Celebrate your birth with the month of pearls

Despite what we do or say, there’s a little believer in the supernatural inside all of us. We aren’t exactly superstitious but we believe in the notion of luck and some of us might go an extra mile to have that luck with us always. Sometimes this luck really pays off.

June is the month of the Pearl and people born during June 22 – July 22 are said to have pearl as their birthstone. Gifting your loved ones with pearls on their birthdays can be an ideal gift. Pearl being their birthstone can benefit them in ways more than one. Not only are pearls precious and gorgeous, they also have astrological benefits to them. Worn at the right time, Pearls can bring you luck, prosperity and fortune.

The qualities of pearls as birthstones

Pearls have been assigned to with the moon as their celestial representative and signify the moon in many ways. Pearls have many qualities (and can induce these qualities if worn on the right time) similar to the moon. The moon is said to possess qualities like imagination, intellect and memory. So, when worn during days when moon is the strongest, the wearer can draw their energies from moon and will have a strong sense of imagination and will use their memory in ways that will benefit them.


The best part of wearing pearls is that it doesn’t have any negative effects. Besides helping boost your intellect,  pearls are said to have a calming effect on the individual just like the sea where they take birth

How to wear pearls?

It isn’t necessary for pearls to be worn in a specific style. You can have them modelled in a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, a necklace, a bangle – the possibilities are limitless.  What remains constant is the fact that Gemini’s and Cancer’s will benefit from wearing pearls. Symbolically speaking, Pearls are also gifted to couples who are celebrating their 3rd, 12th and 30th anniversary.


JPearls Pearl Fiesta

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7 Tips To Wear Pearls

Pearls are some of the most exquisite jewels there can be worn. But how do you get the best out of their luminescent brilliance? Here are some tips to follow to light up your outfit with pearls.

1. The best way to wear pearls is to wear multiple strands. These can be a change from a regular necklace or chain and also add a chic quotient to your persona.


2. Add a statement pearl necklace which is chunky and has detailing. Few people wear something as interesting as this and you will be sure to stand apart from others.

3. Since pearls are milky white, you might want to mix them up with other additions such as beads, shells or blue-green stones. You can also pair pearls with a gold chain to add some more dazzle. This is a great way to present an evolved look.

4. Pearls make for great bracelets. Wear a layer of pearls, in 3-4 chains as a bracelet and instantly up your style quotient. You could also add a bracelet of pearls with a chunkier multicolored bracelet for added effect.


5. Pearls are the perfect hair accessory. Add them as a hair brooch or ornament. This will make any outfit you wear seem more elegant.

6. Possibly the subtlest and most stylish pearl jewellery you could own are pearl earrings. Wrap your hair up, wear a pair of pearl earrings and pair this with any kind of outfit and you will look like a movie star.


7. Pearl rings are a timeless accessory to own. Irrespective of whether they are trending or not, pearl rings are a subtle statement on their own. They go well with any outfit and will make you look ever so elegant.

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The Pearl Museum at Hyderabad – One of its kind

Pearls of history

The City of Pearls has a little secret. Tucked into a jewellery store on the busy MG Road stretch in Secunderabad is the Pearl Museum of Hyderabad. Whether you like jewellery or would just like to learn more about the city, the Pearl Museum is a treat to visit.

The origins of pearl trade

Hyderabad was founded in 1951 by Mughal emperor Quli Qutub Shah. Ever since, Hyderabad has established a name for itself. Cultures, traditions and delicacies aside, Hyderabad is also known for its legacy in dealing pearls. Thanks to its Mughal ancestors, Hyderabad, over the time has become famous for its dealing in pearls. Hyderabadi’s made their fortunes by dealing in pearls, diamonds and other precious stone.

A history in famous jewels

Hyderabad has its own share of bloody histories over possession of famous diamonds like Hope, Regent and Orloff. For a great period of time Hyderabad was also home for the most famous diamond in the world – Kohinoor. These legendary names are only a part of Hyderabad’s historic role as a pearl & diamond training center. Several large historic marketplaces in Hyderabad have played a role in the jewellery industry for centuries and continue to. It is this legacy of jewel trading that gave Hyderabad the ‘City of Pearls’ name and have made Hyderabad such a great place to buy pearls from.

Relive the history of pearls

Now, you too can take a step through history with the Pearl Museum. Located at Secunderabad, and housed above Jagdamba pearls, the Museum gives you an insight into pearls and their historical association with Hyderabad. You will learn about much including the types and shapes of pearls and see the best quality of pearls. The best part of the Pearl Museum is that you can actually watch craftsmen at work. One of the craftsmen at the Museum will string your choice of pearls into a beautiful necklace then and there if you would like to buy one.




The Pearl Museum is an ideal place for everyone across ages. Come and relive a little of Hyderabad’s history at the Pearl Museum. We promise you that you will go back enlightened.

A Jhumka for every occasion

Ever since Sadhana starred in Mera Saya and danced to her heart’s content on Jhumka Gira Re, there has been an undying love and appreciation for jhumkas in the Indian society. Men, women and children, everyone started loving jhumkas and there hasn’t been a song with the word jhumka in it which has flopped. So you get the drill right? How much all of us love those dome shaped earrings? They are just so traditional!

With the progress that the Fashion industry has made so far, it would be unfair to not modify or beautify jhumkas and hence here we are, many years later with different sizes, designs, shapes and make of jhumkas. No matter what you wear, a pair of jhumkas will match your outfit perfectly and that’s why the old wives tell, when on doubt wear jhumkas.


And the best part is that jhumkas aren’t just made for weddings and huge family get together. Today we have all kinds of jhumkas for all kinds of occasion. For college we have fashion jewellery, for a small kitty party we have beautiful Victorian jhumkas, for the traditional weddings we have huge temple jhumkas and for those date nights we have sparkling diamond jhumkas. Isn’t the progress amazing? It sure is.


A little tip from our side would be, if you are wearing jhumkas then it would be a good idea to keep your neck simple and your hair tied up so that the focus will be on jhumkas. Your make up however can be dramatic and compliment the jhumkas. And if you have multiple piercings in your ear, it would be okay to remove those earrings or just wear small not so noticeable diamond studs so that your ears wouldn’t look very busy. But if you are aiming for the busy look, then you’ll surely nail it. A sleek French twist would do wonders!

Gemstones and their benefits

The term wearing your luck has never been so popular as it is today and the good thing is, in today’s world where creativity is at its peak, you can wear your luck with style. We often see people wearing rings, bracelets and even pendants. Not just common people but a lot of celebrities who believe in astrology tend to wear these rings and bracelets. But why do they do so? A number of astrologers believe that just like your birthstones, even these stones help you.

These stones say astrologers, tend to bring us positive energy and ward of negative energies. If you are into alternative therapies then you know very well how powerful magnetism can be.  Likewise, these stones are powerful and create good vibes when you need them the most. Every stone has a different purpose and wearing them can help you in areas which you not so comfortable with.

Ruby: Red in colour, this stone stands for Sun in the solar system and is as powerful as the sun. Having symbolic qualities like the sun, Ruby helps a person in utilizing and pushing forward their leadership skills. They say Ruby was made for Leo’s. It helps people stay competitive and strike back when they are under pressure. It builds resilient tendencies in people. Physiologically Ruby helps a child’s timely physical and mental growth and for adults it helps in blood circulation.

Emerald: Green in colour, this gemstone represents Mercury and helps in communication. Astrologers often refer to emerald as a master of communication. It also helps in bettering your memory along with your analytical thinking and ability to analyse things. It avoids delay in life and can speed up your process of achievements.

Blue Sapphire: Representing Saturn and being blue in colour, Blue Sapphire more famously known as Neelam has immense power and if it doesn’t suit the wearer, it can bring him/her a lot of adversities in life. Blue Sapphire is something that cannot be taken lightly. It starts showing its effects immediately and is advised to be taken off even if there is a slight misfortune. The Blue Sapphire helps in keeping the mind clean and removes disharmony between the body and the mind.

Diamond: Known to symbolize Venus, Diamonds are often termed as a woman’s best friends and with good reason of course. Though many women wear it without being suggested by the astrologer because they are pretty and precious, diamonds also have qualities which will help you in life. They benefit your lifestyle and are worn to increase your fame. It is also said that diamonds bring stability in relationships. Perhaps that’s the reason you propose a woman with a diamond.

Yellow Sapphire: Yellow in colour, this stone symbolises Jupiter in the solar system and brings about wealth and knowledge to people. Is said to be good for people who own business or are in fields of law, soldiers, public servers and air force officers. Apart from bringing knowledge, the stone also wards of negative energies are protects it wearers from diseases of endocrine and system. Physiologically, it increases metabolism and regulation of body fat.

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Celebrate Father’s Day with Jagdamba Pearls

The person we grow to become is entirely because of our parents. They take care of us from day one and keep looking after us even when we are older and can take care of ourselves. Their love for us in unconditional and if they could, they’d give us the moon.

Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist once said, “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” And how true is that! A father teaches us girls to love with tenderness and to stay strong in times of adversities and he teaches us little boys to defend honour and strike back when the world pushes us down.

A father’s silent sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed. So this Father’s Day, let’s do something special for the strongest man in our lives. Let us pamper him instead and let us shower him with care and love. It isn’t every day that we are given a chance like this so why not make the most of it?

Jagdamba Pearls is proud to present their latest collection, the Father’s Day special. No points on guessing that it’s dedicated to all the fathers out there!

Jpearls Sip Flask:
If your father enjoys his drink then indulging him in this Jpearls Sip Flask would be the best gift for Father’s Day. An inscription at the bottom or on the sides will just swell his heart!


Jpearls Silver Cigrate Case:
If his vice is smoking, or if he’s a social smoker, then wouldn’t this case be the perfect gift?


Jpearls Business Card Holder:
What better gift for a businessman other than a card holder? A special message on the inside will remind him of you every time he opens it!


Jpearls Gold Plated Cufflinks:
If your dad likes to suit up, then these lovely cufflinks would be the best father’s day present! But if you think gold is not his colour, you can go for the silver plated ones.


Kundan Jewellery – A Royal Comeback

It was during K Asif’s Mughal-E-Azam that kundan jewellery made an entry into Bollywood and also into the hearts of millions of common people. Now you’d ask, what’s so common about these people. Well to say the least, kundan jewellery prior to the release of Mughal-E-Azam only belonged to royalty. Common man had the luxury of gold and he was happy with it. Exquisite designs, pearls, rubies and other gorgeous ornaments were reserved for the royals.

Post Mughal-E-Azam, a refreshing amount of people went with kundan jewellery and aren’t we glad for it? It is such a nice change from the plain old gold (don’t get me wrong, the right design of gold necklace will make you feel like Cleopatra, but it’s just repetitive). Even then, these exquisite items were then reserved for the elite society. It was something traditional and passed on from one generation to another. Brides were dressed in beautiful pieces and they then retained them for the rest of their lives.

Fast forward to modern day. To the release of Jodha Akbar to be very precise. It was then when Tanishq generously sponsored jewellery for the entire cast, even the minions of Jodha Akbar and life hasn’t been the same for anyone after that. Once again, the viewer’s went crazy. Only this time, it was became every girls dream to look like Aishwarya on her wedding day. And thanks to Tanishq and some imitation jewellery, that dream was turned into reality.


As if that wasn’t encouragement enough, Sonam Kapoor waltz in to Bollywood. In her initial days, she stuck to traditional clothes like anarkalis and always completed her look by teaming up her gorgeous couture outfits with beautiful kundan pieces. Only later it was revealed that all these were designed by her mommy, Sunita Kapoor and she was merely modelling them. Whatever it was, it struck a chord with the aam janta.


Now, kundan jewellery has made such a big comeback that a beautiful choker looks lovely on a cocktail dress and if you are into high street fashion, you can often spot models wearing kundan earrings on bandage dresses and let me tell you this, they look gorgeous!


The best thing about kundan jewellery is, you can play around with the many designs. If you aren’t into heavy sets, you can always go with huge earrings and a bare neck. Classic updo, smokey eyes and chand balis will make you look gorgeous and yet sophisticated at the same time. On the other hand, if you are into heavy sets, then braiding your hair would be a good option because then the focus would be on your jewellery. A huge ring with designer bangles is also a valid option if you want the focus to be on your red lips!

Whatever look you are into, kundan should be your go to jewellery!

Queen of Red Carpet – Blake Lively

The current Cannes Film Festival saw a lot of celebrities walking the red carpet looking like a million bucks. Their hair, make-up and choice of clothes was perfect and the best part is, that so far, none of these beauties have committed a fashion faux pas. Keeping all that aside, let me tell you what didn’t go unnoticed. It was their choice of jewellery. Most of them or rather all of them decided to wear sparkling diamonds and looked dropped dead gorgeous.

From Sonam Kapoor to Nicole Kidman, every one of them walked the red carpet in diamonds and looking at them, the only thing one could do was drool. What’s interesting was, they didn’t over-do it and wore just a single piece, giving it full attention. It was either an amazing neck piece or earrings or a chunky bracelet.
Be it huge chandelier earrings or just small dew drops, they kept it simple and coordinated them with their hair, make up and most importantly their neckline. Our favourite celebrity at the red carpet had to be Blake Lively. Otherwise known as Queen of Red Carpet, she made appearance after appearance and blew our mind. Here’s what she wore.


On the first day, Blake Lively chose a simple yet sexy burgundy dress with a thigh-high split. The dress hugged her at the right places and the rose gold heels helped her stand tall and show off her perfectly toned legs. Here’s what very interesting about her look. She could have opted for a choker or an amazing snake diamond set which would have helped her go OTT but she kept it simple with diamond earrings which ended with ruby drops and a statement cuff bracelets. We LOVE it


Cannes film festival opened with Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco and to pay tribute to both Grace Kelly and Nicole Kidman, Blake pulled a total Grace Kelly on them. In a black and white princess gown with a plunging neckline, Blake looked every bit of a princess and her entire look overshadowed Nicole’s look. To accessorize her dress, she went all in with a diamond necklace, a bracelet, tops and her huge engagement rock. Her husband, Ryan Reynolds complemented her well in a black tuxedo.


Critics went nuts when she walked the ramp in a silhouette showing white couture dress. I’m pretty sure that no 26 year old can carry off a couture dress with pockets but Lively did it and with such panache! My God! Once again she went all simple with the jewellery because her main focus was her dress. A huge oval shaped ring on her middle finger and diamond tops completed her look. What’s not to like!

Audrey Hepburn – A Style Icon

Audrey Hepburn’s quotes are what girls live by these days. In a world where body image is the number #1 criteria to be accepted in the society, Audrey’s wise words help women feel better about themselves and help them in accepting themselves.

But the question is, does body image really matter? The answer to this question is no. Body image doesn’t matter at all, as long as you accept yourself and are confident about the way you look. You can however, glamourize yourself with a little bit of jewellery and feel like you own the world. Something else that you’d be needing is a good haircut and a great pair of heels and voila! You will look like the star that you really are.

Audrey Hepburn always had a unique style and she was voted as one of the most beautiful woman of all times. Is this a coincidence? Of course not. If you look at it, she’s really petite and delicate. If you are to compare her to the likes of Marylyn Monroe she won’t really stand a chance. But then again, it would be unfair because both of them belonged to different times. Then, what was so different yet so similar about them? It was their love for fashion, jewellery and a sense of confidence!

Audrey always said, “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” It was indeed her confidence and her happy nature that made her special and beautiful.

It was only a matter of time before Audrey Hepburn was tagged as a style icon. Her flawless dressing was very chic. She mostly favoured gowns and swore by pearls. She made many appearance in pearls and the media loved her for that. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was her breakthrough and the most sensational movie of all times. But what gets to the audience is her simplicity in the movie. She didn’t want a rock from Tiffany’s. A mere inscription was what she was happy with.

Here are two looks that defined Audrey the most.

She wasn’t wealthy in the movie, but it was on Sunday’s that she made herself feel special. She put on her best black dress, boho shades and a lovely neck-piece with four strands of huge pearls and a flower chocker in the front.

It was her style. To keep things simple yet chic. She always went for one piece of jewellery. Here, she made sure to keep her neck and hands bare, tied her hair up in an elegant bun with bangs covering a major part of her forehead and wore sparkling earrings. Can’t say we don’t like it.

To Dad, with love

Your Dad is your hero in so many ways. Fathers represent support, protection, guidance, education, and truck loads of love. Father’s Day, just like Mother’s Day celebrates fatherhood and honours fathers all over the world. This Father’s Day remind him how much he is loved and appreciated with a gift from JPearls.


Every man deserves a few pieces of high-end jewelry to complete and complement his style and at JPearls, we have a wide range of gifts just in time for Dad’s big day. We know how hard finding jewelry for men can be but we make it so easy with cufflinks, pendants, chains, bracelets, and rings. Whether your budget is large or small, you will find father’s day present at JPearls.com that he will treasure for years to come.


This father’s day why not opt for a change rather than the usual socks or a tie and show your Dad you love him and really do appreciate all those times he may have picked you up from various places or paid for those credit card bills! At JPearls we understand that life is filled with happy moments particularly when celebrating special occasions. Bring together love and life with a special gift from JPearls this Father’sDay.


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