How pearls can add to your wedding



Weddings are a magical time in a girl’s life. These are memories you will cherish forever, as they herald the start of a new life. When you plan your wedding, every little detail can add to the sum total of your happiness. Pearls are one of the most unique and versatile additions you can make to your wedding. Here are some ways in which you can incorporate them:



As your jewellery centerpiece

While gold jewellery dominates the traditional Indian wedding, a string of gorgeous pearls can do wonders to your ensemble. You could also choose pearl earrings, chokers, necklaces or bracelets made in contemporary styles to add to your elegance.

In your dress

We are all used to gold and zari work in outfits. But have you considered pearls? Their timeless elegance and charm can transform your dress into something people will talk of for days to come.

As a family theme

Weddings are a time of celebration in every family. Let pearls be the theme your family follows, with small studs in the turbans or sherwanis the men wear, or the jewellery women wear. These small additions will help your family stand apart from the guests while giving them another little thing to bond over.

In the décor

Give your wedding décor a regal appearance with pearls embedded into bouquets, table cloths and wedding stages. Pearls add a level of sophistication and luxury that few elements of décor can match.

So there you have it! Let your big day be made even better with the beautiful sparkle of pearls.