The Jagdamba Pearls Summer Sale


If someone said money can’t buy happiness they were wrong, Jagdamba pearls brings to you a happy offer that you just can’t miss. We offer a flat 50% on our entire range of pearl and stone jewellery this summer.

Nobody ever said how much is too much that’s why the sale extends from pearls to diamonds to gemstones. Read on to know more

Our History:

Jagdamba Pearls is a pioneering jewellery store with a legacy going back to 1924. Our aim has always been to serve our customers the best jewellery at the best prices. With this offer, we give customers the chance to buy contemporary designs at an amazing price.


JPSEP-15-28With this sale, the world is the oyster and you are the pearl. Feel no shame in splurging into our exclusive pearls collection. Diamonds and semi precious stones work in perfect harmony with our pearls. A beautiful set, an earring or a pendant, you will find pearls in all forms and types at our stores.  For starters, look at this beautiful set designed to adorn that favourite saree of yours in the most minimalist way possible.





jpjan-16-022-CVG2The most precious thing can be an ordinary stone they say, but at Jagdamba we are defined by our grandeur designs of gemstones that bring in the colour to the ordinary life. Be it a Gomed or a cat’s eye stone we give you exclusivity at its best. Like we say, Make a bolder statement with our gemstones collection.


So get your game on and visit our stores now. And hey, let yourself not feel guilty, It’s worth it we promise.


How to use this offer:

This offer is valid at our stores in Secunderabad and Hi-tech City. In case you need transport, we can have you picked up and dropped at your doorstep. To know more, call us on +91 720 720 0042.

The “You-can’t-miss” Offer

The two words, Women and Offers- they flow in perfect synchrony with one another. So here we are doing just that, offering all our lovely customers an unbelievable range of jewellery only for Rs.499/-. Have you pinched yourself yet?

Colourful Beads Balis


SJPJA-380These gold plated semi precious balis are the perfect accessories to flaunt when you are at that Big fat Indian wedding. From the bride to the bride’s aunt you have them all feeling jealous looking at your dainty earrings.

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Cz Necklace Set

JPMAY-14-42CAHyderabad,the Nizams and you, What’s common? This set screams royalty and takes you down the memory lane of the Nizams, with its careful placement of the greens along with the beautiful cuts is a must buy for all our customers.

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Mohini Cz Pendant Set

JPMAY-14-04If gold is something you shy away from then this set is just what you need in your life, Careful cuts personify precision and simplicity in this set.

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Magnificent Cz Pendant Set

PE-264A sweet culmination of diamonds and pearls, need we say more? From board room meetings to the bridal shower you got it all covered this one set.

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Pearls Star Pendent Set

PE-6078 Add that colour to your accessories collection and match the jewellery with those beautiful silhouettes like it’s nobody’s business. Bold and Beautiful, Yes you.

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An array of eye candies waiting to be yours at the most affordable prices, so please don’t make them wait any longer and get going. Visit the offers page now!


OCD-Obsessive ChandBallis Disorder

“You can tell what a man really thinks about you by the earrings he gives you”, said Audrey Hepburn.

Chand Balis have been an evergreen ornament adorned gracefully by most Bollywood actresses, A chand bali is the only piece of jewellery you will need to complete that traditional look and feel like a diva. After all, there are not just one but so many reasons to wear these dazzling sparkling baubles.

At Jagdamba Pearls we have an array of knee-weakening designs of Chand balis in store for you.

1.Gold Plated Semi Precious Stones Earrings

SJPJA-394Who can go wrong with these bottle green earrings? Designed especially to compliment that dazzling black dress with just the right amount of color But wait, did someone say these were only meant for traditional wear? Na, we lied to you.

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2. 18kt Gold Earrings with Southsea Pearls

You know exactly where to head to if you’re a PC fan don’t you? Feel bold and beautiful with these pearl drops and be rest assured you have all them heads turning.

You can buy it here

imagesJNOV-0205. (1)






3.Gold Plated Balis with CZ and Pearl hangings



Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it. But we save you the dive and put forward this masterpiece for all those who like to keep up with the pearl game at all times.

You can buy it here



4. Jadau Chand Bali & South Sea Pearls


And yes, keep the best for the last. These Jadau Chand Balis are a must try for all the ladies who love receiving compliments. The best part of these earrings is that they are designed to meet both your day and night events with just the right amount of elegance and luxury.

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So ladies and all the sweet men who love giving gifts, head out to our stores or visit now. After all,

life is too short to wear boring jewellery.


3 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s nothing like spending time with your mom and giving her a little gift to show how much you care for her. While flowers and a dinner date are the go-to options for Mother’s Day, this year opt for something a little more elaborate. The team has a few ideas on how you can make this Mother’s Day even more memorable:

A spa date
Every Mother is a Superwoman. It seems impossible how effortless she makes everything seem. On this coming Sunday, show her how much you appreciate and look up to her by taking her for something that is the epitome of comfort: a spa and massage. Treat her to a rejuvenating experience and she’ll love the care you’re showering on her.
A gift hamper
What better way to show your mom how much you love her than with a gift hamper? Pick out luxuriant body washes, a perfume and beauty oils and pack them in a decorative hamper with some pearl jewellery as the centerpiece. The timelessness of pearl necklaces and earrings combined with the thoughtful beauty gifts are sure to put a smile on her face!
A new look
Who doesn’t like dress-up? No matter how old we grow, experimenting with new looks and clothes will always be exciting. For Mother’s Day, give your mom just that. Take her shopping and spend ages getting her to try on different styles of clothes. Remember, you’re going to step far away from her usual clothes. Let her try on different styles, summer dresses, gowns and more. Let her feel the experience of trying something different with you. Follow it up with a dinner for just the two of you and you’ll have made her day.