Say it with jewellery – Valentine’s day gifts for the woman in your life

Valentine’s day is here again and with it comes the big question…what can you gift the woman in your life that could make her feel really special? About as special as she makes you feel every day with the love and care she bestows upon you, brightening up your days..? The answer to that has always been jewellery. No matter how many years, jewellery has always been the best Valentine’s day gift.

Be it with heart shaped pendants or heart shaped ear rings or a gorgeous diamond necklace, nothing speaks the language of love better than jewellery does. If Jewellery is what you wish to gift to that special woman in your life, we at JPearls have got just the kind of Valentine’s day jewellery that can sweep her off her feet and feel as special as she deserves to.

Let us give you some Valentine’s day gift ideas from our collection…

Putting a ring on it


Are you planning to pop the big question on V-day? You can make the moment memorable for the rest of your lives by asking her to marry you with our special collection of heart shaped rings. If you just want to give her a ring as a Valentine’s day gift instead, these beautiful rings will also make your day really special.

Get the JPearls diamond heart finger ring here:



Melt your girl’s heart with a heart shaped pendant


A gorgeous heart shaped pendant made out of rubies or emeralds or sapphires could melt the heart of your girl like no other gift can. The JPearls ruby heart pendant which has a tiny little ruby heart encrusted in an outer diamond heart is sure to make your day memorable.




A golden rose that’s never going to wither


Roses are a way to a girl’s heart like nothing else and if they’re made out of gold, they make for a Valentine’s day gift like no other. What’s more, a golden rose is not going to wither away after a few days and is going to last forever. Which is why the JPearls gold plated rose makes for one really great V-day gift.




Spellbinding Blue Diamonds for the love of your life


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and blue diamonds, the most precious diamond of them all can make for a really memorable Valentine’s day gift. JPearls Angel of my heart blue diamond ear rings we have to say, have been aptly named. They are made of gold, stones and blue diamonds all beautifully aligned into the shape of a heart.



A necklace set to sweep your girl off her feet

Valentines-day-gifts-for-the-woman-in-your-life-5To celebrate love, JPearls has a necklace that was specially designed for the Valentine’s day. Plated with gold and made with pearls, white and blue stones, this necklace is elegant and gorgeous to say the least. It is bound to make your day special and best of all, comes at just a very affordable Rs.999.




Jewellery, they say, says what words often fail to say. With JPearls Valentine’s day jewellery, you can say all that you want to, to the woman of your life by saying nothing at all!

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