Top 20 Gifts for Perfect Mother’s Day

For Mothers day, we have offered 20 of our special products for the women that mean the world to us. From a variety of single, double or three line pearl necklaces, along with other options such as – bracelets, watches, earrings, bangles you can choose as many to gift them to your mother!

1.Glamour Pearl Necklace:

Gift these freshwater pearls to enhance your mother’s classy wardrobe. – Buy Now
Glamour Pearl Necklace:
2. White Single Line Pearl Necklace

Our mothers never boast about their achievements; gift your mom this pearl necklace to celebrate her untold stories.

White Single Line Pearl Necklace
3. Sizzling pearl comb set

Our complete pearl combo set can be an elegant surprise for your mother.

Sizzling pearl comb set










4. Blue stone pearl necklace

Our elegant three string pearl necklace with blue stones will compliment your indian attire perfectly.

Blue stone pearl necklace
5. Combination of triple line pearl necklace

We at Sri Jagdamba Pearls, use high quality pearls in our designs to give our customers the best.

6.Amazing pearls of two line Necklace

You will surely be appreciated for your fine style sense, by picking up jewellery that looks rich and fashionable with this fav piece of ours.

Amazing Pearls Of Two Line Necklace
7. Wonder pearl Necklace

A mother is the string that holds every family together, surprise her with this set and show your gratitude.

Wonder pearl Necklace
8.Simple Pearl Set

A simple pearl set can make any occasion memorable, don’t miss out on these high quality pearls and grab them on our website!

Simple Pearl Set
9. 2 string classic pearl set

Make a statement at work by adorning this well crafted classic piece.

2 string classic pearl set
10. 3 string ruby pearl necklace

A string of handcrafted pearls along with rubies, is bound to make a royal statement.

3 string ruby pearl necklace
11.2 string pearls and ruby necklace

Invest in a combination of pearls and rubies in this multi-stranded necklace to get a bold yet classy look.

2 string pearls and ruby necklace
12. Flower pearl earrings

This set of earrings will make your office look bolder and your party look even more happening.
Flower Pearl Earrings
13. 92.5 silver unique pink pearl studs

Pearls are for both young and old, and a vital addition to your pearl collection

92.5 silver unique pink pearl studs
14. 92.5 Silver White Flower Pearl Earrings

Make a praiseworthy purchase for your dear mother who deserves the world with these silver sterling pearls.

92.5 Silver White Flower Pearl Earrings
15.  Bunch of 3 line bracelet
For the woman we all love to the moon and back – gift your mother this bracelet to make her day.

Bunch of 3 line bracelet
16. Multicolour pearl bracelet

This bracelet combines the hues of various pearls to make an elegant yet fun piece which can be worn by all age groups.

Multicolour pearl bracelet
17. 3 line oval pearl bangles

To make your wedding attire grand, invest in these pearl bangles by #Jagdambapearls

3 line oval pearl bangles
18.Charisma Pearl Wrist Watch

Make people stop in their tracks with this elegant black beauty pearl wrist watch!

Charisma Pearl Wrist Watch
19. Brio Pearl Wrist Watch

We have combined pearls with earrings, necklaces and bangles. Now, we present watches with pearls to make your wrist look more stylish.
Brio Pearl Wrist Watch

20. Pleasant Pearl Pendant Set

A classy set of stones with an elegant pearl combination, silver alloy gold plated  pendant set for your special occasions.

Pleasant Pearl Pendant Set



12 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Pearls

Pearls are every girl’s dream jewellery. Only because they’re simple, elegant and classic. Who doesn’t want to channel Rajmata Gayatri Devi in daily life? All of us do, right. That’s why we love our dear pearls. And so we put together 20 amazing facts about pearls that will blow your mind. Obviously, you got to know your pearls better!


  1. Gemstones don’t come from animals. Pearls do and to top it off, they come from a living animal. They are the only ones who are made by a living organism.

  2. We all love a good margarita. But did you know? A margarita actually means “pearl”. Now, let’s get ourselves a few more margaritas and pearls.

  3. Every pearl is unique, just like a snowflake. And all of them have certain imperfection, from big to minute to make them unique.

  4. Who wore the world’s first pearl jewellery? As far as we know, the oldest pearl was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess from 520 BC and you can take a look at it in the Louvre in Paris.!

  5. Did you know? Saltwater pearls are made by oysters and freshwater pearls are made by mussels.

  6. Pearls decide their colour from the shell they are born in – that means the colour of the pearl is dependent on it’s shell – so choose from white to gold, and from pink to black.

  7. Pearls that aren’t high grade are known to be crushed and made into a translucent powder and they are widely used in make-up. Ooh, jewellery for your face too.

  8. Cleopatra made pearls famous by showing off to Marc Antony that she can plan a banquet costing more than the assets of a country. She took off a pearl earring, dissolved it in wine and drank it. But is that story true? Can pearls dissolve in wine? Looks like it’s a no.

  9. In 1916, Jacques Cartier apparently bought his 5th Avenue Cartier store in exchange for two pearl necklaces. Ah, he made a fortune and got some luck going for him.

  10. Pearls are the official gemstone of those born in June and they are known to symbolise fertility and loyalty.

  11. Pearls were seen as the official jewellery to wear during mourning during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Some say, they symbolise memorials and tears.

  12. La Peregrina is known to be the name of the world’s most famous pearl. It is rather large and pear-shaped and was discovered in the Americas. It was gifted to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. Lucky woman!

Six Reasons Why Hyderabad Pearls Are The Best In The World

Pearls are perhaps Hyderabad’s biggest tourist attractions, right after Golconda and Salarjung Museum. The only souvenir that one can carry and keep for eternity in their jewellery boxes. And women love that about this beautiful city while men run around in circles trying to decide which restaurant serves the best biryani. Hyderabad pearls have long adorned Nizams and their queens, veteran actresses and every woman in India does infact have one prized possession from Hyderabad – those delectable pearls that can give any fashion accessory a run for it’s money. But what’s so special about Hyderabadi pearls? Allow us to give you 6 really good reasons why you need that special pearl in your jewellery box asap.


  1. The patronage of the Nizams brought together jewellery craftsmanship to Hyderabad – especially pearls. Their beautifully constructed jewellery and their love for precious jewellery and extravagant lifestyle brought us pearls in many innovative designs. If you are looking at intricate designs and unique ideas, then Hyderabadi pearl sets might just set your style apart because they can royalty and craftsmanship better than any other.

  2. You have a million choices in pearl jewellery. From pink pearls to black ones and even yellow and champagne-coloured ones, there is a lot of variety in design and colour when it comes to pearls.

  3. Hyderabad is home to highly-skilled artisans who can bring in good craftsmanship, old-school vintage glamour and work with semi-precious stones to create the perfect pearl jewellery for you.

  4. Hyderabad also offers great options for those looking for pearl jewellery in a budget. From layered strands to a ones that come in gold and silver additions, there is something for everyone. And that’s really where Hyderabadi pearls score – they can work with any stone and any metal to give you a special piece.

  5. If you’re looking for an ideal pearl necklace – Hyderabadi pearls really work very well with emeralds and rubies. And there are so many interesting designs one can look out for.

  6. The best kind of pearls available in hyderabad really set it apart – there is the maximum lustre of the “Basra” pearl or the “rice pearl”. Your pearls will then always be a point of conversation and unique!

All That You Should Know About Freshwater Pearls

If you’re a pearl-lover, knowing every little thing you can about pearls makes them only more fascinating. The very basic thing that every person who shops for pearls know is that they are got from oysters, and oysters are usually found in the seas. So what are Freshwater pearls really?

Freshwater pearls are got from freshwater bodies like lakes, ponds and rivers. And these are different from the other pearls in that they are not got from oysters but instead are from mussels. When freshwater mussels give pearls, sometimes on their own and sometimes cultured, they are freshwater pearls.

Beads from pearls and cockleshells

How are freshwater pearls different from seawater pearls?

The basic difference is that the freshwater pearls are got from mussels of freshwaters and seawater pearls are got from oysters found in the sea. Apart from that, they vary in the size, the lustre, the overtones and the shape. Seawater pearls are rare and perfectly spherical with a very rich lustre. Freshwater pearls although quite shiny and pretty by themselves, are not really comparable to the seawater pearls. Which is probably why they are more affordable and more widely bought.

Freshwater pearls are preferred over seawater pearls for their shapelessness

Most freshwater pearls are not as perfectly circular as the seawater pearls. Sometimes, they are so disfigured that in China, they are often called as ‘rice pearls’ for their shape that mimics rice grains. And it is this shapelessness of the fresh water pearls that people often love them for.

Sometimes freshwater pearls take the shape of vegetables, animals, faces and some such things. There are some pearls that take the shape of a cross and such pearls are sold and bought off for huge prices. Mostly, the pearls are of an irregular oval shape and pearls of this shape are commonly used and are named as the Biwa or the Keshi pearls.

Freshwater cultured pearls:

Just like seawater pearls, freshwater pearls can be cultured. And it is these pearls that are preferred to be cultured when compared to seawater pearls as they are very easy to produce. Large quantities of freshwater pearls can be produced in a very small time unlike the seawater pearls which take a really long time to be made.

Just like seawater pearls, it was Japan that was the major producer of freshwater cultured pearls until recently. But the lakes eventually got too polluted to be used for this purpose and hence, the production of majority of the freshwater pearls of the world is now taken up by China. They are produced mostly in the lakes that surround Shanghai and the Yangtze river.

Oysters on ice with Pearl

Things you should remember while buying freshwater pearls:

  • Freshwater pearl jewellery is usually cheap, being priced around $ 20 per a pearl strand sometimes, although the price varies depending on where they were shipped from.
  • They are often dyed and bleached so they can look appealing. Make sure that the freshwater pearls that you buy are not dyed by confirming with your pearl-vendor as dyeing them makes them lose their value.

Pearl Necklace

Freshwater pearls may not be as unique as seawater pearls, but they’re extremely beautiful on their own. So if you’re pearl-shopping for an easily-affordable-yet-beautiful or asymmetrical, non-circular pearls, freshwater pearl jewellery is what you should go for.

Black Pearl Jewellery – Exotic and Beautiful

Mysterious, whole and absolute, one can’t deny that black is a beautiful colour. Wearing black as jewellery, especially in the form of pearls brings out the beautiful best in a woman. It is not a surprise that Black Pearl Jewellery is so sought after then, for all the unearthly beauty that black pearls seem to radiate.

Although it is widely assumed that black pearls are formed by dyeing white pearls black, black pearls are as natural as their more common cousins, the white pearls. Only that, they are extremely rare as the oyster that forms black pearls, the Tahitian black lipped oyster, is also extremely rare. This rarity is what makes the black pearl jewellery very expensive and also mysteriously exotic.

Tahitian pearls come in different shades of grey. Sometimes they are entirely black and sometimes they are a very light shade of grey. All the beautiful shades of these pearls are because of the difference in the amount of pigment that is released from the black lipped oyster as it makes these pearls. The more the pigment, the darker the shade.  And as the pearls get darker, they have an increasing shine to them.

A Black pearl can be worn in many different ways. Embed it in the midst of white pearls or gold or silver or just wear it as just a black pearl necklace, it’s just bound to look as beautiful in every form.

We at JPearls have some really enticing black pearl jewellery crafted into some of the beautiful designs.

black pearl set

Wearing black pearls as they are, whole and sole like the black pearl necklace ‘JPearls Pre-eminent set’ brings out their beauty like no other mix up of them does, making the wearer looking classy, elegant and indefinitely beautiful. What’s more, it goes with just about any dress or for any occasion.




trendy pearl necklace

Embedding black pearls in the middle of a chain of white pearls can make the whole set look enduring and this ‘Jpearls New Trendy Pearl Necklace’ is an example of that. This classy black pearl necklace can make a woman the cynosure of a crowd.




stylish designer pearl set

Black Pearls go with just about anything. When inserted into a thin silver chain like in the ‘JPearls Stylish Designer Pearl set’, they can bring bling and beauty into it while still looking very simple. A chain like this can be worn over any outfit and it would be perfect.




gold pearl pendant

The best way to emphasize the beauty of a black pearl is to wear a singular black pearl pendant. The ‘Tahitian golden pendant’, a black pearl pendant by JPearls where in a single black pearl is hung from a golden hook can make a simple gold chain look elegant.




j pearls cz pearl watch

The popularity of pearl watches has gone up recently for all their grandeur and elegance. Among all the pearls that are used for pearl watches, it is grey pearls that are much loved for the obvious reason that they look the most beautiful as watches. The ‘JPearls CZ grey pearl watch’, made with chains of grey pearls and CZs is one of a kind.



With all their exquisiteness and eerie glow, it is hardly surprising that Black Pearl Jewellery is getting increasingly popular with each passing day.


One of the most common questions that we get asked is how do we grade and value our pearls. Just like diamonds, there are quite a few factors that play a major role in assessing a real pearl necklace’s value.

In order to assess the right value of a pearl, one must first spot the difference between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl. Naturally occurring pearls hold a higher value as they are produced by oysters. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, are synthetically manufactured; a process in which an agent is surgically implanted inside the oyster to produce a pearl. Although each variety of oysters create a different style of pearl, cultured pearls are perfectly spherical as most consumers desire.

Irrespective of whether a pearl is cultured or natural, the real pearl necklace value is determined in the same manner as that of other precious gems. There are 5 main aspects that are taken into consideration and affect both the grade and value of pearls used at Jagdamba.

  1. Size – Though the size of the pearl does not affect its grade, there are pearls in rarity that determine a higher price. In the case of some pearls, the difference of half a millimeter can make a considerable price difference. Therefore, it is always best to measure the size of a pearl. Pearls range greatly in size and can be anything in between 1mm to 20mm. Cultured pearls are usually found in between sizes of 6mm to 7.5mm. However, the larger the pearl, the bigger the price tag.
  2. Colour – The colour of the pearl does not affect its quality and is a matter of personal preference, silver-pink, white-pink and deep gold are the most sought after colours. The higher the demand, the higher the value it has.
  3. Surface – Imperfections in pearls is what adds to their natural texture and individual character. Only a very small percentage of pearls have a totally smooth surface. The pits, bumps and cracks on a pearl occur because they are created naturally. The more spotless the surface, the more valuable the pearl. Flawless pearls are quite rare and tend to be priced higher.
  4. Shape – Pearls that are perfectly spherical are of a much higher value and grade. Tear drop, oval, baroque, button and semi-round shaped are often preferred for that alternative look. Due to the rareness of shape in which these pearls are found, the price tag goes steeper.
  5. Lustre – It is the way in which a pearl will reflect light off its surface. The exceptional the lustre, the more mirror-like its reflection will be turning it into a pearl of a higher value. Only surface quality and the thickness of the nacre (the composite material produced by mollusks to create the pearl) will affect the lustre of the pearl.

When the above factors have been taken into consideration, each individual pearl is given a grade and value. Below is a chart of how both lustre and surface are used to determine the grade of a pearl.

AAA Exceptional, Mirror-Like Reflection Blemish-Free Surface*
AA Superb, Clear Reflection Very Slightly Blemished
A+ Very Good, Clear Reflection Very Slightly Blemished
A Good, Clear Reflection Very Slightly Blemished
A1 Good, Clear Reflection Slightly Blemished


The Jewel of the Nizams – Pearls

Pearls and Hyderabad have been synonymous with each other for years now. Hyderabad acquired the name “City of Pearls” due to the generous benefaction of the Nizams whose reign lasted for about 200 years. The Mughal Nizams were an imperial group of Persian-influenced Muslims that gained power over India, and brought with them their aesthetic ideals and highly skilled craftsmanship to the Indian sub-continent in the 1500s.

The Nizams led a very lavish lifestyle. Right from their food habits, and their hobbies, to the way they dressed, the Nizams were deeply rooted in tradition and were well-intact with their culture.

pearl-5Their imperial patronage and prosperous lifestyles attracted the likes of many a gem trader and jewelers from all over the world particularly more so from the Middle East, where the rare original pearls are found in profusion. The pearls were then brought in abundance to Hyderabad and the Nizams, during their glorious reigns, showered gratitude by offering pearls in variety to their subjects. This is how Hyderabad became the one-stop destination for pearls.

The Nizams adorned pearl jewelry in the form of head jewels, chokers, earrings, baju bandhs, and anklets. Women of royalty would wear bangles or choodiyan with characteristic pearls and stones and haath-phool which is a kind of delicate hand jewel extending from the wrist to the fingers.

Since then, pearl jewelry became an important aspect of Hyderabadi culture. After Hyderabad was stripped off its princely state title, the jewels of the Nizams were transferred to the government. The collection consisted of 173 pieces of jewels which included 25,000 diamonds weighing over 12,000 carats, 2000 emeralds weighing over 10,000 carats and pearls weighing more than 40,000 chows (Pearl merchants in the Arabian Gulf used chow as a unit of measurement of pearls). Another favourite of the Nizams was the Navratan, the nine stones representing the nine planets is basically Hindu in origin. It is believed that the entire collection of pearls in the Nizam’s collective collection could fill up an Olympic size swimming pool!

pearl-6In the Hyderabad’s pearl jewelry industry, it is interesting to find that traditional designs have survived side by side with modern western designs. What remains significant to traditional Hyderabadi pearl jewelry is the Satlada Haar which refers to a seven strand necklace and Panchlada Haar which is a five-strand necklace. The Haars or necklaces are made up of strands of graded Basra pearls. Earrings such as “karanphool” and “cholaphool” set with uncut diamonds and pearls are some of the more preferred and popular jewelry items as part of the wedding attire. Another popular traditional pearl jewelry item that is worn with Cholaphool earrings is the Gulubund choker made up of five strings of pearls, interspersed with three gold pendants set with rubies and emeralds.

Hyderabad has grown to be the hub of India’s most famous pearls for over 400 years. The most famous concentration of pearls is clustered in and around Charminar area. Gulzar Houz, Chaar Kamaan, and General Bazaar are the more popular areas to shop Hyderabad pearl jewelry from.

The two most important factors determining a pearl’s quality

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 4

When you want to buy the best pearls, there are two factors to look for: luster and the blemishing. Once you have decided on the shape, colour and size of the pearls you want to buy, these are the factors you need to look for. The final goal is to buy pearls with the right amount of luster with minimal blemishing. Obviously, your personal preferences play a very large role in determining the pearl you eventually buy, but you must consider these two factors.

Visit here to buy the best pearls online at Sri Jagdamba Pearls

What is blemishing in pearls?

A very miniscule percentage of pearls will have no blemishes or spots or dents on them. These are naturally formed jewels and any imperfection on them is due to natural causes. Blemishes could be anything from varying shades of colour, to smudges or small incisions on the pearl. Normally, these imperfections are small in themselves. It is only when someone looks at them up close that the blemishes become visible. When buying pearls, try to pick pearls with the least amount of blemishing. Obviously, the clearer the pearl, the higher the price, so you need to find the right balance based on your tastes.

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What is the luster or a pearl?

Luster is the shine of a pearl. It basically means the brighter and more reflective a pearl, the better it is. In the bright lights of a jewellery store, every pearl looks bright, making your job difficult. A lustrous pearl will have a sharp reflection of the surroundings on its surface. So how do you pick the most lustrous pearl? When you would like to inspect a pearl better, ask for it to be taken out of its case, and view it in a less bright area to determine its luster. A pearl with high luster will give a crisper reflection on its surface as compared to a dull pearl. Dull pearls also tend to look chalky when taken out of their cases. A good way to compare pearls is to take pearls you own that have high luster. This way you can compare and buy the brightest pearls as per your tastes.

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Choosing the perfect pearl

If you want a pearl which is perfectly round, has no blemishes and has excellent luster, you will find it difficult for a variety of reasons including price and availability. Natural pearls with these qualities are quite expensive and the only other option is to buy imitation pearls, which is not what you want. However, if you are willing to look around and find pearls with fewer blemishes and acceptable luster, in a shape approaching round, you will have better luck. Pearls are the ultimate foil to any dress you wear. As jewels, they are unique in the sense that they accentuate the wearer and her dress more than becoming the focal point of attention. If you have a clear idea of the kind of outfits you would like to wear pearls with, you will easily be able to buy the right pearls.

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How to pick Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearl earringsFreshwater pearls are the most widely used types of pearls. They are cultured in China and other Eastern countries. The shellfish in which these pearls are formed often hold between 20-30 pearls in each shell. This high supply of freshwater pearls makes them the most popular and affordable type of pearl. If you would like to pick the best freshwater pearl, here’s what you need to know.

What shape of freshwater pearl to pick?

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of shapes due to the process used to culture them. A small tissue taken from a mollusc or oyster’s mantle is placed inside the shell, causing it to create a pearl around this foreign body. Since this is a tissue around which the shellfish is forming the pearl, chances are that the pearl will rarely be perfectly round. They are usually oval, potato-ish or off-round in shape. Some freshwater pearls are in indefinable shapes, making them a collector’s item. Round freshwater pearls, though rarer, are thus the most preferred freshwater pearl shape while buying. Then again, even the roundest looking freshwater pearls may not be exactly round when measured. If you have picked a strand of round freshwater pearls, what remains to be seen now is their luster and blemishing.

What colours do freshwater pearls come in?

Freshwater pearls occur naturally as pick, white, peach, bronze, apricot, lavender, grey and other shades. They are often color treated to get different colours such as black or chocolate brown or red or any other colour. To choose the best colour of freshwater pearl, it is best to put the pearl or the pearl jewellery against your skin and see how well the pearls’ colour complements your skin tone.

Comparing freshwater pearls’ shine to other pearls

Usually, the luster of a pearl depends on the thickness of the nacre, the substance which makes up the outer coating of the pearl. Freshwater pearls generally have thicker nacre than other kinds of pearls. This translates into an acceptable level of shininess. However, the overall luster of freshwater pearls is usually lesser. When you compare the with a strand of Akoya pearls, Freshwater pearls will seem less brighter and to have less sharper reflections on their surface. Freshwater pearls are more likely to have an irridiscence to them when exposed to bright lights.



How to pick Akoya pearls

If you are looking for perfectly round pearls, then Akoya pearls are what you seek. These rare pearls are valued very highly, not just for their shape but for their iridescence. Akoya pearls are often the centerpiece of jewellery, their brilliant presence lighting up any outfit.

How are Akoya pearls formed?

Akoya pearls are formed when a mollusk coats a round bead, introduced into the mollusk, with nacre. Since the bead is round, layers of nacre tend to fall almost symmetrically all over the pearl, ensuring these pearls are almost perfectly round. Each Akoya mollusk is nucleated with 3-5 beads, of which only 1 or 2 (in rare cases) are pearls that can be marketed. It is this process which makes Akoyas so rare and precious.

What factors to look for in an Akoya pearl?

Akoya pearl setSince Akoyas are almost perfectly round, customers should focus on: luster, size of the pearl and color.

Akoya pearls are among the most lustrous types of pearls. Their sharp luster, the clarity of reflection and their iridescence makes them a gorgeous jewel with any outfit. Obviously, the higher these characteristics, the more expensive the pearl gets.

Akoya pearls have a smaller range of size than most other pearls. They range from about 2mm-10mm, with pearls above 8mm being very rare. Since the roundness of these pearls, and their shiny brilliance, gets enhanced with size, the price of larger Akoya pearls tends to go upwards with every millimeter.

Akoyas are mostly sold in two colours: white or black.

Black Akoyas are dyed, as Akoya pearls naturally form as white pearls.

White Akoyas are found with gentle overtones of silver, rose or ivory. White akoyas with these colour tones are the most widely available akoyas. It is best to pick a Akoya pearls that complement your skin tone. Choosing pearls that blend in with your skin tone would lessen the kind of transformative impact pearls can have on a person’s style quotient.