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 JPearls.com anniversary jewellery offers and pearl sets discounts

What began as a way for us to cater to our patrons from different cities has now become one of India’s most popular online jewellery destinations. JPearls.com, the online face of the 91 year old Sri Jagdamba Pearls, was launched in the year 2000. Now, 15 years later, we have traveled long and crossed many milestones.

None of what we achieved would have been possible without you, dear patron. It is your love and belief in us that drives us to greater heights. We are one of the most visited jewellery websites in India and are among the most trusted pearl meerchants in thr country. All because of the faith you hold in us.

To thank you for your patronage, we invite you to 15 days of celebration! Starting today, for the next 15 days we will reveal one brilliant offer after another, which will run only for 24 hours. From freebies to huge discounts on premium jewellery, we’re giving you every reason to join our celebrations. Tune in to www.jpearls.com and see more!

Jewellery for every occasion

While diamonds have been the dreamier gift for women, pearls have always been a fit gift of love. No other gem conveys the warmth, and depth or even measures up to the eternal quality of love as does a pearl gift. At Jagdamba Pearls, we have an endless variety of styles and jewelry choices, the perfect pearl gift for any important occasion. You could view our large selection of pearl jewelry online or you could drop in at one of our pearl outlets situated across Hyderabad.

Be it anniversaries, holidays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, graduations, promotions and birthdays of course, no matter what kind of special occasion you are celebrating, Jagdamba Pearls always makes it memorable with unique pearl jewelry to match.

What’s a thoughtful gift for a bride? What gift commemorates success or an important milestone in her life? The answer is pearls. A beautiful strand of pearls reminds her of some of life’s best moments whether it is when she walked down the aisle, or became a mother or just inherited it from her favourite grandmother. Pearl gifts are as wondrous and varied as your loved ones: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings. They make for the perfect memorable gift because they suit so many tastes and will be something that she will cherish for years to come.

Pearls show a level of feminine elegance and never seem to go out of style. The versatility of pearl jewelry lets every fashionable woman make a statement, whatever the occasion may be.

Based on traditions, pearl gifts are ideal especially for a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Pearl jubilee, as it also known as, is the alternate modern jewelry material as a 30th wedding anniversary gift. A figurine or vase or a pearl bowl are some of the gifts that you can present the couple with.

Shopping at Jagdamba Pearls is an experience in itself. We are proud to be one of the first retailers of pearls in Hyderabad and Jagdamba Pearls is the only pearl shop in Hyderabad which caters to the various tastes and needs of its customers. Our specialties include Tahitian Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Japanese Pearls and South Sea Pearls.

The jewelry showcased at Jagdamba is expertly hand-crafted using only quality freshwater pearls. Not only that, but we price our finest jewelry at affordable prices, so you can have beautiful and trendy jewelry to match any occasion all without having to ever worry about that big burn in your wallet! You simply can’t go wrong with one of the many pearl jewelry gift sets that Jagdamba has to offer – beautiful cultured pearl necklace with pearl earrings.

So go ahead and browse through our exclusive pearl jewelry and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Women’s Day Love: The First Women Of Bollywood Who Rocked Pearls

It’s hard to stay on the elegant side of fashion when Bollywood is heavily influenced by new trends, avant-garde ideas and tacky bling. That’s why our favourite stars and fashionable ones at that, are those who balance eternal style with their fabulous personalities. This women’s day, we picked out 10 such amazing personalities, the first women of Bollywood who stand out for their excellent taste in jewellery and their picture perfect lives that inspire us everyday. And their favourite jewellery is: Pearls, of course! Take a look at how they wore their favourite jewellery.

Aishwarya Rai 

j-Aishwarya+Rai+Dangle+Earrings+Pearl+Drop+earringsShe’s the biggest star India has ever seen and as made sure her personality stood the test of time. Her acting abilities, her amazing family and her classic beauty was praised to the skies. And what we love about Aishwarya is the way she satys in the limelight with minimal efforts – India’s biggest export. At Cannes and on the home turf, Aishwarya stays true to who she is with her personal style – we love the way she wears her favourite drop pearl earrings – with panache.


Kareena Kapoor
j-kareenaThe second lady of Pataudi, she had a few ups and downs when she started her career in terms of personal style. But she soon found her groove and got classy and understated in the process. Her well-fitted cocktail gowns and easy breezy salwars and anarkalis had us at hello. We love how she wears her chandbaalis, dangly and fun.




Kangana Ranaut
j-kangana2014 was Kangana’s biggest year – she acted in Queen and that role nearly changed her life. In real life, we love the independent and suave lady who trips us up with her fashion choices and her unconventional roles. Her personal style is devastatingly modernist – cluster pearl necklaces and large chunky pearl chandeliers. That’s also her style staple – so gorgeous and so refined!



Vidya Balan
j-vidya-balanAs traditional as they come, Vidya Balan is bollywood’s biggest gamble that paid off. A non size zero actress who guards her individuality and that’s why we really adore Vidya. Her personal style is traditional and very old school – and she often is seen with her favourite pearl pendant necklaces and jhumkis – we love the fact that she wears them beautifully with her favourite kanjeevarams. Her look at Cannes in sabyasachi was our favourite till date.


Deepika Padukone

j-deepikaAh, the reigning queen of Bollywood has everyone in a tizzy because she’s so fabulously awesome. Whether it’s movies or her personal style – Deepika Padukone sure knows how to stay in style everyday. Flawlessly beautiful and brilliantly intuitive, Deepika knows what fits her body and what really works on it. But her personal favourite (which is our favourite too) is her jhumkis. We love how she pairs them up often and on western and traditional fare. Simply amazing!



Pictures courtesy: Bollywood Celebden

10 Gifts To Make You Feel Fab This Women’s Day!

Oh, we’ve been through a hard year as women. We’ve made beds, cooked up a storm for the family and made sure we got the “Employee of the Month” badge at work. So this Women’s Day, make sure you love that amazing person who’s been with you throughout – yourself! That’s why we put together 10 exquisite jewellery pieces that can make you feel oh-so-good about yourself. From pretty pendants to scintillating earrings – there’s something for every woman out there! ***Psst, take a look and tell us what you love the most in the comments section though!

  1. Dual Heart Pendant Set

This one’s as simple as it looks. Everyone in love needs a heart and add a pearl necklace with it and you’ll cherish this piece forever.

Wear it with: A cool tank top and jeggings!


2. Pink Button Pearl Bangles

Pearl bangles are just the thing a girl needs to make herself feel better on a rather dull day. These tiny pearl bangles add a bit of old school glamour to your everyday work look.

Wear it with: A quirky kurti!


3. Claire Baalis

As traditional as they get, these cutesy Claire baalis are a simpler take on the heavier chand baalis. What makes them stand out is the ruby settings, we are so loving the pearl drops that are crafted to perfection.

Wear it with: An anarkali.


4. For You Pearls Watch

So unique and so out-of-the-box, the exquisitely designed pearl watch is a sight for sore eyes. It can go on western as well as traditional outfits and adds the much needed elegance to your look.

Wear it with: A maroon-coloured high slit cocktail dress!


5. Three String Grey Pearl Bracelet

It’s an unconventional choice – buying yourself a grey pearl bracelet. But that’s why you will stand out in a crowd of “mee-toos”.  The grey bracelet adds sophistication to your look and also gives your wardrobe a new perspective.

Wear it with: A work-wear shirt.


6. Two-line Pearl Set

Every girl needs one classic essential set of the finest pearls in her jewellery closet. Take this as the one thing that will gear your wardrobe up for the future – to pass it onto your daughter , silly. It’s so versatile, it will work on any outfit.

Wear it with: A little black dress!


7. Navratan Pendant Set

If you’re a traditional gal at heart, then this one’s just for you. The Navratan pendant is simple yet conventional – so you can actually wear it for special occasions or all of our Indian festivals.

Wear it with: A georgette sari.


8. Gold Pendant Set

The smallest, most cutest gift ever, the small gold and pearl pendant set is perfect for work and play. It works on everyday work wear and you could definitely pair it up with corporate clothing as well as your kurtis.

Wear it with: Wide-legged pants and a white shirt!


9. Two-piece Pearl Finger Ring

Rings are precious and rings are personal. Which is why you need to invest in a good diamond and pearl ring. It can be worn everyday and has a certian charm to it – it’s pure and divine with a touch of delicacy.

Wear it with: Your favourite denims and a crop top!


10. Pearl Combo Three Earrings

The best thing to buy if you’re a working woman. These three interesting combo pearl earrings are just what you need to hit all the right notes at work. Wear one everyday and change them up a bit – fabulous all the way!

Wear it with: A good jacket or a nice body-con dress!


5 Colour-combos in Jewellery That Will Make Your Jewellery Case a Better Place!

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 2

When it comes to jewellery, it pays to have variety in your box. Well, if you’re into classic and elegant fare, then all the more reason why you should opt for something “out of the box” to fit into your fashionable life. Pearls are of course, in everybody’s lust list – they’re precious, classy and oh -so-fabulous which brings us back to the question – would you add anything else to make them better? Yes, of course! This holi, our dear festival of colours reminds us once again that we need something bright and big in our lives. Our jewellery box included. That’s precisely the reason why we need to up the ante and look for necklace ideas and combos that are off-beat and unique – one’s will stop traffic in varied hues. So go ahead, add a bit of colour into your staid pearl sets – the brighter, the better.

#1 Multi-coloured Wonders
5-Colour-combos-in-Pearl-Jewellery-1These jewellery pieces are extremely versatile – they fit perfectly, like a glove into your wardrobe. Because, they can go with every outfit of yours – you name the colour and they match it in a jiffy. Look for a necklace that can be worn on western or Indian outfits – and that’s why the Navratan collection is your best bet. It offers a safe option for those who are divided on colours and hues, plus it offers excellent avant-garde styling ideas. Of all colour combos, this one’s definitely the safest, you’ll never go wrong with this gem.

#2 Pearls With Rubies

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 2A combination that’s pretty common – rubies gel very well with pearls and together, they can clearly create magic. But if you’re vigilant, you can take this combination a notch higher with great craftsmanship and interesting designs. Opt for neckpieces that are wholesome and big so that rubies get as much attention as your pearls. Add floral elements or exquisite paisleys and you’re on the path to a fashionable start.


#3 Emeralds and Pearls

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 3Emeralds are all about royalty and power and when teamed with pearls, they add a touch of elegance and charm to their ilk. The explosive combination of emeralds with pearls can give you a sophisticated air – so look for ones that showcase both parties well. Go for neckpieces that work well on saris and anarkalis – so powerful and so exuberant. Layered necklaces will help bring out the best in them – and work very well on our outfits as well.


#4 Pastel Rainbow
5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 4Pastels are the biggest trend for summer – somehow anything light and delicate seems to be the tune for the day. So look for necklaces that showcase that simplicity and clarity in your styling like those that come with peach-coloured pearls, rose-coloured ones and even those that come in an interesting golden shade. Wear them with white pearls to add charm to your look.


#5 Purples and Whites

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 5There is definitely something about lilac and white combinations – they are ethereal and heavenly and all things divine. They bring out the hidden elegance in our styling and help us look really classy. That’s why this off-beat combination is only for those looking at something new altogether – something out of this world! Look for delicate threads, single layered necklaces that will slip in easily without being noticed – but on the whole they bring in a sort of delicacy to the entire look.