10 best places to shop in Hyderabad

With a rich culture that melts differences between religious origins of its people, Hyderabad is coming up in a big way! According to Economic Times, Hyderabad is the best Indian city to live in. The city truly makes you fall in love with the grandeur of its Nizami history mingling with new age spots and locations.

The city embraces everyone, has a place to accommodate all your interests but only if you succeed at the delightful treasure hunt Hyderabad brings you to play!

We’ve listed out the top 10 places to shop in Hyderabad which won’t be heavy on your wallet and bring you the real deal this gorgeous city has to offer.

1..Jagdamba Pearls

Founded in 1924, Jagdamba Pearls is one of the oldest jewelry stores in the city, one of the reasons why Hyderabad is so famous for its pearls! With two outlets in the city and a very popular online store, they are one of the most trusted jewelry stores with sublime designs and good prices. Although Hyderabad has a lot of pearl dealers, their legitimacy remains a concern among buyers. Sri Jagdamba pearls is the one-stop destination for pearl shopping- one of the best souvenirs this city can offer.


2.Laad bazaar

With the beautiful Charminar in the backdrop of an otherwise bustling market area, the Laad bazaar is very old, in operation since the time of the Qutb Shahis and the Nizams. Packed on the streets are hundreds of bangle merchants, selling bangles of every hue on earth. Cheap crockery, brassware, silverware, Kalamkari paintings, saris and handwoven materials of silk, cotton, brocade, velvet and gold embroidered fabrics and perfumes are other famous goods sold extensively here.

At twilight, this market gives an almost mesmerizing aura with lights shining off stone- studded bangles and the beautiful muslim culture at its best. When in Hyderabad, Laad Bazaar is a must visit.


3.Inorbit Mall

The inorbit mall  is built in a sheer size with amazing outlets by popular fashion brands like AND, Giordiano, Locaste and Benetton. They also have retail common chains such as Shoppers shop, Lifestyle etc. For shoppers looking for branded clothes and a casual place to hang out- Inorbit is the place to go. Every IT professional’s haunt, it has great rooftop lounges overlooking a serene lake and even a gamers’ zone frequented by all age groups. The food court has every imaginable cuisine and the mall is one of the best malls to spend the evening. Come home with great stuff as Inorbit has a lot to offer.


4. Sunday Bazaar, Abids

Every Sunday the streets of Abids are jam packed with hawkers and small store owners selling second hand books- what this market is famous for. Thousands of books- old, new, fiction, non fiction is sold as hundreds of book lovers throng the roads looking for a good read. Head out there this Sunday and participate in the hunt for an amazing collection of books at unbelievably cheap prices.


5.Perfume market

Situated between Laad Bazaar and Moti chowk is the famous perfume market of Hyderabad where the magic of thousands of scents is sealed in little vials. This market was featured in the popular TV series ‘Band Baja Bride’.  It is a colorful stretch of numerous tiny shacks where locally produced perfume is packaged in small glass vials and given interesting names like nazaranaa-emohabbat-‘ the gift of love’.

An exciting afternoon spent in this beautiful thronging area will make a memorable trip in your itinerary.


6.Begum Bazaar

This is another bustling market with a sprinkling of souvenir shops and dawdling traffic. From gorgeous imitation jewelry to wholesale items and detailed handicrafts, this bazaar is literally a storehouse of everything one could possibly want! Its roots go back to the reign of the nizam and the vibrancy of the begum bazaar is sure to bedazzle you.


7.Antique market

From quaint chandeliers to massive wooden chests, the antique market is the bargain hunter’s paradise! Situated near Murgi chowk close to Charminar, the antique market has treasures to offer to those who look. Everything from silver jewelry to beautiful lamps to deck up your home, this is one market that will make you time travel to places of history. Don’t forget to carry your camera as you will find countless stories to capture in this antique market.



It is a place where artisans from across India showcase their individual skills in a variety of arts, crafts and culture. From Indian pottery to a plethora of weaves, woodwork, jewelry, clothes and local crafts of each region of the country, Shilparamam is a kaleidoscope of India’s coloor, diversity and talent.

Shilparamam is conceived as an endless, year-round festival of arts and crafts showcasing ethnic art, crafts and skills of the rural folk from all parts of the country. Visit this market cum exhibit for an array of Indian handicrafts like paper Mache from Kashmir, bandhini work from Rajasthan, bamboo work from Manipur, Bidri metal work from Bidar Karnataka, Brassware from Muradabad in UP and definitely pearls from Hyderabad.


9.Sports market, Abids

A cluster of shops that sell every imaginable sports equipment and merchandise, this is one stop for trophies, sports gear, apparel. A sports junkie’s  heaven. The best thing about this market is that they always store on fresh stocks. You will find state of art sport kits, medals, and an astounding variety of fitness machines. Now we know how Hyderabad is producing Olympic medallists!


10.Lights Market

Imagine a bustling street that looks as if a million fireflies took over the city. A street in Nampally transforms into a heavenly scene as merchants sell lights- massive gleaming chandeliers to tiny fairy lights, all magically light up together at twilight. We suggest traveling with locals as finding this lesser known street might be difficult albeit when you do, don’t be surprised being swept off your feet. This is your stop for beautiful lamps to take back home and lanterns and light strings for the coming  Diwali.

Let the city engulf you and turn your spark into fireworks. Happy exploring!

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi At Jagdamba Pearls!

Are you ready as the nation is about to erupt in zealous celebrations? The Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is coming close and people everywhere are decking up to begin the celebratory rituals. The palpable excitement is in the air as people have took to the streets to shop for the best festive jewelry and accessories.11 days of prayers, pandal-hopping, eating delicacies and waiting hours in queue to get Ganesha’s darshan, nothing can prepare you for the madness that is Ganesh Chaturthi.This year, Jagdamba Pearls brings you a wonderful festive surprise! With wide ranging collections that stand out, we truly care that you have the best Ganesh Chaturthi and have the most majestic decorations to make this an unforgettable event. We also have plans to give you the best gift by offering a 5gram silver coin for free, with a purchase of any Ganesha merchandise!

Here are 5 festive and spiritual jewelry from the gorgeous Jpearls collection to add to the bling of your preparations. With unbelievable deals and stunning designs, you will truly come home to Jagdamba Pearls.

  1. Ganesha Pendants

With more than 70 designs of Ganesh Chaturthi themed pendants, Jagdamba Pearls has an unbelievable collection to shop for spiritual jewelry at affordable prices. Beautiful diamonds set in gold and varied sizes to adorn your outfit. Add a spiritual shine to your days and dwell in the positivity these pieces radiate.



  1. Divine Idols

A wide range of silver and gold idols are available on the Jagdamba Pearls website jpearls.com. Crafted with precision and made from the best gold and silver, these will light up the ambience of your puja room. Varying prices make them suitable for gifting your friends and relatives. All the more reason to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with us!


  1. Decorative frames

What better way to express love than to gift someone a Silver Frame from Jagdamba Pearls?

Inscribed with spiritual messages and an exquisite finish, these come within a suitable price range. A delightful rendezvous between cultural roots and new designs,this Ganesha Chaturthi, spread joy and beauty with these silver lucky charms. They make a thoughtful gift or just prop them in your home to bring a positive, spiritual aura.


  1. Holy Kalash

The kalash is instrumental in every puja ritual, as it holds the holy water that purifies the gathering. Make this festival even more sacred with special silver kalashes. Perfectly designed to set the tone for an ecclesiastic ritual and adorns your puja room like no other.


  1. The puja bell

The first thought that comes to mind when imagining an Indian festival puja is the merry chiming of countless bells. Their chime is the messenger inviting radiant energy to your Ganesha vandana. Again, their elegant designs will add to the dainty atmosphere as it is in our hearts to make this Ganesh Chaturthi your most indelible one



Embracing the opportunity to add you in our huge family, we wish you a very happy and prosperous  Ganesh Chaturthi.



Few years after the concept of “brunch” hit global mainstream, every fashion magazine published its take on what’s the perfect brunch outfit. Brunch is cheerful, inciting and casual.  Throw in some jewelry, get creative with the styling and you have another class of clothing altogether. Denim, beige, wool or leopard? There are no rules to the brunch game.

On those lazy weekends, brew some coffee and take a look at these 5 ideas you can experiment with for your brunch date.


  1. Maxi dresses and pendants


Wearing light, flowing maxi dresses instantly reads “casual”. If you’re stressing over a summer brunch just put on a light hued maxi dress with chunky gold pendants and beautifully designed danglers. Accessorizing your outfit with jewelry will balance the ensemble for a relaxed feel and look like you took some trouble to put together an actually effortless get-up!



2. Danglers and denims

jewellery 1

Denims are a constant. White denims, blue, black or colored, they are appropriate for every occasion. Let’s see what we have for brunch, huh?  When wearing pastel denims, we suggest keeping minimal accessories to avoid looking over-the-top. Throw in some ripped jeans and a white t-shirt with platinum bracelets, some simple necklaces and with a bright smile you’re good to go.

3.Palazzos and layered necklaces



After the Bollywood debut last year, Palazzos were quite a rage among all age groups. We saw them romancing short crop tops to printed tees and kurtis. Even “half saris” were wrapped around these loose and super comfy pants. Either use minimal accessories for casual girl-next-door or go all out and wear layers around your neck to balance attention to your neck and shoulders. Use pearl necklaces and diamond pendants, gold, rubies to create jewelry layers thereby making your brunch wear a very trendy attire.


  1. Ethnic kurtis and nose ringsp3

If ethnic wear is what you feel more comfortable in, kurtis is the solution to your brunch wear frustration. Pair up a casual kurti with hair accessories, and Diamond studs to glamorize the casual look you will be sporting. Gorgeous pearl nose rings are finding their way to the glossy pages of every fashion magazine so try to work up your ensemble.  There is always something new to try. Wear your kurti with jeans or even ripped shorts for an indo-western appeal. Nothing speaks “funky” than mixing ethnic wear with modern fashion.


  1. Skirts


Every season has its own skirt. It is quite safe to say that skirts never go out of fashion! In over 100 years, skirts have been transformed and redeemed as the universal “girl” wear. For a summer brunch, put on a floral print skirt with a preferably plain top and with minimal jewelry around your neck. Splurge on bracelets. Layering works beautifully around your wrists too! Try denim skirts, they ooze the glam slam like no other. Work with colors and sizes. Use light, small earrings for brunch with a casual hairdo. Don’t forget to experiment with simple rings, with modern designs as available on jpearls.com.

Use your distinct sense of style for a relaxed weekend brunch outfit. Happy brunching, Miss Sunshine!



Revered since antiquity, pearls have long been in fashion. Valued by royalty above any other gem in 19th century Europe, the pearl is a symbol of purity and power. Coco Chanel was never seen without her pearls, sporting them as earrings, a choker, a single strand or a cascade, matching them with her timeless fashion apparel. Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, the most elegant stars of cinema, dressed in pearls frequently. Princess Diana adored pearl chokers. Although they became outdated in the 1990’s, they have now come back into favor and contemporary jewelry designers are breathing new life into them through resolutely modern designs.

No longer associated with grandmom’s jewelry box, pearl wearers are getting younger, and paired outfits- more alluring. This perfect organic gem has found the likes of modern day celebrities like Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie among others. At the Milan fashion week of 2016, single pearl studs found a highlight moment, dragging the beloved “pearl” back to our wardrobes.

We have 7 stunning ideas to make pearls a part of your daily wardrobe- rock them in a brunch all the way to the evening cocktail with these simple techniques.


1. Dazzle up your denims

Now that they’re taken out of their classic ladylike element, pearls can be easily paired with your daily denims. Casually sport them as studs on your earlobes for a glam look or wear a pearl necklace with a casual top for lunch. Don’t hold back. Pearls work just as well with dressy black jeans, heels and a silk blouse as they do with cut offs and a casual t-shirt. Create your own look and experiment with denim shirts and jackets. Accessorizing with a strand of pearls will add instant oomph to your otherwise incomplete outfit.

2. S for Sundress

…and Sundays, lazy Sundays. So next time you head out for a weekend brunch with your girl pals remember to just slip in a light sundress and trust our favorite gem- pearls to do the rest for you. Wear them as a necklace or simple studded earrings to accentuate your features. They add sophistication to any outfit and upgrade the feminine quotient of the look you are sporting. Experiment with different lengths of pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


3.Make your Formals look interesting

Tired of wearing the same monotonous outfit to work everyday? We have come to your rescue. This fashion statement has been adopted by celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Aishwarya Rai and many, many others and experimenting in this case results in attractive outfit ideas. For a conservative look just slip on a pearl necklace  (its everyone’s favorite) and take your shirt and trousers for a joyride. Pair with a pencil skirt for a feminine  appeal. Who said office wear has to be boring?

4.Ethnic Wear and Bridal

Let pearls be your new best friend this festive season. Doll up plain kurtis with layered strings of pearls. Using layers creates a trendy look with the perfect balance. Layering also works with bracelets and chokers . Use pearls with other jewelry like Gold chains or platinum bands to style up your ethnic wear. If you’re a bride, you are in luck! Pearls have taken their place in bridal fashion in a big way! There is no end to experimenting. Wear pearls in your anklets, sport pearl bracelets on your wrists and watch them romancing with your bangles to sass up your bridal wear. Brides can use pearl hair accessories like hair clips and gold plated pearl headbands. We promise a stunner on your D-day!


5. Swimsuits

Heard about accessorizing swimwear for the first time? Don’t be surprised! Whether it is a two piece or a bikini, pearls work their magic even at the pool, ladies. A single strand pearl choker will do the trick and an ear cuff to match? Too good to be true. Simply put, pearls infuse elegance to any thing you wear! Works like a charm.. every time.

6.Cocktail parties

Isn’t this the most obvious occasion to show off those gorgeous strands? There is no limit to exploring with different looks in this case. Style them up with different colors, dresses and textures and they will change the entire tone to a more cosmopolitan chic appearance. Necklaces with strapless dresses accentuates your collar bones and curves without looking too out there! Again, layering and mixing up with chunky jewelry is the secret to your perfect night.


7.DIY with pearls

Get creative with your pearls to create fresh designs you can wear. Accessorize your accessories! Don’t stop with clothing and jewelry. Have an old pearl necklace that you can’t wear with anything? Wrap it around a dainty little clutch or use the strand as a chain strap to your wallet. Reuse old pearls and put them to good use without burning a hole in your pocket. Get loose pearls and simply revamp them to make your own phone case. Don’t hesitate to make a divergent style statement with your creativity. There are a thousand different ways to revamp this dateless gem. Take your pearls from morning to midnight. You deserve to look beautiful.