5 pearl necklaces you must own

Creating jewellery is an art in itself. And just like every other art form, experimenting and exploring the untouched realms is what creates some of the most beautiful jewellery in existence.

At JPearls.com, we love experimenting with our jewellery. Our craftsmen often weave jewellery into novel, never-seen-before designs that are simple, yet striking. The result of one such experiment is the all new and beautiful Sparsh collection – a compilation of some of our most exquisite pearl necklace sets. Meant for work-wear or party-wear, these beautiful artefacts are sure to make you feel like the princess that you are.

Here are 5 stunning exhibits from this collection:

The ‘Darling necklace’ which is a perfect blend of art and grandeur

The ‘JPearls darling necklace’ one of the artsiest necklaces of our Sparsh collection. An amalgamation of pearls, purple stones, green stones and gold plated silver, it can be flaunted at weddings and parties. One thing is for sure – it’s going to make the wearer stand out in a crowd.

Get it here:

j pearls pearl necklace

The super-chic and trendy ‘Maya Pearl Necklace’

Weaved into a very fashionable design, the Maya Pearl Necklace which is made up of pearls, gold plated silver and gorgeous green stones is perfect work-wear material. Team it up with a simple kurti to add a touch of elegance to it.

Get it here:

J Pearls gold cz pearl necklace set

The ‘Shryln Pearl Necklace’ fit for royalty

One of the most beautiful pearl necklace designs we’ve got is the Shryln Pearl Necklace. A beautiful chain of circles made out of gold, CZs and pearls embedded within them, this necklace was made to be used both as work-wear and party-wear. Its versatility is such that you can wear it with a dress or a sari and look gorgeous either way!

Get it here:

j Pearls fancy gold cz pearl necklace set

The ‘Daisy Pearl Necklace Set’ which is a beautiful work of art

Who could have thought that it was possible to make such a complicated and beautifully designed necklace out of gold?  With gold, CZs and pearls weaved into one of the most appealing designs ever, the Daisy Pearl Necklace Set is a work of art. Wear it work or a party and you’re sure to turn a few heads around.

Get it here:

J pearls fancy pearl cz gold necklace set

The ‘Valentine’s special graceful necklace set’ – a jewellery piece worth treasuring for life

This seemingly simple Valentine’s special graceful necklace set made out of blue stones and gold plated silver alloy is a piece of jewellery that you should treasure for life just because it’s that beautiful. It can be gifted or worn and it’s bound to steal hearts whatever you decide to do with it.

Get it here:

j Pearls fancy gold cz pearl necklace set 1

If staying in vogue is your thing, our swanky collection of ‘Sparsh’ pearl necklaces are what you should get your hands on right away!

Bring home prosperity on Akshaya Tritiya

Gold coins Lakshmi and Ganesha

There is no better day than Akshaya Tritiya to bring home jewellery. The third day of the month of Vaishaka, when the sun and moon are both at their brightest in all of the year is the most auspicious time to begin new ventures and purchase jewellery.

Translating to ‘eternal’, Akshaya is something that never ends and it is believed that gold or anything that is bought today will last forever, never running out. And hence, buying gold today is believed to bestow upon us immense good fortune. It was also believed that this jewellery that we get home with us gets such luck with it that we’ve never going to experience poverty.

Each year for Akshaya Tritiya, we at JPearls love giving away jewellery and with it loads of good fortune to our buyers. This year as well, we’ve designed some great pieces of jewellery for you to buy. Here are a few must-buy artefacts from our Akshaya Tritiya special collection…

Coins with Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh carved on them to bring you fortune:

Gold coins Lakshmi and GaneshaIf you’re looking for something symbolic to buy for this Akshaya Tritiya instead of actually jewellery, our gold-plated coins are here for you. These coins have got beautiful designs of goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh carved on them and were made to shower you with riches.

Click here to get it 



Ganesh silver coin to gift you with eternal wealth:

Silver Ganesha


If you want to get something low-key instead, this tiny Ganesh silver coin is what you should get for yourself this Akshaya Tritiya.

Click here to get it



A simple piece of jewellery is a great way to signify Akshay Tritiya:

Gold chainBring yourself a glittering array of luck this Akshaya Tritiya with a beautiful gold chain. With our large variety of chains, you have a lot to sample from. Added to this, the offer of a silver coin helps you start the celebrations of this auspicious festival straight away.

Buy it here

On this day of beginnings, a day when it is believed that Ganges started its descent onto the earth, the day when Veda Vyasa started writing the Mahabharatha and the day that Lord Krishna presented the pandavas with the Akshaya Patra, here’s hoping that buying our jewellery makes for a great beginning for all the fortune that is to come your way. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!





6 Wonder Pieces That Will See Your Work wardrobe Straight

Work wear and pearls – ah, they’re a match made in sartorial heaven. The classic indian workspace needs something elegant and classy – not OTT and mismatched. But only a few of us make an effort to see what fits us – what jewels we own that we can wear everyday. And work wardrobes are often seen as weary and dreary – not worth making an effort. But really, light travels faster than sound and that means, you need to amp up your style game to look good before you open your mouth in the boardroom. You need power accessories that really make an impression. Ones that will make our wardrobe sparkle and meet the demands of everyday life! So we put together 6 amazingly unique jewellery pieces that will really set your work wardrobe straight for the next few months with classic pieces in tow.

1. Twisted Rice Pearl Watch

The fact that rice pearls are used as part of the watch is great because these are small and elegant and give an air of sophistication. The watch can go with a great pant suit or an interesting kurti too – just make sure you keep the rest of your look to a bare minimum, pearl studs only.


 pearl watch

2. Multi-colour Pearl Studs

The fact remains that we need earrings that make a statement but at the same time, they are not intrusive to your entire look. They’re perfect for the corporate types who want to look like they made an effort without going OTT. And for that pearl studs are most appropriate and they make any outfit shine. Choose between black, rose and white and change them every day according to your clothes.


 pearl studs

3. Glamour Pearl Set  

Every girl needs a classic two-strand necklace that is layered on beautifully on her LBD. This time, opt for pink oval-shaped ones that accentuate your best features, your long neck and your beautiful collar bones. The pink pearl is a unique idea – it adds a bit of colour but doesn’t take away from the elegance of it all.


 pearl set

4. Designer Three-String Pearl Bracelet

Grey pearls are another unique idea – change those hues and make your boring corporate clothes sing. The three-stringed grey pearl bracelet is so intimate and classy – it can make for a great accessory that goes from the office to the party zone. It can be worn with ease on a white shirt as well as a party dress – you just need to change those shoes!


 pearl bracelet

5. Ruby and South Sea Pearl Chain

For women who like their pearls to shout out aloud, we have a beautiful ruby adorned south sea pearl chain that can add glamour to elegance in a jiffy. The fact is a bit of colour never hurt anyone and that means, this chain has the ability to make you look like a million bucks with absolutely no effort. Rubies are a great way to start off a work day – they acn pep up a boring day at work too!


 pearl set

6. South Sea Pearls Gold Chain

If your wardrobe is entirely western but you want to add a bit of Indian into your look – opt for a pearl chain that comes with a bit of diamond or jadau extensions. And that does not mean, you need to only wear Indian – the elegant traditional neckpiece will still go on a great dress and suit – keep all your options open!


pearl chain

12 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Pearls

Pearls are every girl’s dream jewellery. Only because they’re simple, elegant and classic. Who doesn’t want to channel Rajmata Gayatri Devi in daily life? All of us do, right. That’s why we love our dear pearls. And so we put together 20 amazing facts about pearls that will blow your mind. Obviously, you got to know your pearls better!


  1. Gemstones don’t come from animals. Pearls do and to top it off, they come from a living animal. They are the only ones who are made by a living organism.

  2. We all love a good margarita. But did you know? A margarita actually means “pearl”. Now, let’s get ourselves a few more margaritas and pearls.

  3. Every pearl is unique, just like a snowflake. And all of them have certain imperfection, from big to minute to make them unique.

  4. Who wore the world’s first pearl jewellery? As far as we know, the oldest pearl was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess from 520 BC and you can take a look at it in the Louvre in Paris. Dying.to.see!

  5. Did you know? Saltwater pearls are made by oysters and freshwater pearls are made by mussels.

  6. Pearls decide their colour from the shell they are born in – that means the colour of the pearl is dependent on it’s shell – so choose from white to gold, and from pink to black.

  7. Pearls that aren’t high grade are known to be crushed and made into a translucent powder and they are widely used in make-up. Ooh, jewellery for your face too.

  8. Cleopatra made pearls famous by showing off to Marc Antony that she can plan a banquet costing more than the assets of a country. She took off a pearl earring, dissolved it in wine and drank it. But is that story true? Can pearls dissolve in wine? Looks like it’s a no.

  9. In 1916, Jacques Cartier apparently bought his 5th Avenue Cartier store in exchange for two pearl necklaces. Ah, he made a fortune and got some luck going for him.

  10. Pearls are the official gemstone of those born in June and they are known to symbolise fertility and loyalty.

  11. Pearls were seen as the official jewellery to wear during mourning during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Some say, they symbolise memorials and tears.

  12. La Peregrina is known to be the name of the world’s most famous pearl. It is rather large and pear-shaped and was discovered in the Americas. It was gifted to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. Lucky woman!

Six Reasons Why Hyderabad Pearls Are The Best In The World

Pearls are perhaps Hyderabad’s biggest tourist attractions, right after Golconda and Salarjung Museum. The only souvenir that one can carry and keep for eternity in their jewellery boxes. And women love that about this beautiful city while men run around in circles trying to decide which restaurant serves the best biryani. Hyderabad pearls have long adorned Nizams and their queens, veteran actresses and every woman in India does infact have one prized possession from Hyderabad – those delectable pearls that can give any fashion accessory a run for it’s money. But what’s so special about Hyderabadi pearls? Allow us to give you 6 really good reasons why you need that special pearl in your jewellery box asap.


  1. The patronage of the Nizams brought together jewellery craftsmanship to Hyderabad – especially pearls. Their beautifully constructed jewellery and their love for precious jewellery and extravagant lifestyle brought us pearls in many innovative designs. If you are looking at intricate designs and unique ideas, then Hyderabadi pearl sets might just set your style apart because they can royalty and craftsmanship better than any other.

  2. You have a million choices in pearl jewellery. From pink pearls to black ones and even yellow and champagne-coloured ones, there is a lot of variety in design and colour when it comes to pearls.

  3. Hyderabad is home to highly-skilled artisans who can bring in good craftsmanship, old-school vintage glamour and work with semi-precious stones to create the perfect pearl jewellery for you.

  4. Hyderabad also offers great options for those looking for pearl jewellery in a budget. From layered strands to a ones that come in gold and silver additions, there is something for everyone. And that’s really where Hyderabadi pearls score – they can work with any stone and any metal to give you a special piece.

  5. If you’re looking for an ideal pearl necklace – Hyderabadi pearls really work very well with emeralds and rubies. And there are so many interesting designs one can look out for.

  6. The best kind of pearls available in hyderabad really set it apart – there is the maximum lustre of the “Basra” pearl or the “rice pearl”. Your pearls will then always be a point of conversation and unique!

Add bling to your boring work attire with JPearls office-wear earrings!

So you’re forced to wear formals to your work place and wish there was some way you could add some colour and zing to it? JPearls office-wear earrings are the answer to your prayers.

Pearl earrings are everything that you’d want that perfect work-wear jewellery to be – classy, blingy, simple and often make a very elegant statement.  Without being ostentatious, pearl earrings silently go about doing their job of making you look pretty.

We at JPearls have got a great collection of some sparkling earrings that are designed just to with your work-wear. They’re simple and yet radiant. Our team of designers and craftsmen have woven these pearl rings with some great expertise and art. Here are some of our most beautiful pearl earrings listed out for you…

Nothing like adding some flower power to your pearl earrings

Did you always love floral designs? Flowers needn’t just be restricted to your clothes but can also be worn as jewellery. Our pearl floral earrings will take care of your floral jewellery needs from hereafter!

These set of pearl jewellery have all got a beautiful coloured rose embedded on top of a hanging pearl top. Get them all from here and wear one each day of the week to go with the colour of your dress.

j pearls rose earrings 1

Lose out your heart to these heart shaped pearl earrings

Wearing your heart on your sleeve might not really be a good idea, especially at your work place. But who said anything about wearing a heart on your ear? Wearing a beautiful heart shaped pearl earring could take you places in your career, after all, you are putting your heart to your work (symbolically of course)!

Check out these heart shaped pearl earrings of ours that you (and your colleagues) are sure to fall in love with..

j pearls heart earrings

Leafy dangling Pearl Earrings

There is only one way to make pearl earrings look more beautiful than they already are – to weave them into different shapes that could enhance their elegance. Ever heard of jewellery woven into the shape of leaves? We at JPearls have made this little experiment of crafting pearls in the form of leaves and they came out this pretty. For one thing, work friends and colleagues won’t be able to take their eyes of them!

j pearls leaf earrings

Let us decide your week-long pearl earring schedule for you

Often times, we won’t have enough time to spend on choosing our every day jewellery or for that matter even our everyday clothing. For hectic weeks and days like that, we’ve got your pearl earring schedule planned out for you. This Monday to Friday work wear pearl earrings set has got the perfect combination of pearl earrings that you should try out from Monday through Friday. What’s more…since they come in a set, they come at a very low price.

j pearls rose pearl earrings

Time to colour your pearls up!

Why wear only white pearls everyday for your work when you can wear coloured pearls? When you want to match your jewellery with your clothes and would still like to wear pearls, our coloured pearl earrings are what you should turn to.

Our collection of dangling peach, green and white coloured pearls will not just add class to your work-wear jewellery but also that splash of colour that it needs!

j pearls pear ear hangings

With our amazing work-wear pearl earrings collection that you can now get your hands on, going to work will no longer be boring!

JPearl bracelets befitting royalty – to pamper the princess in you!

There’s only one thing that could make you feel like a princess and that’s jewellery. While a crown is what the princess in you really deserves, bracelets sure are next the line.

A modern spin-off of bangles, bracelets are not just trendy but are also very beautiful. Whether you decide to don the western chic avatar or become the traditional belle, bracelets are sure to fit in and accentuate your look.

Time for a little bracelet history:

Before you go bracelet shopping, you should know the significance of bracelets. It turns out that bracelets aren’t just decorative pieces but have actually got some significance to them since very early times. Ancient Egyptians, Greek and Indians have all worn bracelets as good luck charms. Stones, crystals and rocks that are meant to bring good luck to the wearer were always attached to a bracelet. There were also times when bracelets were tied by one person to another to signify the relationship between them, especially when they were parting.

At JPearls, we’ve got the most beautiful collection of bracelets. Whether it’s because they have your birthstone embedded on them or it’s because they make for the perfect gift or it’s because they are just that beautiful, you should totally indulge in one of our designer bracelets.

Here are some of the best bracelets we’ve got…

This one’s sure to give your loved one the butterflies!

How about a butterfly bracelet that makes for the perfect gift for your loved one? With a gold and stone butterfly held onto a black leather bracelet, this ‘fine cut charm diamond bracelet’ is just what would make for the most beautiful gift ever whether it’s for the valentine’s day or for your anniversary.


How would you like to wear a stone rose on your hand?

With a beautiful carving of a pink coloured rose on it, the ‘fashion bangles bracelet’ that looks like half a bangle and half a bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is sure to make you look like a princess. Worn to a wedding or a party (because it goes well for both the occasions), this bracelet is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.


For those who like to keep it simple

So you’re not a fan of ostentatious jewellery. If keeping it simple is what you like when it comes to your jewellery, this simple chain bracelet is what you’re looking for. Delicately woven with gold and diamonds, half of this bracelet is just gold while the other half is studded with some stunning diamonds. It’s barely-there on your hand and yet, makes for a really charming piece of jewellery.


This heart-shaped diamond bracelet is sure to win hearts

There’s one good thing about bracelets and that is the fact that they come in the most beautiful and intricate designs ever. This heart shaped gold and stone bracelet that has tiny hearts crafted all over it is sure to win your heart and the hearts of everyone who lays their eyes upon it. At the very least, it can make for one really beautiful Valentine’s day gift.

jp-jan 766

There’s every reason why should get your hands on one of these bracelets from our exquisite bracelet collection and pamper the princess in you!

Work & Play: 5 Pearl Designs That Will Go From Boardroom to the Bar

If there’s one good reason why pearls really work – it’s the fact they can be moulded to make anything you wear, elegant and classy. As far as jewellery is concerned, Pearls really suit every body type, every taste and every kind of wardrobe – that’s the beauty of them, really. And that’s why we pick them on days we have a double date with work and play. Yes, you have a busy monday – doing your presentations and finishing up that last report and then you have to head to meet your potential date at a party or an event. That’s when pearls have your back. They work beautifully with your shift dress at work and when you change into your party top, they’re there to add all the charm to it. We put together 5 designs that will fit both your work and evening wardrobe with ease. Just a dab a bit of lipstick, change into your high heels and head from work to play.

 1.Pearls Funky-shaped Necklace

The fact that white pearls settle down playfully with silver in three tiers to give you added charm is noteworthy. The good thing about such a neckpiece is the fact that it’s a statement piece and two, it can work on indian wear and western wear. Plus, the grandeur of it all makes it a plausible candidate for an evening out – an event or a party.




2. Latika Button Pearl Watch

Pearl watches are a unique idea – it’s so new that we are still trying to get acquainted with it. But what you need to know is the fact that they can really make any outfit look super classy. A cross between a bracelet and a cuff, these beautiful pearl watches will make you stand out in a crowd because of their intricate craftsmanship and heritage.




3. Leafy Earrings

Just like necklaces, earrings too need to be bold and big these days. Which means that we are trying so hard to pick one that won’t go OTT on our clothes and at the same time, look gorgeous. Pick an earring that is dangly and high profile like this pretty leaf one – made with oval pearls and gold coating, this one makes every work dress of yours look smart and your party clothes, sexy!




4. Emerald & South Sea Pearl Gold Chain

This one’s a clear winner on those days you’re feeling a bit blue and down. Workdays have their ups and downs and you do need a real cheer-me-up. What do you do? You wear the Emerald & South Sea Pearl Gold Chain which promises to bring in some real class to your wardrobe on a dull day. We love the green on the necklace which adds glamour to the necklace and we also think it adds a bit of chutzpah to your partylook.




5. Meghan Black Pearl Set

This one is for those women who like to keep it trendy yet exquisite. There is great charm in wearing black pearls – they’re so glamorous and unique and at the same time, they can add a bit of depth to your everyday outfit. Wear them in tiers and the effect is truly admirable – so make sure your day and night are looking as intense as possible with these black pearls.