Why is Gold Considered Auspicious on Diwali?

Why is gold considered auspicious on Diwali?

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated to commemorate Lord Ram’s homecoming after 14 years of exile. The biggest event in the Hindu calendar, Diwali is celebrated across India for various reasons. The celebrations last over 5 days and include worshipping of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh.

Gold and gold articles play a huge role in Diwali celebrations across the country, and this is why:

  • Gold articles are offered to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, to appease her. After offering valuables in prayer, devotees leave their doors open and decorate their doorways and windows with lamps or diyas. This is done in the hope to guide Goddess Lakshmi to their homes so that she may bless them with prosperity and wealth.

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  • Gold has come to be the primary form of prayer offering due to its high value. People also associate the lights and brightness of Diwali with the glisten of gold. Gold coins are exchanged with relatives and friends as Diwali gifts.
  • Gold is one of the strongest metals on earth, and it is considered to be auspicious due to its purity. Pure gold is not only a huge asset but is also the strongest out of all other forms of gold.
  • Buying gold on any of the 5 festive days is considered to be a good investment, especially on Dhanteras. Purchasing gold on this day is considered auspicious as it is believed that any form of dhan (wealth) bought on Dhanteras will bring good fortune.
  • Today, the occasion of Diwali is synonymous with buying gold and gold articles irrespective of the state of the economy, gold will forever continue to be an asset. 10 grams of pure gold was priced at ₹63.25 in the year 1964. Presently, 8 grams of 22k gold costs ₹24,384, and 8 grams of 24k gold costs ₹25,600. Trends show that gold will continue to be a safe investment.

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5 Pieces You Shouldn’t Miss Out on this Dussehra

Traditional Diamond Necklace at jpearls

Dussehra, the festival of the victory of good over evil, is an occasion that calls for celebration. It is a day of fighting away the bad in your life, a day of triumph, a day of new beginnings. For this celebration, here is a list curated for you so that you don’t have to look through or search hard to find the best of all jewellery.

Elora Gold Chain

This beautiful necklace is the perfect blend of elegance and tradition. Embedded in 22kt gold, emeralds, rubies, and south sea pearls come together to form the Elora Gold Chain. This chain is perfect for the auspicious occasion of Dussehra. – Order Elora Gold Chain here

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Ashley South Sea Pearl Necklace

The Ashley South Sea Pearl Necklace is a golden pearl necklace made of cultured South Sea pearls of the most exceptional quality. The golden South Sea pearls are a rare variety of pearls and attribute their unique hue entirely to nature.  – Get Ashley South Sea Pearl Necklace here

Ashley South Sea Pearl Necklace

Traditional Diamond Necklace

The timeless Traditional Diamond Necklace is a classic example of convention & agelessness. The 5.19 karat diamond necklace showcases diamonds studded on a gold base and is extremely hard to resist. Be the light that shines the brightest this Dussehra with this necklace. Buy it today. – Order Traditional Diamond Necklace here

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Emerald Gold Pearl Earrings

This intricately designed pair of earrings is a sight to behold. A base of gold brings emeralds and pink pearls into a beautiful harmony in the form of these earrings. Shopping online has never been easier. Buy this piece online befikar. We promise easy returns, refunds, COD, and more. Order Emerald Gold Pearl Earrings Online

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22k (916) Designer Style Gold Chain

One can never go wrong with a gold chain. This 22 karat gold chain weighs 41 grams and displays an intricate design. It is believed that gold is bought merely as an asset, but the 22k (916) Designer Gold Chain is a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection as well. #BuyBefikar today! – Order Designer Gold Chain Online

Designer style Gold Chain at jpearls

We hope you enjoyed our list of jewellery that’s perfect for Dussehra. Leave in the comments what else you’d like to see from us!

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