Dazzle the world with designer gold chains!

All that glitters might not be gold but gold definitely glitters, shines and sparkles like no other metal that was ever discovered. And maybe it wasn’t just the beauty and maybe there was also something to do with the fact that it had certain health benefits it brought to the wearer, but gold was used extensively by our ancestors and today it has become an intricate part of all of our celebrations and all of our life.

So much that we’d rarely come across someone who belongs to our country not wearing a gold chain around their neck, irrespective of the person’s gender or what culture they belong to or come to that matter, even what they’re wearing!

Gold chains and gold jewellery

Such is the necessity to have a gold chain hugging your neck that it doesn’t matter if they’re wearing a western outfit or a traditional dress, they just have a gold chain that goes along with that. And just like the need has arised, some really beautiful and intricate designs of gold chains are being made off late into so many

The traditional gold chains have undergone a complete makeover and are carved into such beautiful designs with pearls, rubies and some of the most beautiful stones attached to them that they look just too good for us not to get them for ourselves and hold on to them for life, like life-time companions!

We at JPearls have got some of the most amazing designs for our gold chains. You can wear them on anything and anywhere and they’ll fit in just right for all the versatility they’ve been designed with.

We’ve made chains which go with any outfit and which you would lo to wear every single day! You can view our collection of gold chains by clicking here. Below are two of our most popular designs: Fashionate and Grandiose!

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Wear your birthstone with gold chains!

Gold chain with precious stones

Birthstones are known to change fortunes, but if not just for that, they can also be worn for how unbelievably beautiful they are! Because what else could a jewellery-lover ask for, than a stone that looks as beautiful as the luck that it bestows upon its wearer?

And also because there could be nothing more resplendant than a ruby, more elegant than an emerald and nothing that is more splendid than a sapphire.

The best way to wear a birth stone as has been believed since the ancient times is combine it with gold as gold is known to bring out the best qualities of these stones along with adding its own additional sparkle to them.

It is into rings that the birth stones are usually worn as, but we at JPearls have made this experiment of combining gold chains with these birthstones. And these chains that were thus made of pearls, rubies and sapphires and more such stones looked beautiful as a result, were so simple that they can be worn every day and so versatile that they can be worn with just about any outfit.

Ruby gold chain

This beautiful Ruby gold chain for instance, is one of the prettiest gold chains that you could find, and then, it is made of the birth stone for many, the ruby. Click here to get it.


Emerald gold chain


Another one of our most beautiful gold chains is this emerald gold chain, which has emeralds arranged in a nice pattern.  Click here to get it.




Ruby, emerald and pearl gold chain


The best one yet has got to be the Lenient gold chain, a chain that rubies, emeralds and pearls and is woven into a really fine design. You can get it here. 




Gold chain with precious stones



But if you believe that having all stones together can make for the most beautiful chain while also bringing loads of luck into your life, this one, the Navratan chain beats everything else that we’ve made. You can get it here.


If you’re looking for the perfect gold chain for yourself or for a gift, JPearls gold chains with birthstones could be the one that you’re looking for, as nothing else can possibly be this breathtakingly beautiful while also bringing in this much luck into your life..!

Exquisite Temple Jewellery For You

Buy Temple Jewellery

Spirituality can be one of the defining characteristics of ones life. It is the steady soundtrack in the background off our lives, its presence never too far from our thoughts. It is a combination of freedom and awe in the presence of the Creator.

Sri Jagdamba Pearls’ Moksh collection of Temple Jewellery aims to celebrate this feeling. Since 1924, we have worked with customers and artisans with varying tastes to bring forth the kind of jewellery that will be passed down through the generations.

Buy Temple JewelleryPainstaking craftsmanship to product beauty

With Moksh, we bring you Hallmarked Temple Jewellery unlike any other. This Temple Jewellery will be exhibited at our stores in MG Road and Hi Tech City till the 18th of August and we welcome one and all to visit us and see the work of our master craftsmen! Our temple jewellery depicts Gods and Goddesses such as Lord Krishna seated on his cow, Natraj in a dance pose, nine avatars of Lord Vishnu with Goddess Lakshmi in the middle are some of the creations we have available on display and for purchase. Called Nakshi jewellery in local parlance, each of these show pieces takes approximately a month to complete, time consuming in the process but a sight to behold when finally done. Necklaces, Kundans and Chokers embellished in diamonds and other precious stones, made in exquisite 100% pure Gold, go well with the waist belts, Jada Alamkarams, Kadas, bracelets, amulets, earrings and pendants fit for maharanis of all ages can be found there.

Get temple jewellery here

We are exhibiting these unique creations at our stores in Hyderabad and Secunderabad till the 18th of August. You can view all the images in our gallery here. If you would like to order this, please message or call us on +91 720 720 0042.

Flaunt your style with diamond pendants

There could be many gems that mankind has discovered but there will never be anything like the diamond, the king of the gems. They say the God of mines himself found diamond, ‘as pure as dewdrops and invincible in hardness’, and to say the least, it the greatest gem ever. There really is no surprise then, that the diamond jewellery should be a woman’s best friend.

Wearing a diamond in the form of a beautifully sculptured pendant is the best way to flaunt its grandeur and have it bring all the prosperity, the strength and the good luck that it is known to bring to the wearer.

Diamond Pendants by JPearls have been the best form that a diamond pendant could take, crafted into the most beautiful designs and in their purest ever form.

The best of our designs yet has got to be this, the flower diamond pendant that is bound to steal the hearts of anyone who takes so much as a look at it with a diamond placed at the very heart of a flower.

Diamond Pendant for WomenA more intricate design that makes the diamonds in it and the wearer of the pendant look great is the spin diamond pendant where in the design is the most attractive spiral with diamonds embedded on it. You can get it here for Rs. 3,848.


Silver diamond pendantThe Ronak diamond pendant, which is designed to look like a swan’s head is one more of our perfectly crafted pendants. You can get it for Rs. 3,744.



Silver pendant for womenDiamonds put into even the most simplest of the designs can still be more beautiful than you could ever imagine, and this round diamond pendant which is made of a mere circular design but still looks like the most beautiful thing on earth is an example. You can get it here for Rs. 3,124.


Sterling Silver and Diamond PendantThe unique diamond pendant is another example of our elegant craftsman ship. With a flower fully embedded with diamond and fabricated into a simple design, this diamond pendant is just perfect. You can get it here for Rs. 6,521.


Be it for a gift to someone close to your heart or be it for yourself, the JPearls diamond pendants are the most beautifully designed diamond jewellery and if you let these exquisite pieces of art become a part of your life, they could change your lives forever!


The wedding diamond ring to make your big day special

True love and diamonds have always been compared, both of them are rare, beautiful and last forever. What better then, than a diamond ring to seal the bond of love?

This is probably why they’ve always used diamonds for engagement rings and wedding rings aside from the fact that it could bring in a lot of prosperity and good luck into your marriage and aside from the fact that it could also be good for your heart, if worn on the left hand’s ring finger.

If you’re in search for ‘the’ perfect engagement ring or a wedding ring to make your big day as special as your love, JPearls diamond engagement rings collection could be just what you’re looking for. They’re made with such finesse and into such beautiful designs that they will be remembered forever!

The JPearls diamond ring men’s collection can help you make your event all the more special, like this gold one with three diamonds embedded on to it, simply yet, elegantly, http://www.jpearls.com/Products/Jewellery-Rings-Diamond-Rings/Jpearls/Jpearls-Sweet–3-Diamond-Ring-For-Men/pid-7122300.aspx and the explode diamond engagement ring that has two rows of diamonds placed into the most beautiful design http://www.jpearls.com/Products/Jewellery-Rings-Diamond-Rings/Jpearls/Jpearls-Explode–Diamond-Finger-Ring-For-Men/pid-7122292.aspx .
Diamond RingThe JPearls diamond ring women’s collection is the best you can find, with a vast and the most beautifully designed collection of diamond rings. The JPearls Jasmine diamond ring for instance, is an example of how a ring can be very simple, with just a single diamond and yet be so very beautiful.



Diamond Finger ring Fairy Diamond Finger Ring





The incredibly beautiful rosie diamond ring with diamonds crafted into the shape of roses, the fairy finger ring that spells exquisiteness throughout, with a really elegant and rare design ,  and the ruby encrusted mesmeric finger ring with a magnificent ruby surrounded by diamonds all around are some of our best.

Celebrate the most special day of your life with JPearls diamond rings and it is sure make the day really beautiful and memorable in a way that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!