s jewelry box. Remember, old is gold!

2. WEAR JEWELRY THAT YOU LIKE – For your wedding, invest in jewelry that you see yourself wearing time and time again. Always go with jewelry combinations that you are comfortable with.

3. JEWELRY SHOULD ALWAYS MATCH YOUR OUTFIT – The jewelry that you adorn on your wedding day should express your personality, but it should also complement your dress.

4. GO BIG! – If you decide to wear your hair down, wear big earrings otherwise dainty earrings will get lost in your hair. If your hair is tied up in a bun or a French plait, then accessorize with some statement earrings.

5. DON’T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE – We keep insisting that jewelry shouldn’t be an afterthought. Order everything a month or two in advance so you have ample time to try it out with your wedding dress.

6. FAKE IT – High-quality replicas are absolutely fine and really, who’s going to know? Agreed that diamonds add glass but a crystal alternative looks just as gorgeous.

Wear your luck!

You probably laugh off when you find people wearing rings on every finger for each gemstone signifies a certain purpose. Mostly people wear it for good luck or to protect themselves from negative energy. These meanings can manifest themselves in any number of ways including personal meaning, belief that birthstones possess medicinal affects.

Birthstones are nothing but gems that have been linked to our dates of birth for centuries now. Traditionally a birth stone is associated with each month of the year and is said to have heightened powers when worn during its assigned month.

It’s clear that many people believe that some gemstones have special meaning and perhaps power. For someone who is investing in birthstone jewelry, it’s certainly helpful to identify those qualities that he or she finds meaningful before making their purchase. Here is a list of modern birthstones:

  1. January Birtstone – Garnet
    Garnet Colour – These are usually found in every colour except blue. However, the garnets used in birthstone jewelry are usually deep red.
    Garnet Folklore – This gemstone is said to bring friendship, loyalty, and sincerity, and the stone is said to have the power to ensure good health and keep the wearer safe during travel.
  1. February Birthstone – Amethyst
    Amethyst Colour – A form of quartz, its colour varies from pale lilac to dark purple.
    Amethyst Folklore – It is believed to prevent drunkenness and is widely known as a symbol of peace and tranquility. It brings peace of mind and drives away enflamed passions and worries.
    Aquamarine b
  1. March Birthstone – Aquamarine
    Aquamarine Colour – This stone comes in all shades of blue but clear aquamarine is much more valuable than stones with traces of other colours.
    Aquamarine Folklore – It is said to provide a sense of youth and hope and is also known to protect sailors while they are at sea.
  1. April Birthstone – Diamond
    Diamond Colour – These are mostly colourless but fancy coloured diamonds are also quite popular.
    Diamond Folklore – Lucky are those who are born in April for their birthstone is diamond. Regarded as the jewel of love and power, diamonds is known to strengthen body and soul.
  1. May Birthstone – Emerald
    Emerald Colour – They vary from light to dark green in colour.
    Emerald Folklore – It is believed to give the wearer some sort of psychic powers and is associated with fertility and joy. It is also believed to sharpen the mind.
  1. June Birthstone – Pearl
    Pearl Colour – They are traditionally white but pearls are available in a variety of colours these days and come in huge shapes and sizes.
    Pearl Folklore – Pearls bring to its wearer both qualities of modesty and purity.
  1. July Birthstone – Ruby
    Ruby Colour – The actual color of a ruby can vary from bright red to red-violet or brownish-red.
    Ruby Folklore – Rubies are symbolic of zeal and passion. It gives people born in July undying vigor and brings them fortune and love. It is also a powerful protector for those surrounded by unfriendly forces.
  1. August Birthstone – Peridot
    Peridot Colour – It is a lime green in colour which is sometimes tinged with olive or brownish shades.
    Peridot Folklore – One of the oldest known gemstones, Peridot is traditionally a symbol that represents the sun and wearing it was thought to provide protection from nightmares. It wards off depression and fear.
  1. September Birthstone – Sapphire
    Sapphire Colour – It is usually available in all colours except red but the most popular sapphire colour is cornflower blue.
    Sapphire Folklore – This gemstone is known to relax and clear the mind of all worries. It used to help priests predict the future. This gem is associated with peace and happiness.

opal10. October Birthstone – Opal
Opal Colour – These are soft gemstones embedded with impurities and complexly colourful.
Opal Folklore – Legend says that it is especially good for the eyes and has long been a symbol of innocence and purity.

citrine11. November Birthstone – Citrine or Topaz
Citrine Colour – It is a form of quartz and is mostly yellow in colour.
Citrine Folklore – It makes the wearer cheerful, light-hearted, and hopeful. It also helps to relax the body and cleanse it of its toxins.

topaz12. December – Blue Topaz
Topaz Colour – Icy Blue
Topaz Folklore – Those who are born in this month usually gain a pleasant disposition and patient attitude from blue topaz. It is also a symbol of fidelity and love and is said to cure many diseases.


6 Modern Ways to Wear Pearl Jewelry

ladiesPopular faces like Princess Diana, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn all topped the classy list when it came down to fashion and style. Their not-so-hidden secret being a strand of rare treasure – pearls. And how could we forget, the godmother of pearls: Coco Chanel, who made her style statement by layering pearl necklaces, one atop the other.

Time and again, we have stressed on the fact that accessories can make or break an outfit. There are tons of modern ways to wear pearl jewelry from simple to a little edgy. Ahead are some of our favorite, pearliest jewelry picks, to keep you on trend this season, all of which we think will be wardrobe classics long after this trend is over.

  1. Jeans and Pearls

You can wear pearls with jeans and it will not be considered a faux pas but a real trend. A double string of pearls can level the balance if you pair it right with skinny jeans, heels, a blouse and a cardigan. You can even incorporate pearl accessories into everyday looks, even at the office.

  1. Pearls as bracelets

Twist a long strand of pearls around your wrist and you can wear it as a gorgeous bracelet along with a watch.

  1. Long Pearl Earrings

While we adore the classic pearl tops, long pearl earrings add the extra oomph and flare out of any outfit.

  1. Knot your pearls

Depending on the length of your pearls and neckline, you can knot the pearl chain once or twice to turn it into a trendy and modern accessory.

  1. Add a pendant to your pearls

A silver enhancer or an oversized pendant, add a modern touch to your string of pearls.

  1. Mix and Match

Pearls come in different colours and for a dramatic effect, mix a set of different coloured pearls and wear them. This way you can accessorise a casual outfit.


Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s encourage us through all the milestones in life, right from lifting us back on our feet after a fall, to attending to scraped knees through wails of dramatic cries, to sideline cheers at our sport meets and on our display pictures on Facebook. Mum’s are our number one fans, our confidantes, and if a friend who is silently there watching your back. For all mothers, putting our needs in front of theirs is part of their job and for that they never ask for anything in return.

Mother’s Day just around the corner and it is that time of the year where we get to celebrate all of the beautiful mothers in our lives. This is the time to let Mom know how much she is loved and appreciated. But when it comes to gifting for Mother’s Day, it becomes quite overwhelming when you want to find just the right piece of jewelry at the right price.

If you are looking to surprise her this year, then it’s always a good idea to take a sneak peek into her jewelry box to see what she likes. Does she favour classic diamond looks or coloured gemstones? Does she prefer gold or silver or platinum?

Mother’s Day is on May 11 so you still have time to head over to Jagdamba Pearls or check out our online store, to find that special piece of jewelry for your Mom! And don’ forget to make her feel like a queen for day, at least!

mother's day