What you need to include in your wedding trousseau!

Other jewellery for wedding trouseau

Other jewellery for wedding trouseau


You’re ecstatic! You’re finally getting married to the man of your dreams and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The countdown to your big fat wedding has begun too and a lot needs to be done before that- setting up the venue, dance practices, catering and what not. But more importantly, since you’re the bride, you cannot afford to overlook your wedding trousseau.

While the hysteria around clothes and jewellery never ends, an aspect which we usually pay less attention to is ‘centrepieces’. Where will all the flowers be kept, what diyas are going to be lit, will you give away your gifts on a steel thali? We are going to help you put together a basic list of items you may require.

  1. Idols

No auspicious ceremony starts without a small prayer to our Gods. While different communities pay their respects to different idols, we have picked out the two most popular, idols of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings and Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. You can buy a cute set of the two together.

2. Lamps for the ceremony

A ceremony would be incomplete without lighting lamps. And we have found the perfect lamp for your wedding. This lovely peacock shaped lamp is our pick.

3. Prayer Cups/Katoris

There is a lot of stuff that is to be contained especially while the rituals are being performed. You will definitely need cups to keep all the turmeric, water, milk, etc. Invest in a cute set and you’re sorted.

4. Thalis/Trays

These are by far the most important item in your list. For flowers, for gifts, for fruits- you need them for almost everything. You can either buy them separately, if you need many or buy a ‘puja set’ which contains everything from a thali to an incense holder.

5. Kumkum Holder

According to Indian tradition, a married woman must apply a ‘sindoor’ on her forehead. For the sindoor, this beautiful kumkum dabbi embellished in colorful stones, will do the trick.

6. Gold Coins

What better way than gold coins to thank your guests for attending your wedding? Get them covered in a nice velvet box and decorate with cute ribbons and this makes for the perfect return gift for loved ones.

The noise, the drama, the confusion, the nervousness, they all give way to tons of memories once the wedding is over. Be prepared for everything and have a smooth wedding.

What would you find in a traveller’s jewellery box?


Everybody loves to travel. To discover unseen places, to marvel at historical architecture, to try different cuisines- the pleasures of travel are many. Besides these experiences, it is of paramount importance to click the best pictures. From skiing to snorkeling, we want a picture of everything to post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So, it is essential that we look exceptional.

Filters and other editing apps have made life much easier for us today but here’s another trick, jewellery. Let your 8 megapixel front camera also capture your lovely diamond pendant or your beautiful ear cuffs.

We’ve put together some jewellery items, apart from earrings, that we believe any traveller would love to carry along on a trip. Read on!

1. Tons of Pendants!

Travel light is what they say. So, instead of carrying 10 different chains, carry just one or two and mix those up with different pendants. If you like expensive jewellery and are travelling to a risk-free place, then you can try lovely diamond pendants. Otherwise, you could also carry pearl pendants with different stones.

Pendants work particularly well if you’re wearing a top that exposes your neck. You can wear them with blouses or even tank tops!

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2. Bracelets/Bangles

Bangles are perfect especially if you’re newly married and are on your honeymoon. You can flaunt your newly married status by wearing shiny gold bangles and also make a style statement. Match your gold bangles with a watch and team those up with a full sleeve sweater.

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If you are on the older side and want to accessorize your wrists but keep it subtle, then diamond bracelets are the way to go.

3. Anklets

Anklets are amazing especially if you are going abroad. They’re so Indian and go pretty much with any outfit and more so if you’re wearing something that exposes your ankles. Our thumbs up to silver anklets for any location!

You could wear anklets with skirts of any length, capri pants and they would look great with culottes, where you can have a boho look going. 

4. Pearl Sets

Pearls look great on any kind of outfit, be it ethnic or Western. Hence, they are must have on any trip! You could carry an entire set if you have the space for it, or carry just single pieces of jewellery. A lovely bracelet to go with your pretty floral top, or a short necklace for that little black dress.

Our pick is this lovely flower-shaped pearl set that is suitable for everything.

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5. Nosepin

Nosepins are the cutest and they can bring a lot of difference to the millions of selfies that you take while on your trip. So, grab one today. They’re easy to carry and super stylish.

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These are our top items for your trip but you can mix and match. Remember to carry jewellery that is multi-purpose and suits your outfits well and shine!

5 pieces of essential Diwali Jewellery for every wardrobe

Ganesha Diamond Pendant from JPearls

The festival of lights is just a week away. The air is abuzz with excitement and anticipation as we count down the days to the biggest Indian celebration. The clothes have been purchased, the sweets for the day have been decided and the laundry list of firecrackers has been argued over and decided by the youngest in the family. Now all that’s left is to look your resplendent best on the day. Here’s a selection of jewellery for the kind of dress you wish to wear.

Temple jewellery diamonds gold and pearlsThe necklace of divinity
Wear your faith with this classically designed piece of temple jewellery. Made with 22kt gold and studded with uncut diamonds, pearls and other precious stones, the necklace has a golden embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi at its heart. You can know more about this perfect addition to your day of joy, celebration and hope here.



Gold chain with rubies and emeraldsThe subtlety of emeralds
Wearing a light sari or a classy salwar kameez? This gorgeous gold chain is perfect for your understated dress. 22 carat gold forms the base for a creation that weaves rubies and pearls with an emerald stone that occupies pride of place. Get it here.




Ganesha Diamond Pendant from JPearlsGanesha for every occasion
This evergreen Ganesha Pendent slots beautifully into any celebration and adds to any dress you wear. Made with 18kt gold and a single diamond piece artfully tucked onto one side, this pendant could be your new lucky charm. Get it here




Pearl earringsHanging delights
No outfit can be complete without earrings that draw admiring compliments. From pearl earrings that play with light and shape to gold earrings that glow with the sheen of studded gemstones, Jagdamba Pearls offers a wide range of earrings that cater to every kind of taste. Get it here.




Pearl Bangles with CZ stones and goldThe clink of bangles
Bangles are the final addition to your festival outfits. These small bands are the final aspect of your Diwali attire. Our pearl, CZ and gold bangles come in a variety of styles that are perfect for you to choose from. Get them here.