Essential gold ornaments every girl needs


There are some gold pieces that can elevate your entire style statement without screaming too much gold. That add glamour and mystery without taking all the attention from what’s really  important: you. Here is a list of the top gold ornaments every woman should own:

Gold hoops

Gold hoops are an essential in every girl’s jewellery collection. Gold hoops look great with a simple chiffon top or with heavy Indian attire. They are the most effortless to wear and carry when travelling for meetings or weddings. These earrings help convert a day look into a night look. Pull up a bun or braid your hair, these earrings will go with any hairstyle you adore.

Gold and Diamond studs

A pair of gold studs with some solid diamonds on them are a classic. You can never go wrong with these.  These studs can be your go-to earrings. Right from our childhood days we have been wearing gold studs and continue to do so even as we grow young. They can be a worn with a crisp shirt to work or with a simple kurti at college. They dissolve in any look you wear.

Gold ring

Rings are a girl’s favourite piece of jewellery. A gold ring is usually the best option when you need just a little something to show your love. The right size, cut, colour and carat are the only factor that can result in a timeless piece. Some diamonds on a gold ring will harm nobody we learn, so go buy yourself your favourite ring now!

Gold pendant

A gold pendant can be the ideal gift for a wedding, birthday or a graduation ceremony. A gold pendant can be customised to a shape of your choice. At Jagdamba Pearls, we have a plethora of gold pendants that are light weight and dainty by look.

So let the splurge begin!

Celebrating Fathers

Father's Day banner

Superhero to the sons and the True love of the daughters. A  man that holds all the strings together and creates a world that cherishes the various phases of life together. This person running solo in this multi dimensional life is our father.

As father’s day is approaching we thought it would be nice you give some ideas on how to celebrate the day with your father.

  1. Cook a meal

The way to a father’s heart is through his stomach that’s an old saying but an evergreen one for sure. So this June get your cooking lessons running and cook your father a meal that he will not forget for a long time. Make a list of his favourites and create a menu that will suit the entire family’s needs.

  1. Gift him something

Gifting something to the man that has provided you everything you ever wanted can be challenging. But the gift needs to be just as precious the bond is between you and your father. So this time gift your father something that he will be thrilled to own, maybe a gadget, a perfume set of even something out of the box from jagdamba Pearls.

  1. DIY

From the time we first held the pencil to the time we got awards, our fathers have always been happy about all our achievements. This time around, create something for him using your creativity and personalisation. We are sure he will like to receive something that you made just to bring a smile on his face.

So show your father how much you love him because his love for you is undying and unconditional.

June- The month of Pearl

June is dominant by Geminis who are loyal, faithful and great friends. But what also dominates the month of June is Gemini’s birthstone the Pearl.

“Who comes with summer to this earth
And owes to June her hour of birth
A pearl should wear against her skin
Who’s innocence many a heart shall win.”

Spring being a tough act to follow god created June, June brings in a sign of relief from the sunny days and marks the start of windy and rainy days. Pearl has some association with the water; it originates in the water and picks the rainy month of monsoon as its favourite month.

June Blog 01

Pearls are these subtle pieces of jewellery that one can adorn at any time of the year without thinking twice. They easily compliment any outfit that you are wearing and complete the entire look. Pearls have a contemporary touch to them, they flatter absolutely anyone wearing it, and they personify innocence and simplicity with their minimalist designs and patterns.

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The traditional properties for the June birthstone Pearl are modesty, chastity and purity. Pearl has a soothing effect on an individual and is a representation of the moon. It enhances peace of mind, and develops the power of concentration. A pearl renders the perfect balance to the human senses and enhance personal integrity.

June Blog 02

Originating from a grain of sand, Pearls have healing properties for health problems like heart, spleen, stomach, intestine and ulcer problems. Pearl also helps in resolving issues relating to insomnia and depression because of its mollifying properties . The continuous vibrating power of the moon is absorbed in an individual’s aura and narrows the negative energies.

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Pearls are available in sophisticated black, grey, chocolate and the familiar creamy-white colours. All the pearls sold in the retail market are cultured pearls. Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are all cultured pearls. Round pearls almost always command the highest price, but many love the uniqueness of baroque and off-round pearls as well.

June Blog 03

And lastly, a fun tip for you this pearl season, to check if a pearl is real or imitation is the “Tooth Test”. Gently slide the pearl across the front of your teeth; if it feels smooth then it’s a fake, as real pearls feel gritty.

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Introducing the Aaradhya Collection

“Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique”- Jennie Kwan

This quote lays the foundation to our exclusive Aaradhya Collection. At our outlets and stores, pearls are always the star pieces. They are timeless and add a unique appeal to any outfit and occasion. To celebrate their versatility, we have created the Aaradhya collection.

Aaradhya Collection-1

Created to evoke freedom and independence this collection provides a line up of designs that have been specially hand crafted for the modern woman. We believe that each piece of jewellery speaks volumes about the wearer and this collection is our attempt to resonate with the emotions and achievements of women today.

Each design of the Aaradhya collection is made of natural shaped pearls with diamond details. They work best for the corporate world where we are constantly looking for something new and something that catches all the eyes at that boardroom meeting.

Aaradhya Collection-3

The collection gives you a bird’s eye view in literal terms without compromising on the elegance factor. Intricate placement of diamonds on the pearls gives the jewellery a varied shape and structure that compliments all neck designs like a V neck, a round neck or even a boat neck. They carefully dangle down the chains highlighting the beauty of gold pearl and diamonds all at once.

Make this jewellery collection the crowning glory of your wardrobe

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How To Make Your Gold Jewellery Last Longer

Rich and rare were the gems she wore, and a bright gold ring on her hand she bore- Thomas Moore

If the above statement describes you then we are sure that “carats” are your favourite vegetable. Jewellery is an enhancement to the beauty you already have in you, every woman loves her gold to bits and so today we bring you ways in which you can keep those gold ornaments looking new always.


  1. Water

Use water and a soft toothbrush to clean your jewellery. The available cleaning solutions in the market can damage your jewellery. What you can also do for those intricate cuts on your jewellery is dab a cloth into water and gently wipe off the jewellery. This will make your jewellery looking bright and new in no time.

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  1. Timing

Just like how life is about the perfect timing, It’s very important to make sure that your jewellery is the last thing you wear before heading out of home and the first thing you remove once you’re back home.

  1. Makeup

Girls just cannot do without makeup we understand, But we are sure those ornaments are just as precious, so always ensure that none of your hairsprays or moisturisers come in contact with your jewellery.

  1. Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes are a long term investment. Not just are they helpful with storing your jewellery but they can add just the right amount of jazz to your dressing table.


  1. Fitness

When we exercise we glow naturally and we do not need those sparkles while exercising do we? Exposing your jewellery to sweat can damage your ornaments.

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  1. Perfumes

Perfumes have chemicals that can accelerate the tarnishing process of your gold ornaments. So while you make sure that you are smelling cherry blossoms all day make sure to that perfume bottle away from your jewellery.

  1. Travel Diaries

When travelling with your jewellery always ensure you carry a case to store those intricate pieces and cover it with a soft  cloth to avoid any wear off while travelling.

  1. Spas and Manicures

We know how important it is to have some relaxing therapies in this busy life. But hold the hustle and make sure you remove all your jewellery before switching on that relax mode.


  1. Elements of earth

All of us need these elements for our survival but your jewellery just needs your care for their long lasting shine, Keep away from exposing your jewellery to water and moisture.

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  1. Fabric over Plastic

Make sure to wrap all your jewellery in soft fabrics instead of plastic seal ons, This will prevent moisture locking and will keep the shine on.

So let your gold be bright and yellow, hard and cold with these useful tips.