Which pearl colour suits me best?

Did you know that pearls are not just available in the colour white but in just about every colour that you can imagine. There is what a jeweler calls, “a palette of colours” that one can choose their pearls from. Right from white, blue, black, lavender, yellow, pink, golden, and just about any colour that there is!

While most pearls (and you are right) are mostly white, or on rare occasions are found in the colour black, there is a possibility that it can occur in a whole lot of other colours too. Now, all pearls have tints and even in the most common and least common tints, there are colour overtones which tend to reflect across the surface of the pearl. For example, if you were to describe a pink pearl necklace, you would say that it’s a silver white pearl with pinks that reflect on it.

Pearls also have this quality in which shimmering, iridescent colours can swirl, move and glitter as the light changes or as the pearl is moved. This type of colouring effect is called orient. This effect, much similar to overtone is a result of the reflecting of light throughout the various nacre layers that compose the pearl.

While this was the technical bit about what brings out the colour in a pearl, all it takes to choose a pearl necklace for you is the colour of your skin tone. Yup! That’s it. The most popular types are white pearl necklaces as well as pearls in pink-rose colours as well. Both these colours flatter the widest range of skin tones.


Fair Skin – Women who have a fair complexion should opt for warm coloured pearl necklaces such as white/pink, golden and deep cream as do darker colours like black, gray and peacock.

Darker Skin –For those of you with a darker skin tone, wear light coloured pearls such as white, light cream, peach, pink, light blue, and silver. These mostly tend to highlight the skin tone.

So, before you invest in a white pearl necklace, put it up against your neck and face to see if the colour suits your skin, eye, and hair colour. If white pearls make you look pale, then try on a warmer shade such as cream or pink.


Try on white or pink or cream clothing and put on your pearls. The colour of pearls that complement your outfit are the ones that are best for you. Otherwise if you normally wear clothing of only a few colours, then select pearls accordingly. If you like wearing black outfits, South Sea pearls are the perfect choice as are Silver-toned Tahitians or Akoyas. If you are buying pearls for someone else, make sure that you gift them something of their choice as opposed to your own taste.

If you really want to make a statement in all its simplicity, white pearls look great with black or dark clothing and coloured pearls look great with white clothing. So tell us which colour suits you best.

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