JPearls Pearl Bangles – designed to allure!

j pearls teenage eye catching pearl bangle bracelet

It is often always pearl necklaces that steal all the attention, but pearls can be beautiful as just about anything they are worn as. Pearl bangles for instance, are a really beautiful form of pearl jewellery. Woven into bangles, pearls can bring a rare kind of beauty to the person wearing it and complete the rest of the attire with much class and elegance.

The whole beauty of using pearls as bangles lies in the versatility that they can be used with. They can be embedded in the middle of a gold bangle and mixed up with a bevy of coloured gems or worn as a single strand of pearl bracelet. Along with white pearls, peach coloured pearls and Tahitian grey coloured pearls are often used in pearl bangles. All kinds of pearl bangles have a unique beauty about them no matter how they are used.

It isn’t surprising that pearl bangles are usually a favourite when it comes to Indian weddings. They add sheen and prettiness to regular gold bangles and make wedding clothes look grander than they already are.

At JPearls, Pearl Bangles online collection, we’ve got an extensive array of pearl bangles in some really rare and exotic designs.

3 line white pearl bangles

The ‘JPearls three line white pearl bangles’ is a classic version of a pearl bangle design that is most commonly used. With three lines of tiny pearls around gold plated silver metal, the bangles look every bit beautiful and grand. Usually worn at weddings and functions, this pair could add a touch of elegance to any outfit, especially wedding outfits.



jpearls maroon pearl bangles

When white pearls are teamed up with red stones, it results in an exquisite and classic kind of beauty. The ‘JPearls Maroon Pearl Bangles’ which have semi-precious red stones teamed up with white pearls makes for a pair of beautiful bangles that have always been a favourite with the great Indian weddings.




j pearls hyderabadi bangles

JPearls peach oval pearl bangles’ are an example of how pearl bangles needn’t just be made with white pearls to look great. They are made up of oval peach pearls embedded on a gold plated silver alloy metal. Simple as they seem, they’re just perfect for any occasion.




jpearls mashy pearl bangles

A mash up of semi precious red stones, semi precious green stones and pearls, the ‘JPearls mashy pearl bangles’ show us how the beauty of pearl bangles or just about any kind of bangles lies in the way they are crafted. It is the beautiful design that makes this bangle stand out among the rest of the regular pearl bangles.




jpearls grey cz button pearl bangles

The rare Tahitian or black pearls are rarely used for bangles but when they do, they make for the most beautiful pearl bangles ever. ‘JPearls grey cz button pearl bangles’ which are made up of grey pearls and cz’s are a blend of beauty and class. They can also go with any outfit and need not just be worn at weddings.




j pearls teenage eye catching pearl bangle bracelet

Just like it has been named, the ‘JPearls teenage eye catching pearl bracelet’ is one eye catching piece of pearl jewellery. Three simple chains of white, peach and grey pearls, the bracelet can easily become the best piece of jewellery in your wardrobe for all is simplicity and beauty.




Indians’ love affair with pearl bangles has gone on for a long time now and this collection of beautifully crafted pearl bangles designs by JPearls  is a tribute to just that.

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