Why Is Month Of Pearls Celebrated

why month of pearls celebrated?

Pearls, known for their natural beauty are one of the most lustrous and elegant gemstone. If you’re born in the month of June consider yourself lucky to have Pearl as your birthstone. It not only adds elegant finesse to your style but also brings good luck and prosperity.  Naturals pearls are the rarest gems considered as one of nature’s greatest miracle. Also known as “Queen of Gems” pearls were perceived as tears of god during Ancient Greek days.

The history of pearl jewellery dates back to 420BC, since then this fascinating gem has been of great beauty and value. These incredibly beautiful gems come in different colors ranging from white, blues, golden, lavender and black. Pearls symbolize purity, integrity and loyalty. These shiny jewels are well known for their calming properties. Women celebrate the Month of Pearls as a symbol of self-love. Pearl jewellery adds sophistication and confidence along with a feminine touch.

Nothing can match the beauty of these jewels! Pearls have magical properties and are known to provide peace of mind and bring opportunities to the wearer. Add a sophisticated touch to your style with a single strand or by layering pearl jewellery.

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How To Style Pearl Jewellery- The Workwear Edition

How To Style Pearl Jewellery

A woman needs ropes and ropes of Pearls. – Coco Chanel

Spending a long time working? Let’s make it a little more fun. Accessorizing is majorly neglected, but adding a few details here and there, with some tips and tricks can make your workwear simple and professional, yet elegant. Pearl jewelry offers a sophisticated look that works well with formal clothing at the office. It can be timeless and modern and at the same time, fun and inventive, giving your look an air of confidence and femininity. Perfect the art of styling pearls with our avant garde jewelry selection to make sure you’ll never miss out on the trend!



This iconic pearl necklace brings elegant finesse to your professional style quotient. Ideally styled with casual shirts, blazers and pencil skirts, it gives you a look of power and confidence that brightens up any workday ensemble. Check out the Round Pearl Necklace here.

Sweet Cz Pearl Earrings

Sweet Cz Pearl EarringsWomen across the globe see pearls as a celebration of self-love, that adds a touch of elegance to their personality. These dainty pearl earrings can be the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe putting together a look that reflects both your personal and professional style. Take a look at Sweet Cz Pearl Earrings here.

Classic Pearl Watch

Classic Pearl Watch

The classic pearl watch is one of a kind! Investing in this versatile piece will add a touch of glamour to your comfortable workwear wardrobe making it feel more polished and pulled together. Style it up with an Indian fusion tunic for a fun look at the office. Buy Classic Pearl Watch here.

New Full Grey 2 Strings Pearl Set

New Full Grey 2 Strings Pearl Set

Dress it up or keep it casual with this instant game changer pearl set! Pair it up with a tailored blazer and a low ponytail to highlight your grace and sophistication. This layered pearl set is the perfect mix of classic and modern design. Look chic with the New Full Grey 2 Strings Pearl Set here.

Make waves in your career with these stunning pearl designs from our workwear collection to create professional looks that up your fashion game.