Jewellery lessons from Sania Mirza

India’s ace tennis star, Sania Mirza is scaling new heights as one of the world’s best tennis doubles players. While she wins trophies and applause on court, she’s no slouch with her fashion game either. Often seen gracing the ramps of various fashion and jewelry events, she has made her mark in the fashion world as an uber cool sports star who doesn’t shy away from channeling her inner girl when the occasion calls for it. Let’s dig into some jewellery looks we love from this Hyderabadi star:

Go for an understated elegance: 


Staying true to her style mantra of simplicity, Sania picked a stunning choker necklace with ruby beads for her wedding outfit. Staying true to her Hyderabadi roots, she also layered it up smartly with a simple pearl chain and a gorgeous pair of chandbaali earrings. To up the look by a notch, she chose a pearl maang tikka which echoed with her overall delicate look.




Invest in a great statement earring:

Anam2For her sister’s engagement event, Sania wore a stunning Manish Malhotra outfit in a rich, chocolate brown. To do justice to the outfit and let it to the talking, she picked a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings in polki diamonds to juxtapose with the dark hue of the outfit.


Go dramatic with hair accessories: 


If you want to be fiercely dramatic, pick a pretty jhoomar that stands out. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of over-the-top, kitschy options out there for the risque bride. Sania wore this opulent headpiece with a white anarkali outfit for Salman Khan’s sisters wedding reception.




Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:


Never underestimate the alluring power of a classic diamond stud earring. It goes with almost everything you can think of and never disappoints. If you’re wearing an overly embellished outfit and wish to keep the look minimal in terms of accessories, they make the perfect choice.




Go big or go home:

Screenshot (13)

When wearing monochrome or solid colors, choose a statement necklace such as a gigantic bib necklace or anything which is relatively chunky. Sania is a huge fan of statement necklaces and never seems to compromise on the size.





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Celebrating the spirit of womanhood


Jp_womens day_2 copy (1)

Some argue that one doesn’t need a special day just to rejoice the fact that we are women, but we’re not complaining. It’s great to feel pampered and loved sometimes and if we get one extra day receiving a lot of attention, we welcome it with open arms!

Even if you haven’t got anything special lined up for the day, there is nothing better than dressing up to the occasion. And we at Jagdamba Pearls are offering you a tempting discount of up to 25% on diamond and pearl jewellery. We’ve put together some items you should definitely consider purchasing.

  1. Bold jewellery for high-powered women 

JPDEC-15-71For most of us, the day is going to look busy. But going to work just got a little more exciting. Flaunt your favorite pearl necklace and add a dash of some bold colors to it. Pearls are classy but the color makes them even more attractive.

Like this two-line necklace set- while it is mostly pearl, there are electric blue stones at the centre. There are matching earrings that to complete your look. Wear this with a crisp black top or go crazy and mix this up with something yellow.

  1. Ethnic jewellery beats most other kinds

JDEC-0397There is nothing more beautiful than a woman dressed in ethnic clothing. If you are going out with some lady friends or just having some people over, make it a theme-based thing. Bring out your finest jewellery because you can!

Try this thick pearl necklace with a lovely jade-green pendant at the centre and matching earrings too.. This would look lovely with a grey or even an off-white saree.


  1. Get your class act on

JP-MAY-1180Planning dinner with your spouse/partner? Reserve a table at a good fine-dining restaurant and your classiest jewellery out. We’re talking diamonds! Yes, show the world that you’re very proud that you’re a lady and lucky that you have diamonds!

Wear a lime-green dress or maybe even beige and team that up with this simple and elegant diamond necklace. The intricate handwork and the classic water-drop shaped pendant are going to win you many second glances.


  1. Lunch meetings just got better

JPJN-038So, it’s Women’s Day and you have a lunch meeting with a client. You know what the say about looking fine- first impressions are lasting ones. So, make a great impression by putting on this very stunning necklace.





  1. Gifts for the lovely women you know

EF018138Sometimes, we do need a special day to tell the most inspiration women how much they’ve changed our lives. And jewellery makes for a great gift. Be it your mom, your sister, or your girl friends, tell them they’re beautiful.

A very basic gift like earrings can do the trick. Like this pair of gold and diamond earrings. They’re simple but uber versatile, much like most awesome we know.


Go on, spoil yourself and your friends silly and proclaim to everyone you know that you’re lady and proud!