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It is often always pearl necklaces that steal all the attention, but pearls can be beautiful in just about anything they are worn as. Embedded into bangles, pearls can bring a rare kind of beauty and complete the rest of the attire with much class and elegance.

The whole beauty of using pearls as bangles lies in their versatility. They can be embedded in the center of a gold bangle and mixed up with an array of coloured gems, or be worn as a single stranded pearl bracelet. Along with white pearls and peach coloured pearls, Tahitian grey coloured pearls are often used in pearl bangles. Every kind/style of pearl bangle is unique and beautiful.

It isn’t surprising that pearl bangles are usually a favourite when it comes to Indian weddings. They add sheen and prettiness to regular gold bangles and make wedding clothes look grander than they already are.

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A good example of a classic pair of pearl bangles is the ‘JPearls three line white pearl bangles’. The three layers of tiny pearls around gold plated silver metal makes this bangle look gorgeous and refined. Usually worn at weddings and traditional functions, these bangles add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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When white pearls are teamed up with red stones, the resulting combination is exquisite and classically beautiful. The ‘JPearls Maroon Pearl Bangles’ feature semi-precious red stones and white pearls taking uniqueness and style to the next level.

Peach Oval Pearl Bangles

JPearls peach oval pearl bangles’ are an example of how pearl bangles needn’t just be made with white pearls to look great. This pair of bangles are made up of oval peach pearls embedded on a gold-plated silver alloy metal. Simple as they seem, they’re just the perfect pair for any occasion.

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A mash up of semi-precious red stones, semi-precious green stones and pearls, the ‘JPearls mashy pearl bangles’ show us how the beauty of pearl bangles or just about any kind of bangles lies in the way they are crafted.

Grey CZ Button Pearl Bangles

The rare Tahitian or black pearls aren’t often used in bangles but when they are, they make for the most beautiful pearl bangles ever. ‘JPearls grey cz button pearl bangles’ which are made up of grey pearls and CZs are a blend of beauty and class.

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The ‘JPearls teenage eye catching pearl bracelet’ is a piece of jewellery that definitely lives up to its name. Three simple chains of white, peach and grey pearls, the bracelet can easily become the best piece of jewellery in your wardrobe for its simplicity and beauty.

Indians’ love affair with pearl bangles has gone on for a long time now and this collection of beautifully crafted pearl bangle designs by Sri Jagdamba Pearls is a tribute to just that. Shop this collection here:

Spice Up Your Work Closet With These Stunning Pieces

People often say, the way you look is the way you feel. Make sure you stand out in the crowd when it comes to work wear. We go to work with our normal, everyday clothes, nothing fancy; wear minimal jewellery, maybe just a chain and a pair of small earrings; finish a long and tiring day of work and come back home. Often it’s a lot of effort to pick out nice clothes, jewellery and shoes just for a day’s work. We understand that, which is why we’ve compiled a list of pieces that will make you look beautiful while maintaining simplicity, with minimal effort.

Carry the smart and ambitious spirit of cats with you. Jagdamba Pearls has a lovely diamond and gold pendent that definitely portrays how elegant and pretty cats are. Take a look at the 18kt cat diamond pendant.

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Carry the elegance of the peacock with you. This stunning gold pendant is both subtle and beautiful – perfect for work wear.

peacock diamond pendant

The 18kt Diamond Aranya Pendant is a stunning pendant that can be worn anywhere, whether it be your work place or a party. It has a golden frame embedded with diamonds, and a lovely red, almond shaped gemstone fitted right in the centre.

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The 92.5 Silver Sizzling White Pearl Pendant is a lovely piece of jewellery that resembles the sun. It has a sterling silver, circular frame with stones embedded on the circle and a large round pearl in the centre. This is yet another pendant that can be worn on casual occasions, to your workplace, as well as to formal events.

silver sizzling white pearl pendant

Snowflakes always have unique and pretty structures. The 18kt Blossom Diamond Pendant has a look that is very similar to a snowflake. It features 6 diamonds set in a triangle in yellow gold.

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So this new year, add some beautiful jewellery to your work closet. Browse our exclusive work wear collection here

This 2019, Shine Out in the Crowd with Sri Jagdamba Pearls.

The heat that a fire radiates once it burns out reminds us of the warm days of the year when everyone is full of life! Every winter, most of us can’t help but think about how badly we want it to be summer again. Decembers can often be dull and cold. When you wake up in the mornings, you just want to stay at home, in the warmth of your cozy bed and never get out. It’s just too cold! However, it is that time of the year when everyone wants to celebrate the end of a wonderful year and the beginning of another. So here are some stunning jewelry pieces that will help brighten up your morning and put a smile on your face.

Check out the Rich Pearl Necklace set that reflects the warm colors of summer mingling with the beautiful pearl white of winter snow.

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It is always hard to find earrings that will go with a necklace you have just bought. You want something that’s just perfect. Something that isn’t too loud or too small. Here is a set of four striking pairs of earrings, all of which may go very well with the Rich Pearl Necklace Set. Check out our Vanilla Fashion Pearl Earrings Combo.

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A pearl necklace with a gold pendant and earrings that look like the magnificent face of the sun and it’s radiant golden rays reaching out to warm your heart and the hearts of everyone around. This is just the most perfect set of jewelry that you can wear to a winter wedding. Take a look at this breath-taking Golden Crown Pearl Pendant Set.

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The Ruby Pearl Watch from the end of season sale is here to be your new favourite accessory. It can be worn on any occasion whether it be to your everyday work place or to a grand Christmas party. It has the stunning combinations of warm red ruby stones and the beauty and simplicity of white pearls. Check out the Ruby Pearl Watch.

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The most spectacular sight on a winter’s day is the sight of a clear, blue sky with the sun shining bright. Take a look at the Flower Pearl Earrings on the end of season sale – there is no better match for a bright beautiful day.

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A day is never too cold or dull to dress up, when you have beautiful jewelry to look forward to. Take advantage of our End of Season Sale and shop now.