In 2016, Make Monochrome Fun With Pearls & Gems!

Let’s face it. Dual tones are boring. Solid black, greys or blues turn you on and your gaze always turns to them when you’re out shopping. So, you’re a monochrome lover.

The Cambridge dictionary defines monochrome as “using only black, white and grey, or using only one colour.” And to most people, this seems rather an uninteresting proposition. However, monochrome outfits can be spruced up with the right kind jewellery. And we believe that 2016 might as well be made the year of monochrome. Here are five must-have pearl necklaces for monochromes.

Necklace with great artwork

SJBJNK015Who doesn’t love elaborate designs and intricate handiwork? They spell luxury and transform your outfit completely. Though they can be pricey, they can be reused and matched with many kinds of clothes, so you have a winner!

This white pearl necklace, embedded with coral and turquoise is perfect for dark colored dresses or gowns. It comes in a set, so you can throw on the earrings too.

Classic pearl

sjpgn03A plain white pearl necklace can never go wrong. It looks stellar when worn with navy blue or black. This pearl-gold set will be the perfect companion to your LBD. It has a large circular pearl pendant with a pretty gold border and semi-precious stones encrusted. You’re all set for the fancy dinner.


JSEP-0119While pearl is versatile, it is an even bigger boon when put together with stones. Like, in this cute, simple set where it is wonderfully complemented by the bottle-green color of emerald. The pearl is white and they are strung together with a gold chain.

If you like your accessories to be minimal, you can wear this set with either an off-white or a black top/dress.

Colorful Thewa Jewellery

JNOV-0239Since it’s the wedding season, we are sure you are quite muddled up with clothes and dresses. Frequent trips to the tailor and poring over Pinterest are your major tasks for the day. A good idea would be to pick out a monochrome gown in dark green or turquoise blue. Add to that this extremely colorful Rajasthani thewa jewellery set, and you’re all set for the occasion.

As red as a ruby

SJ-1012If your wardrobe is filled with white clothes, then plain pearls might not be a great idea. That’s where CZ and semi-precious stones come to the rescue. Invest in this beautiful set made of pearls and semi-precious red stones and you’re going to shine bright in that white top.

With the right colors and necklines, these necklace sets can be stunners and work wonders for your monochrome outfit. Monochromes for 2016!

Jewels galore! Why Bajirao Mastani is a treat for jewellery lovers

jewlAnother piece of jewellery that is popular in his look is the ring. He wears as many as three in each hand. For the ring-loving man, we have this finely cut, well-formed diamond ring which will make you feel like a king.

When we say, Bajirao Mastani is a grandiose take on a historic time of the Maratha empire, we mean the jewellery. It’s the finest, the most magnificent and one of the most striking aspects of the film.

Nose Pins

The movie revolves around a Maratha minister and it is common among Maratha women to wear nose pins. These cute things can really accentuate a good looking nose and hide the flaws of a bulbous one.

If you have a nose piercing, pick out a simple diamond nose pin with a flower petal design. This one is made of brilliant cut diamond and seven diamond pieces.

A roundup of the ‘Pinga’ song

This song was touted to be the next ‘Dola Re’ with both the leading actresses dancing to typical Marathi lavani beats. While the whole world watched their moves, we saw their jewels. So finely decked were they, that we decided to dissect their ensemble. Here, we’ve mentioned the biggest wins, according to us.

Heavy Necklaces

Both Deepika and Priyanka have been adorned in the grandest of necklaces. Gold, stones and pearls have all been used in abundance. A great looking piece is our ruby gold necklace set which would have gone beautifully with the wine colored sarees of the two women.

Bold Bangles

While glass bangles find dominance in this song, they are finished up with pretty, thick gold bangles in the end. We found just the right replacement to them. These amazing gold bangles which are available in a set of four.

Ranveer Singh’s Look

Since he is playing the role of a royal, Ranveer Singh also has a lot of jewellery on. Look closely, and you will see a lot of pearls. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and also little tassels on his turban- they’re everywhere.

Luckily, we have a lot to offer for pearl lovers. This simple Zaina Pearl Set is mostly pearl with a few stones here and there.

Rings in multitude

Another piece of jewellery that is popular in his look is the ring. He wears as many as three in each hand. For the ring-loving man, we have this finely cut, well-formed diamond ring which will make you feel like a king.

When we say, Bajirao Mastani is a grandiose take on a historic time of the Maratha empire, we mean the jewellery. It’s the finest, the most magnificent and one of the most striking aspects of the film.

The New Year Dress Up Extravaganza

December is here- and sooner than we thought. One can argue that it hardly feels like December what with the mercury still being high but with Christmas & New Year festivities around the corner, there’s much to look forward to. Have you started planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Is it going to be a night of frolic at the new club that’s opening or a quiet night with friends? Whatever your choice, remember a lady is always well-dressed.

Since it’s not all that cold, you can flaunt your necklines, and your arms and even tie your hair up to show off those fancy earrings. Here are some pieces we have exclusively picked out for our New Year celebration!

  1. The right kind of bling for a ‘Page 3’ party setup

TM-317You’re attending one of the most happening parties in town for New Year’s Eve. To complement your tall frame, you’ve picked out a gown with a plunging neckline. To match that deep neck and to give off a rich look, we suggest this grand diamond pendant. It comes with a unique design, and has 172 diamond pieces in it with a little bit of gold that will go great with the bottle green of the dress.


  1.  Stay subtle and turn heads at family gatherings

TM-27Some of us might be spending New Year’s Eve with family. It’s appropriate to stick to traditional stuff at family gatherings. This classic diamond pendant would suit your attire and bring out a nice glow too. It’s a very simple pendant and can be worn with these heart-shaped diamond studded earrings. They’re cute and easy to pull-off with pretty much any outfit.



  1. Shine through your kitty parties

JDEC-0302For those of you who love organizing kitty parties with your ladies this humble South Sea pearl necklace is unconventionally attractive. While it is a conventional design, the specialty of this one is the color of the pearl-grey. You can team this up with a pretty baby pink silk saree and simple grey pearl earrings.



  1. Stand out in your corporate bash

EF100054SS (1)Are you travelling for New Year’s Eve and forced to attend corporate events? Fret not! We have just the jewellery to cheer you up. If you’re in a cold place and covered from head to toe, try these ‘Angel of my Heart’ diamond earrings for the night. The size is perfect and the blue stone is just the right brightness. And if you’re a fan of rings, you can pick up this little 0.03 carat ring for yourself. It won’t attract unnecessary attention but will also make a statement.

December is a great time of the year and even if you’re attending a regular party, don’t step out without your biggest accessory, your smile!


5 women in your life who totally deserve a Christmas gift

JP PPad2_christmas bg


Christmas is just around the corner which means gifting season is here! The old and the young alike are picking and choosing a special something for their loved ones and taking good care to ensure that they’re good value for money. When you have a long list of people to send gifts to, time becomes a major constraint. Though it is officially the ‘holiday season’, we aren’t that lucky to have an entire month off from work. This is when jewellery comes to your rescue! Read how.

Special Gift for Mom

Moms are the best. They pamper us like nobody else can, and their affection tends to increase when you live away from them. For all those times that your mom helped you, she deserves the best gift. Make best use of this shopping season and the discounts that are now available on jewellery too. Gift your mom this stunning diamond pendant that she will show off proudly. It’s classy and has some gold to go with her Indian outfits.

 For the pesky little sister

Siblings are often the first friends we make and they’re the only people who have the prerogative to tease you. But, they’re the first ones to protect us from the outside world. Your little sister may already be coaxing you into buying her gifts but this occasion calls for something extraordinary, like this butterfly shaped diamond ring with white gold.

For your maid

Gifts don’t just have to be reserved for your family and friends. You can also choose this time to tell your maid how thankful you are for her services. Again, this is completely your choice. If it’s somebody who has been with your family for long then a gift is worth it. It’s the gesture that matters the most and you could gift her a pair of silver anklets. Simple, yet kind enough for her to feel great.

Work friends need some love

Most of us spend a lot of time at work and have some awesome friends there. Show them some love and buy them something that they can wear to work too. These white button pearl earrings exude charm and simplicity. The CZ and semi-precious that are lined around the pearls shine right through.

For your best friend

Friends are like family to some of us. They tell us off when we’re wrong and cheer us up when we’re down. There is no better time than this to show them how much they mean to you, especially if your friend is a girl. Girls are caring and always lend a listening ear to your woes. The next time, before you sit her down to rant, gift her these cute diamond earrings which come with silver metal.


There is no greater joy than the joy of giving. Your special ladies are going to be elated to see their gifts and flaunt them for as long as they can.