Glam up your wrists

pic3Picking an outfit for an evening is just half of the task; it’s the details that add up to the cohesive and chic whole. So how does one wear their bracelets? Read on to know more.

  1. Avoid big, chunky bracelets if you are going to be doing important tasks with your hands. Big bracelets can be a task to wear and even simple things like typing on a computer can become a hassle.
  2. If you are wearing a long sleeve blouse top, try and arrange the sleeve and the bracelet in such a way that they align. The overall look is neater and much thought of.
  3. If you are going to be wearing bracelets with short sleeves, then simply let the bracelet rest against your wrist.
  4. Experiment with more than bracelet. Stack it up but let us warn you that assembling a stylish stack is no easy feat after all. You have to take various metal, textures, shapes etc.
  5. Ask questions like do these colours complement each other but don’t go for perfect uniformity. Cooler tones like silver and pale pastels look best with like colors, while gold looks great with red and deep jewel tones.
  6. Try and match your bracelets to the other jewelry.
  7. Last but not the least, careful consideration needs to be given to the setting and time of day when selecting bangle bracelets. A board meeting isn’t an appropriate venue for a bunch of clanking aluminum bangles; similarly, a family barbecue isn’t the right place for diamond-studded jewelry.

6 tips for buying fine jewelry

types of jewelryBefore you go ahead and swipe your credit card for jewelry you barely even like, think again. You may like a lot of pieces of jewelry, but there are a lot of other factors like face shape and size that takes center stage when buying jewelry. Here are a few pointers to assist you in making the right choices:

  1. It is quite important that you spend money on jewelry that you like. Keep your personal style in mind and not current trends.
  2. You should always buy what you can afford. When you set foot in a jewelry store, you already have a number and figure in mind before you even start to look. Try and spend within your means and you will be less likely to come away with regrets.
  3. Don’t rush into buying jewelry. See what appeals to you and take your own sweet time shopping the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself. Head to the stores, walk the counters, try things on, ask questions etc. Buying jewelry for yourself is a personal experience and you are allowed to take as long as possible. Anyone telling you otherwise doesn’t know what he is talking about.
  4. When buying a piece, inspect the piece for quality.
  5. Good company and a good time shopping always go hand in hand. If you need a second opinion while you are shopping, bring a friend along who shares the same taste as you.
  6. The jewelry piece that you are going to invest in should be something that instantly speaks to you and is extremely personal. Jewelry that you put money on should last you a lifetime. If the piece does not take your breath away, then do not put your money down.

The right way to wear chains

pic2The right jewelry can complete an outfit. The wrong one can confuse it. Necklaces, unlike, other pieces of jewelry can sometimes play to be tricky buggers. There are no official rules on how to wear jewelry but here are a few guidelines on how to wear necklaces which can be a great style statement and figure enhancer.

  1. Wear bright, chunky necklaces with neutral colours. An abstract 3-D design necklace along with a white peasant shirt over denim jeans. As the rest of the outfit is simple, the necklace should raise up the wow factor up a notch.
  2. If you are wearing clothes that are bright in colour or have animal prints on them, pair them with less elaborate necklaces such as long silver or gold chains.
  3. A pearl or diamond necklace with a little black dress would look perfect. Extravagant jewelry should be worn only on special occasions.
  4. Bib necklaces are to be worn only with high-cut but low-collared shirts and jackets.
  5. Don’t wear more than one necklace at once. A good chunky necklace is good enough on its own without having to pair it with a big necklace or a scarf or any other variety of neck wear.
  6. Be careful of with what you put your money on. Sloppily made, cheap imitations are tacky and make you seem careless with the way you present yourself. Avoid necklaces with words hanging from them if you want to stay fashion forward.

Before heading out, experiment with the jewelry you own and decide what looks best on you.

Classics making a comeback

pic7Vintage jewelry is on and is trending, thanks to the growing popularity of period-influenced shows like Mad Men and The Great Gatsby. A-listers seem to be sashaying it in movies and parading it around on red carpets reviving the days of good old glamorous Hollywood. It’s not a fresh new trend that has suddenly cropped up but the vintage and antique look has been jazz-hot for a few years now and shows no signs of slowing down.

It is a fact that the turn of the century did witness many gimmicky, weird and futuristic jewelry fads but the last few years have more or less seen the return of subdued and timeless pieces on the runways and red carpets.

It is often said that fashion is cyclical and that styles and trends often come back around. Modern day mavens are borrowing from any and every era, right from the roaring 20’s to the psychedelic 60’s. Rewind to two years ago and picture the classic yet creative sapphire worn by Princess Catherine in the royal wedding which had the ball rolling and inspired many to seek similar styles.

Pearls are the only pieces of jewelry that have stood the test of time. Tastefully classic and extremely sophisticated, pearls can never look outdated. Vintage jewelry tends to look good with just about any outfit.

Designers are also now creating vintage inspired jewelry. Metals with an antiqued bronze look with intricate pieces made in rose gold, a pinkish alloy created with gold and copper, is fast becoming popular this year. Rose gold tends to have a very classic look, more subtle than yellow gold, yet warmer than silver.

If we took a sneak peek in our own backyard, we would be mesmerized with the antique jewelry worn by Mughal emperors and their queens. The charm, sparkle and the intricate manner in which it was designed is unparalleled. The jadau work as was mostly common with Mughal jewelry is a combination of gold and gems intricately embedded with each other.

Embellish your collection with a “new” antique as it will continue to be reinvented and will always be in vogue.

7 styling tricks to make you look thinner

shutterstock_171895628There are days when we feel and look amazing but in between those days, we also have a lot of bad hair days, wardrobe malfunctions and days when you just can’t find the right thing to wear. Regardless of whether the number on the scale has gone up, we do feel bloated, sluggish, or nothing fits or looks good. That is quite normal and happens to the best of us.

But, fashion experts who have the inside scoop on silhouettes that flatter, cuts that camouflage and fabrics that hide the physical dirty laundry have a few tips to share on styling tricks which are guaranteed to make you look thinner. Read on.

  1. Narrowing your hips – If you have big hips, try tying a plaid or a flimsy sweater around the waist as it helps direct the eye to the narrowness of the hips.
  2. Flat tummy tricking – In order to show you have a flat tummy, tuck in only one tiny part of your shirt in your jeans. It will give the perception of a well-toned, flat stomach. Now who would have thought that?
  3. Leaner limbs – Wear an oversized knit like a dude’s pullover to look slim instantly. Men’s clothes are longer and baggier and therefore tend to make you look slimmer.
  4. Suit up – Another trick to hide those ugly bulges is to throw on a blazer which hits below the waist, slim fit jeans and heels to go. This way you feel less exposed and those tires are well hidden.
  5. Statement jackets – On days when you are feeling a little bloated, throw on a statement jacket with big, structured shoulders, and cropped, slim pants.
  6. The Pricey Blouse – A loose fitting top and a super slim pair of jeans usually works in making you hide that weekend weight.
  7. Hourglass silhouette – Even when you feel you are having a bad day getting dolled up, try capitalizing on your assets. A basic black top and a loose skirt with a pair of heels should do the trick for you.

How to dress up for a night out?

pic6It’s always a huge affair when you are dressing up to cocktail receptions, charity galas, premieres and other huge events. They elicit excitement of anticipation, yet somehow lack the oomph quotient when it comes to fashion. Here are a few pointers on how to look trendy and classy when you are dressing for big night out.


You do not need to carry travel suitcase style purses to evening events. The rule to follow when it comes to handbags is – the dressier the event, the smaller the handbag should be. Always carry a clutch to such events as they come in dozens of iterations. You place the clutch under your upper left arm with a cocktail in your left hand. This leaves your right hand free for greetings.


Don a pair of fashion hosiery like shimmering, sparkling stockings. These are flirty yet add glam and pizzazz to a basic black, cocktail dress.


If you are heading out for a big evening out, do not cover yourself up in that dreaded pashmina of yours. If your intention is to repel male attention, then please go ahead. A sexy, more fashionable alternative is to play it safe with either a dress or skirt with a matching jacket, or even a novelty item like a metallic gauze stole or an embellished cardigan, or even a plain one in metallic wool, cotton and silk.


The little black dress is the core to evening attires but each time you wear it, glam it up a little differently. There are always, however, other options too. A pencil skirt paired with an exuberant white top or a fitted bustier with a voluminous skirt. There are limitless options. So take a chance and just dress up differently!

Best ways to show off the bling!

ImageA woman’s beaming smile is equivalent to the size of the rock on her finger because nothing gets us going like a pretty ring, a beautiful necklace or a pair of shiny, sparkly earrings. No matter how big or small, expensive or cheap, real or fake, a good piece of jewelry has a knack of lifting our spirits. Jewelry is to women as games and cars are to men. We can never have enough!

Flaunting your style

The kind of jewelry you wear highlights your personality and is extremely personal. A lot of women can’t leave the house without loading up on chunky necklaces and beads, while for others a small pendant and simple diamond studs complete the look. Some women prefer an armful of bangles or bracelets. Just make sure to have fun with it.

ImageKeep it chic

If you are going to load up on an armful of bangles, try and minimalise on the necklace and earrings. You don’t need to look like a Christmas tree.

Match it to your clothes

Just like how you would match your shoes to the rest of the outfit, you need to think about the jewelry in the same way too. A thin chain goes well with a ruffle-front blouse but not a chunky piece of necklace. Jewelry should raise the outfit a notch.

Choosing it right

Don’t buy cheap imitations. Invest in some good costume jewelry and make sure that it goes with a number of different outfits.

ImageChain it up

You can wear different necklaces with different necklines right from simple, subtle gold chains or a strand of pearls to bold, colourful beads. You can choose to wear necklaces of varied shapes and sizes which add to a festive look. You can make a statement with a wide choker or a bib and you would have to forgo other jewelry when wearing such a fetching item.


Earrings have always had an impact on your complete outfit. Whether you prefer simple studs or dangling ones, each one needs to be well considered when you are in the line of vision. Pearl, gold and diamond studs are versatile and go well with everything. Chandelier earrings are bound to make heads turn and when you wear these, you don’t need a necklace, a brooch or bangles.

Put a ring on it

It does not have to be an engagement ring for you to flaunt it. Rings make a bigger statement especially if you are using your hands to talk or move around. You can choose to stack your rings as it gives it a funky edge or adorn it on different fingers.

Brace it

Bracelets add that extra oomph and are an exciting piece of jewelry to wear. Bracelets add substance to your style. You can choose to wear bracelets of different sizes but keep it limited to one to two types. You decide to wear short sleeves or roll up long ones to display your bijoux.



Choosing jewelry that flatters your face

types of jewelry

Choosing jewelry that will suit your face structure is as important as choosing the right set of clothes that would complement your body shape. Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend but they can also be their worst enemies, depending on how one chooses to wear them.

A lot of times you are inclined towards a certain design, a certain shape but it somehow doesn’t seem to suit your face. Wearing the wrong type of jewelry may add non-flattering pounds to a frame, make a thin woman look skinnier, a full-figured woman even more voluptuous than she already is, etc. So it is always helpful if you know what suits you before you spend your hard-earned savings on a piece that looks fabulous on the showcase but questionable on you.

The right piece of necklace or the right pair of earrings should accentuate your features and divert attention away from features you’d prefer to downplay. The kind of jewelry you wear defines who you are and is a statement which reflects your personality. The right piece can make a whole outfit pop and define your style.

Determining your face-shape

There are different facial shapes and sizes but you need to determine which shape or size your face comes closest to. The best way to determine the shape of your face is to pull your hair back so that your entire face, including the hairline is visible. Now, you can determine if your face is an oval, pear, heart, square, and round.

face shapes OVAL: If your face is oval-shaped then it is considered the ideal face shape for any kind of jewelry as it is perfectly symmetrical.
Celebrities with oval faces: Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart

ROUND: If you have a round face, avoid short necklaces that have large stones or pearls and earrings with circles, balls and hoops which only add to the roundness of your face. Instead, you can always opt for longer necklaces and teardrop or stick earrings that will elongate the face.
Celebrities with round faces: Cameron Diaz and Christina Ricci

HEART: Chandelier or teardrop earrings that are wider at the bottom suit heart shape faces which are narrower at the chin.
Celebrities with heart faces: Jennifer Love Hewitt

OBLONG: Oblong faces appear fuller when you wear circular and short, drop earrings.
Celebrities with oblong or rectangular faces: Hilary Swank

No matter what type of a face you have, what’s important is to being able to pick jewelry that reflects your personality and it’s making a statement by itself.

Tips to wear jewelry the right way

Not everyone has the liberty of consulting an image consultant on the go. For those who follow their instinct, here are a few handy pointers that you may want to keep in mind:

  1. Choose jewelry that creates a pleasing sense of balance. If your frame is a little bigger, small pieces of jewelry will not be accentuated. Wear jewelry according to your size. Small diamond studs are usually the preferred choice of most women but bigger women should group different stones together for a cascading effect which creates a leaner effect.
  2. Large, clunky jewelry tends to overpower a woman of a more petite size. A minimal and clean look is what suits someone with a small frame. Ultra-fine chains, large thin hoops, and a stack of thin-rimmed bangles. But, try not to combine clunky jewelry with bold patterned dresses or loud colours.
  3. Accentuate the features that you want to. If you have perfectly manicured fingers, wear pretty rings to show them off. By wearing jewelry that highlights your assets will draw the attention away from the features you don’t like.
  4. Having said that, the right kind of jewelry will help soften those less-flattering features too. If you have a short neck, dangling earrings will elongate it – just avoid them touching your shoulders. If you want to elongate your neck further, opt for longer chains rather than chokers.
  5. Keeping it simple is making a statement in itself. A necklace composed of a series of flat-cut geodes lying against the collarbone creates a very feminine look while being bold.

Know what you are wearing and wear it with confidence!


Pearl Jewellery

For times immemorial, pearls have been associated with beauty and purity. Not only are they regarded as both classic and contemporary, they are a must-have in any wardrobe. Pearls are found in both saltwater and in freshwater. The different types of pearls are as follows:

NATURAL PEARLS – Natural pearls are an extremely rare find. They were originally found in the Persian Gulf but unfortunately, today, most have already been harvested. You may find small, natural pearls, but they will be costly.

CULTURED PEARLS – Such kind of pearls are grown in pearl farms. Mollusks are raised until they are old enough to accept the mother-of-pearl bead nucleus. After a delicate surgical procedure is carried out, the technician implants the bead and the mollusks are then returned to the water and dedicatedly cared for while the pearl forms. Not all produce a pearl and not all of them are of a superior quality.

SALTWATER PEARLS – The Akoya cultured pearls are found in Japanese and Chinese water. They vary in size right from 2mm to 10mm and are usually white or cream in colour and round in shape. Australia, Indonesia, and the Phillipines produce the South Sea Pearl, the largest of all pearls. Their size varies from 9mm to 20mm and is naturally white, cream or golden in colour. Another type of saltwater pearl is the Tahiti pearl which is interestingly not exclusively from Tahiti. They are, however, grown in several of the islands of French Polynesia, including Tahiti. They are about 8mm to 16mm in size. 

FRESHWATER PEARLS – These pearls are predominantly found in Chinese freshwaters. Although they are white and resemble the akoya cultured pearls in shape and size. They are produced in various shapes and in an array of pastel colours. 

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IMITATION PEARLS – These imitation pearls have a high luster and are usually a coated glass bead. It is quite a challenge to determine whether the pearl is natural or cultured. In order to enhance the luster of a pearl or alter their colour, a pearl undergoes treatments.

But, it is always advisable to take tips and pointers from an educated jeweler before making an investment.