Pearl Gold Jewellery – the classic Indian wedding combination

j pearls gold necklace

Indians have always loved flaunting their jewellery, especially at their weddings. Gold has without doubt been a favourite with Indians but it is always the combination of gold with pearls that has been a hot favourite at all the grand Indian weddings. At every corner in a wedding we find people wearing the most fascinating designs of the classic combination – the pearl gold jewellery. As for the bride, amongst all the jewellery that she is filled to from head to toe, there is atleast one gold and pearl necklace that dominates the rest of her jewellery.

So why is pearl gold jewellery this popular at weddings? The answer to that is quite obvious. Pearls might look good with just about anything they are combined with, but gold accentuates their beauty like no other metal can. The gorgeous yellow shine that gold radiates makes pearls look their prettiest and the shiny little pearls that adorn a gold necklace add a subtle grandeur to the gold necklace. And this combination especially looks good on kanjeevarams that are worn at weddings.

At JPearls, we’ve got some stunning designs of pearl gold jewellery that is tailor-made for Indian weddings. Here are five of the best pearl and gold necklaces that spell class and grandeur.

Rajasthani Jaadu Jewellery

The gorgeous Rajasthani Jadau choker necklace set is made up of a classic gold and pearl necklace design. A thick, finely crafted gold choker with tiny pearls hanging off from the edge of it. Although the design is quite common, it is so popular that nearly every Indian woman owns one of it. For all the class and sheen it brings to the wearer, it is little wonder that it’s loved that much.



j pearls pearl gold necklace

The JPearls Pearl Gold necklace is yet another example of how beautiful pearls and gold can always look together. Especially when they are crafted into a beautiful design. This necklace hasn’t just got pearls hanging from the edge of the it but embedded althrough it, embedded in the middle like tiny white dots beautifying what could have been a plain gold and pearl necklace by many folds.



j pearls gold necklace

Adding coloured stones to a simple gold and pearl necklace can add a subtle grandeur of its own kind to a necklace. This JPearls gold necklace which is a mix of pearl, gold and coloured stones of coral, crystal and jade is proof of that. It looks beautiful and goes with a kanjeevaram of any colour.




j pearls diwali pearl gold chain

The JPearls Diwali Pearl Gold Chain is an example of how a simple gold chain can look fabulous just by the addition of a few pearls to it. This really simple piece of jewellery is made up of a single, thin gold chain with a few pearls adorned along its length symmetrically. It can be used not just for weddings and functions but for people who like to wear gold every day.



Jpearls South Sea Pearl Gold Chain With Victoriean Balls

A long chain of beautiful south sea pearls connected with little bits of gold, the JPearls South Sea Pearl Gold Chain with Victorean balls is extremely elegant. Although it is pearls dominating the chain, it is wedding-wear-material just because of the pretty, floral gold design interconnecting the pearls.




Pearl Gold jewellery although has been an ancient and age-old combination, due to all its versatility and elegance, continues to enjoy a special place even in the world of modern jewellery. And the best way to revel in this timeless combination is to own one of JPearls’ fabulous pearl gold jewellery designs.

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