All That You Should Know About Freshwater Pearls

If you’re a pearl-lover, knowing every little thing you can about pearls makes them only more fascinating. The very basic thing that every person who shops for pearls know is that they are got from oysters, and oysters are usually found in the seas. So what are Freshwater pearls really?

Freshwater pearls are got from freshwater bodies like lakes, ponds and rivers. And these are different from the other pearls in that they are not got from oysters but instead are from mussels. When freshwater mussels give pearls, sometimes on their own and sometimes cultured, they are freshwater pearls.

Beads from pearls and cockleshells

How are freshwater pearls different from seawater pearls?

The basic difference is that the freshwater pearls are got from mussels of freshwaters and seawater pearls are got from oysters found in the sea. Apart from that, they vary in the size, the lustre, the overtones and the shape. Seawater pearls are rare and perfectly spherical with a very rich lustre. Freshwater pearls although quite shiny and pretty by themselves, are not really comparable to the seawater pearls. Which is probably why they are more affordable and more widely bought.

Freshwater pearls are preferred over seawater pearls for their shapelessness

Most freshwater pearls are not as perfectly circular as the seawater pearls. Sometimes, they are so disfigured that in China, they are often called as ‘rice pearls’ for their shape that mimics rice grains. And it is this shapelessness of the fresh water pearls that people often love them for.

Sometimes freshwater pearls take the shape of vegetables, animals, faces and some such things. There are some pearls that take the shape of a cross and such pearls are sold and bought off for huge prices. Mostly, the pearls are of an irregular oval shape and pearls of this shape are commonly used and are named as the Biwa or the Keshi pearls.

Freshwater cultured pearls:

Just like seawater pearls, freshwater pearls can be cultured. And it is these pearls that are preferred to be cultured when compared to seawater pearls as they are very easy to produce. Large quantities of freshwater pearls can be produced in a very small time unlike the seawater pearls which take a really long time to be made.

Just like seawater pearls, it was Japan that was the major producer of freshwater cultured pearls until recently. But the lakes eventually got too polluted to be used for this purpose and hence, the production of majority of the freshwater pearls of the world is now taken up by China. They are produced mostly in the lakes that surround Shanghai and the Yangtze river.

Oysters on ice with Pearl

Things you should remember while buying freshwater pearls:

  • Freshwater pearl jewellery is usually cheap, being priced around $ 20 per a pearl strand sometimes, although the price varies depending on where they were shipped from.
  • They are often dyed and bleached so they can look appealing. Make sure that the freshwater pearls that you buy are not dyed by confirming with your pearl-vendor as dyeing them makes them lose their value.

Pearl Necklace

Freshwater pearls may not be as unique as seawater pearls, but they’re extremely beautiful on their own. So if you’re pearl-shopping for an easily-affordable-yet-beautiful or asymmetrical, non-circular pearls, freshwater pearl jewellery is what you should go for.

JPearls Pearl and Silver Necklaces – An ode to the timeless combination of silver and pearl!

Pearls are known for their versatility and their ability to look great with any metal that they are combined with. But we can’t deny that with silver, they are their classiest best. When silver and pearl are woven together into jewellery, they bring out a very rare and subtle shine in each other that makes the jewellery in itself look beautiful and the wearer a lot more beautiful. It is not a surprise that a lot of people are ditching heavy gold necklaces to wear pearl and silver necklaces bigger events like weddings as well.

The age-old combination of Sterling Silver and Pearls have always been worn by Christian brides all over the world. With its slightly darker shade, sterling silver has looked the best with pearls when contrived into beautiful designs.

At JPearls, we’ve got some very beautiful pearl and silver necklaces specially crafted by our expert designers into some beautiful and ornate designs. Be it for a celebration or for daily wear, these are bound to look great.

Five of our best silver pearl necklaces are listed out right here for you:

JPearls Funky Necklace

JPearls-Funky-NecklaceThis multi-stranded necklace made up of pearls and silver is a classic example of a pearl and silver necklace. It shows us how the combination of the two can be simple and yet very elegant. This chain made up of silver alloy and freshwater pearls can be got at just Rs899.

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JPearls Multi-coloured CZ Pearl Necklace

JPearls-Multi-coloured-CZ-Pearl-NecklaceMade up of silver, pearls and tiny little coloured stones, the JPearls Multi-coloured Silver Pearl Necklace is yet another example of how silver and pearl make for a gorgeous combination. If a pearl and silver necklace for wearing everyday to your workplace or college is what you’re looking for, this is just perfect.

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JPearls CZ Pearl Pendant Set

JPearls-CZ-Pearl-Pendant-SetA single chain that’s made up of pearls and silver woven into a very simple design can still look as beautiful as this. With pearl drops, silver chain and CZs, this Pearl and Silver chain will make you look your prettiest even though it is very minimal.

Get it here:–Fashion-Jewellery/Jpearls/cz-PEARL-Pendant-set/pid-1019018.aspx

JPearls Stylish Designer Pearl Set

JPearls-Stylish-Designer-Pearl-SetOut of all the colours of pearls, it is black pearls or Tahitian pearls that look the best with silver. Made out of black pearls, silver and CZs, this chain is sure to make the wearer look classy and pretty at the same time. And just the like name of the pearl set says, it can be very chic and stylish too.

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JPearls Chaya Pearl Set

JPearls-Chaya-Pearl-SetThis seemingly simple pearl and silver necklace is in fact so beautiful that it can even be worn to weddings. And it is solely because of its beautifully intricate design that what could have been a simple pearl silver chain turned into a necklace worthy of a princess.

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Next time you decide to indulge in pearl shopping, ditch the regular pearl jewellery and get one of our all new pearl and silver necklaces. And you’ll soon find yourself falling in love with the timeless and beautiful combination of silver and pearl.

Investing in Pearls in today’s world

Gold chain

A diamond pendant wouldn’t look so good if it wasn’t for the string of pearls that it was attached to. Looking at those sparkling diamonds, we often tend to forget that even pearls are equally gorgeous and exquisite. In fact, real pearls are so rare and precious that their value is the same as diamonds or other precious stones. Just because we refer to them as moti, doesn’t mean they are any less or aren’t beautiful.

The best thing one can do, other than investing in Gold is invest in pearls. Pearls are something that can be passed onto generations and will never lose their value or their charm for that matter. As old as they get, their beauty and worth intensifies. If you were to pass on gold to the next generation, the design would be tagged as ‘old’ and not traditional. But pearls on the other hand will always be traditional and if they ever do get old, you can always re modify them as they are stringed on nothing but a thread.

Princess Diana’s pearls have now been passed onto Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and she wears them with such style and grace. A piece of jewellery that was often spotted on Princess Diana was a flower shaped choker held together with pearls on either sides. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall now wears the pearls solitarily and the pendant as a brooch. Looks lovely!

It isn’t very difficult to invest in pearls because they are lovely. However, it is very easy to get conned into spending a lot of money and buying artificial pearls. We might want to buy pearls but how do we know that they are real and worth what we are paying for? Because a lot of johari’s tend to sell not so exquisite pearls for exuberant amount of money and since most of us aren’t aware of how to check their quality, we easily get fooled. Here are some tips that will help you check the quality of pearls before you buy them.

The easiest thing you can do to check if the pearl is real or not is to take a pearl, be sure to clean it and rub it against your teeth. If the pearl is real, you will feel it hard and gritty and if it is artificial, then you can feel the smoothness. And then there you’ll be sure if the pearls are worth it or not. There are few other tests that can conclude the authenticity of pearls but the tooth test is the quickest and the easiest.

Pearl Nose Studs – A unique blend of bling and class!

The age-old Indian traditional jewel, the nose stud, has made a major come back in the recent times. And it really is no surprise that the whole world is so in love with this little trinklet, for all the exquisite beauty and elegance it brings to the wearer. Gold, diamonds and pearl nose studs have always been a constant favourite with the Indians while metal nose studs seem to have taken over the traditional old gold ones in the rest of the world.

Here’s why Pearl Nose Studs are the best of them all

Pearls can be great as any jewellery but as nose studs, pearls are really the best. Nose studs are supposed to be shiny and cute, most of all minimal. And pearls are all these. They can make for the most beautiful nose studs, be minimal, classy and elegant all at the same time.


Whether it’s a single pearl nose stud or a pearl dangling off from a gold nose stud, all the glow and sheen that pearls radiate makes them the perfect choice for a nose stud.

And naturally, they make for the perfect wedding-jewellery-material

A bride is never completely made up without wearing a nose stud and it’s pearl nose studs that brides and bridesmaids always seem to choose. Mixed up with coloured stones and crafted along with gold, the beautifully designed pearl nose studs that are made especially for Indian weddings are just way too irresistible and perfect for weddings.




The famous ‘Nath nose ring’ has always been a favourite with Indian brides. A large nose ring studded with pearls and other stones that leads into an ear ring with a long chain that is also studded with pearls is what is a Nath nose ring is. Something of a cultural heritage when it comes to jewellery, the Nath nose ring has been worn from the times of kings and queens.



Wearing a Pearl nose stud has got health benefits as well

It turns out that nose studs weren’t just worn for beauty, there is a health benefit that is associated with it, just like there is with ear piercings. Piercing the left nostril is known to help keep the reproductive system of women healthy. Along with that, wearing a gold nose stud helps with air purification even before it enters the lungs as gold has got the property to eliminate Carbon dioxide. If pearl is your birthstone, wearing a pearl nose ring with a golden stem is all the more beneficial.

Ancient India’s tryst with pearl nose studs

In the ancient days, nearly every woman in India would have her nose pierced. And this tradition is believed to have started only after the Mughals entered India as it is originally a Mughal tradition. Quickly, the tradition spread throughout the country.

In south India, large nose studs made of diamonds or pearls woven into the shape of a swan usually were worn by most women. In the northern India, the naths (or the circular nose rings) made of gold and pearls were usually worn. While most still continue the tradition, off late, the practice of piercing noses experienced a revival.

Actually, it wasn’t really that much of a revival as people never really stopped wearing this beautiful jewel ever since it was first worn. Because, among all the kinds of jewellery that was worn by our ancestors, nose studs really are the prettiest.

Choosing the Best Pearls to Buy – A Guide to Pearl-shopping

Choosing the Best Pearls to Buy – A Guide to Pearl-shopping

There are a thousand reasons to buy pearls. They’re beautiful, they make for great jewellery and even greater gifts. But pearl-shopping, unlike other-jewellery-shopping isn’t easy. It is tough to choose the best pearls to buy from all the different kinds of pearls that exist and even tougher to detect if they are fake or real.

Let us help you out with pearl-shopping with our mini guide to choosing the best pearls to buy.


Types of pearls

Pearls are of many different kinds depending on the oyster that produces them and the part of the world that they’re produced in. But usually, the best pearls to buy and to be worn are these three kinds of pearls.

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Akoya Pearls: The very first pearls that were discovered, the Akoya Pearls are the classic and the earliest version of pearls. They are formed from the Akoya oyster in Japan and are considered the best pearls in the world. They are usually milky white or light pink in colour. Characteristically, they have overtones of silver or gold over them. Very rarely, they come in minty green, blue or off-white colours.

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South Sea Pearls : South Sea Pearls are grown in the shores of Tahiti and are got from the Tahitian oysters. Tahitian oysters produce two kinds of pearls, the South sea black pearls if the oyster is black lipped and the regular white pearls. The black Tahitian pearls are very popular for their rich shade of black with a characteristic green overtone. The whiter pearls on the other hand are larger and come with a characteristic pink overtone. All of the South sea pearls have a very rich lustre to them.

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Very rarely, there are golden coloured South sea pearls that are also got from the Tahitian sea.


Cortez Pearls : A rare kind of pearls, the  Cortez pearls are found in Mexico and are got from the rainbow-lipped oyster. They come in a whole array of colours ranging from pink to green to gold. Rainbow overtones are a characteristic feature of these pearls. If non-dyed and natural coloured pearls are what you’re looking for, Cortez pearls are the best pearls to buy.

The qualities you should look out for in your pearls


After choosing your pearl, the rest of the features of the pearl are to be checked. Whether you are buying pearls online or from a jewellery store around you, it is these qualities of a pearl that you should majorly check for.

  • The lustre of a pearl and its overtone should be checked by placing them on a lighter background.
  • The size of the pearl should be checked. All the pearls in a strand should ideally be of the same size.
  • Pearls come in different shapes, round, oval and drop-shape. Choose the shape that you’d like to buy.

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This is how you can tell if a pearl is real or fake

After choosing your pearl, the next and the last step is to differentiate a real pearl from a fake pearl. Although distinct separation is often difficult, you can usually tell them apart with these little techniques.

  • The most common technique to tell real pearls from fake pearls is to rub them against your teeth. A real pearl feels gritty whereas a false pearl is smooth.
  • Real pearls are very heavy and false pearls are not. You should therefore check the weight of your pearls before you buy them.
  • When buying antique pearls you should check for marks of wear and tear as real pearls, made of natural substances are subject to wear.

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After you’ve decided on the best pearls to buy, the next step is to find the design that fits your purpose. This, of course, is the easiest and the most fun step of them all. And once you’re done with buying that perfect pearl jewellery, you’ll be surprised at how fulfilling the experience of shopping for pearls is. Happy Pearl-shopping!

Make your wedding a classy affair with JPearls pearl necklaces for brides

For ages now, pearls have been the favourite wedding jewellery for brides all over the world. Be it the grand Hindu and Muslim weddings or the simpler Christian weddings, no wedding is really complete without a lot of pearl jewellery everywhere. Pearl necklaces for brides, are known to bring harmony and happiness into their lives post wedding. It is also believed that they keep a bride from crying during the wedding. And above all that, they’re just so beautiful that they make the whole affair a spectacular ceremony.

A pearl necklace goes equally well with a white wedding dress and a wedding kanjeevaram. It can add its own element of sparkle to the bride and make her gleam, literally. Pearl necklaces for brides however are a whole different genre of jewellery. Bridal pearl necklaces are being made into some really magnificent designs off late and are so spectacular that they make for the perfect bridal jewellery every bride would want to show off on her big day.

JPearls has got some really artsy and gorgeous pearl necklaces for brides which were designed to make your wedding nothing short of a glorious occasion. Here are five of our best pearl necklaces for brides.

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JPearls Gulmohar Bridal Necklace:

While longer strands of pearl necklaces are usually preferred, choker pearl necklaces are the most elegant when it comes to weddings.This choker pearl bridal necklace is made of pearls, stones and silver plated with gold. Every bit of it spells grandeur and the bride who wears it is sure to ooze glamour and elegance on the wedding day.

Get it here:


JPearls New Complete Bridal Set:

Wedding pearls are usually worn in two to three layers of necklaces. The new complete bridal set by JPearls, which has two necklaces makes for two gorgeous layers of pearl bridal necklaces. There is also a pair of gorgeous pearl ear rings and a finger ring that comes in this set.

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JPearls Starling Bridal Set:

This CZ and pearl necklace with all its magnificence can transform you into something of a star-bride. It goes with just about any colour that you choose to wear on your wedding day, adding its own starry appeal. It also comes with gorgeous shiny CZ ear-rings. This set makes for a great addition to the long and white wedding dresses that are usually worn for  Christian wedding.

Get it here:


JPearls Rich Look Bridal Necklace:

Long and three stranded, this pearl necklace can make for one really gorgeous bridal necklace. The bits of gold plated alloy, the green and red stones all add a very subtle grandeur to the necklace. It is easily one of the best in JPearls’ collection of pearl necklaces for brides.

Get it here:


JPearls Nora Bridal Necklace Set

Made out of four strands of tiny white pearls and rubies, all woven beautifully with gold, this necklace is sure to make any bride exude gorgeousness. It comes with pearl drop ear rings and pearl and ruby studded bangles that go with it perfectly.

Get it here:


‘Wedding gems’ as they are often called, pearls complement a wedding like nothing else. And with the JPearls pearl bridal necklaces, your wedding is sure to become a very special and unforgettable event.

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