Black Pearl Jewellery – Exotic and Beautiful

Mysterious, whole and absolute, one can’t deny that black is a beautiful colour. Wearing black as jewellery, especially in the form of pearls brings out the beautiful best in a woman. It is not a surprise that Black Pearl Jewellery is so sought after then, for all the unearthly beauty that black pearls seem to radiate.

Although it is widely assumed that black pearls are formed by dyeing white pearls black, black pearls are as natural as their more common cousins, the white pearls. Only that, they are extremely rare as the oyster that forms black pearls, the Tahitian black lipped oyster, is also extremely rare. This rarity is what makes the black pearl jewellery very expensive and also mysteriously exotic.

Tahitian pearls come in different shades of grey. Sometimes they are entirely black and sometimes they are a very light shade of grey. All the beautiful shades of these pearls are because of the difference in the amount of pigment that is released from the black lipped oyster as it makes these pearls. The more the pigment, the darker the shade.  And as the pearls get darker, they have an increasing shine to them.

A Black pearl can be worn in many different ways. Embed it in the midst of white pearls or gold or silver or just wear it as just a black pearl necklace, it’s just bound to look as beautiful in every form.

We at JPearls have some really enticing black pearl jewellery crafted into some of the beautiful designs.

black pearl set

Wearing black pearls as they are, whole and sole like the black pearl necklace ‘JPearls Pre-eminent set’ brings out their beauty like no other mix up of them does, making the wearer looking classy, elegant and indefinitely beautiful. What’s more, it goes with just about any dress or for any occasion.




trendy pearl necklace

Embedding black pearls in the middle of a chain of white pearls can make the whole set look enduring and this ‘Jpearls New Trendy Pearl Necklace’ is an example of that. This classy black pearl necklace can make a woman the cynosure of a crowd.




stylish designer pearl set

Black Pearls go with just about anything. When inserted into a thin silver chain like in the ‘JPearls Stylish Designer Pearl set’, they can bring bling and beauty into it while still looking very simple. A chain like this can be worn over any outfit and it would be perfect.




gold pearl pendant

The best way to emphasize the beauty of a black pearl is to wear a singular black pearl pendant. The ‘Tahitian golden pendant’, a black pearl pendant by JPearls where in a single black pearl is hung from a golden hook can make a simple gold chain look elegant.




j pearls cz pearl watch

The popularity of pearl watches has gone up recently for all their grandeur and elegance. Among all the pearls that are used for pearl watches, it is grey pearls that are much loved for the obvious reason that they look the most beautiful as watches. The ‘JPearls CZ grey pearl watch’, made with chains of grey pearls and CZs is one of a kind.



With all their exquisiteness and eerie glow, it is hardly surprising that Black Pearl Jewellery is getting increasingly popular with each passing day.

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