Birthstones of March: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Often linked with zodiac signs, different gemstones represent different birth months of people. These birthstones have a positive impact on the life of people who wear them. Each month has a couple of different birthstones that a person can choose from.

March, signifies the transition of the seasons from the chilling winters to the warm summers, as do the birthstones of this month. Symbolizing warm soothing spring, the birthstones for March are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Both these stones are polar opposites when it comes to physical appearance, but they both represent the perseverance of the health of the wearer.


Derived from the Latin word ‘aqua’ and ‘marine’ meaning water and sea, Aquamarine is not only the birthstone for March, but also a symbol for youth, hope and health.

This stone’s colours range from pastel blue and greenish blue, to the more rare and expensive darker shades. Aquamarine is usually found as a large hexagonal crystal which makes it suitable for cleaving in larger carats. Larger the gemstone, darker and more intense is the hue.

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Found as a pebble, this dark green stone with red vivid spots of iron oxide all over it has it deep roots in Greek mythology. Known as ‘heliotrope’ by the ancient Greeks, it is believed that the bloodstone had the power to turn the sun red. Also known as the Red Jasper, it is of two varieties, one with the dark red spots or veins (heliotrope) and the other sports faded red spots and is more opaque (plasma).

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For a Bloodstone, a solid, green coloured stone with dark red veins of ferrous oxide is considered the best and can be cut into a plethora of shapes.

Even though Bloodstone is devoid of the lustre that Aquamarine possesses, people choose this for what it symbolizes, cleansing and realignment. Preserve and enhance your health with Aquamarine and Bloodstone, this March.


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