How To Pick The Best Engagement Ring?

Wedding season is round the corner! Do you want your engagement ring to make an impact? Here are some tips on how to pick the best engagement ring that defines your partners’ personality.

  1. Avoid the monotony – Following trends can be tempting but it’s not the wisest of choices to make. Pick a ring that stands the test of time. A classic yet modern cut will do the trick.
  2. Pick the right metal – The best metal is one that suits the skin tone. Make sure you give every metal a shot before picking the best engagement ring. Pick from gold, platinum, silver and other options available.
  3. Diamonds aren’t a must – It is famously believed that diamonds are a girls’ best friend. That however doesn’t stand true in every case. Experiment with different gemstones that will steal the limelight like sapphires, rubies, and others.
  4. Be smart about the cut and quality of the stone – Choose a design that will not only complement the wedding attire but also goes a long way in terms of durability and designs.
  5. Being informed is key – Do your research well. Before you pick your ideal ring, speak to your partner and get to know their preferences. You sure do not want to disappoint her with this one!
  6. Head to and pick “THE ONE’ for your beloved!

Stunning Jewellery Sets To Pair With Your Golden Bridal Lehenga!

What jewellery to wear with a golden bridal lehenga? With so many options to choose from, it can get confusing and overwhelming. The kind of jewellery options we have for you will leave you mesmerised. 

We have elegant Emeralds, ravishing Rubies, precious Pearls, dazzling Diamonds & so much more!

Scroll down and take a look at the top 5 impressive options to wear with your golden bridal lehenga!

  1. The perfect blend of kundan and multicolor gemstones in this necklace to compliment your golden bridal lehenga.
  2. When rubies and gold come together with a golden bridal lehenga, you can’t expect anything short of magnificent!
  3. One can never go wrong while pairing a golden bridal lehenga with a pearl bauble and gold earring and necklace set as elegant as this!
  4. Choose this layered antique Princess Emerald necklace to compliment your golden lehenga and feel like a Princess!
  5. Opt for our elegant diamond necklace to wear with your exquisite bridal golden lehenga for a royal and elegant look!Along with these top 5 impressive options, we have many more beautiful options to choose from.Please visit and get mesmerised. 


What you need to include in your wedding trousseau!

Other jewellery for wedding trouseau

Other jewellery for wedding trouseau


You’re ecstatic! You’re finally getting married to the man of your dreams and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The countdown to your big fat wedding has begun too and a lot needs to be done before that- setting up the venue, dance practices, catering and what not. But more importantly, since you’re the bride, you cannot afford to overlook your wedding trousseau.

While the hysteria around clothes and jewellery never ends, an aspect which we usually pay less attention to is ‘centrepieces’. Where will all the flowers be kept, what diyas are going to be lit, will you give away your gifts on a steel thali? We are going to help you put together a basic list of items you may require.

  1. Idols

No auspicious ceremony starts without a small prayer to our Gods. While different communities pay their respects to different idols, we have picked out the two most popular, idols of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings and Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. You can buy a cute set of the two together.

2. Lamps for the ceremony

A ceremony would be incomplete without lighting lamps. And we have found the perfect lamp for your wedding. This lovely peacock shaped lamp is our pick.

3. Prayer Cups/Katoris

There is a lot of stuff that is to be contained especially while the rituals are being performed. You will definitely need cups to keep all the turmeric, water, milk, etc. Invest in a cute set and you’re sorted.

4. Thalis/Trays

These are by far the most important item in your list. For flowers, for gifts, for fruits- you need them for almost everything. You can either buy them separately, if you need many or buy a ‘puja set’ which contains everything from a thali to an incense holder.

5. Kumkum Holder

According to Indian tradition, a married woman must apply a ‘sindoor’ on her forehead. For the sindoor, this beautiful kumkum dabbi embellished in colorful stones, will do the trick.

6. Gold Coins

What better way than gold coins to thank your guests for attending your wedding? Get them covered in a nice velvet box and decorate with cute ribbons and this makes for the perfect return gift for loved ones.

The noise, the drama, the confusion, the nervousness, they all give way to tons of memories once the wedding is over. Be prepared for everything and have a smooth wedding.

How pearls can add to your wedding



Weddings are a magical time in a girl’s life. These are memories you will cherish forever, as they herald the start of a new life. When you plan your wedding, every little detail can add to the sum total of your happiness. Pearls are one of the most unique and versatile additions you can make to your wedding. Here are some ways in which you can incorporate them:



As your jewellery centerpiece

While gold jewellery dominates the traditional Indian wedding, a string of gorgeous pearls can do wonders to your ensemble. You could also choose pearl earrings, chokers, necklaces or bracelets made in contemporary styles to add to your elegance.

In your dress

We are all used to gold and zari work in outfits. But have you considered pearls? Their timeless elegance and charm can transform your dress into something people will talk of for days to come.

As a family theme

Weddings are a time of celebration in every family. Let pearls be the theme your family follows, with small studs in the turbans or sherwanis the men wear, or the jewellery women wear. These small additions will help your family stand apart from the guests while giving them another little thing to bond over.

In the décor

Give your wedding décor a regal appearance with pearls embedded into bouquets, table cloths and wedding stages. Pearls add a level of sophistication and luxury that few elements of décor can match.

So there you have it! Let your big day be made even better with the beautiful sparkle of pearls.

Make your wedding a classy affair with JPearls pearl necklaces for brides

For ages now, pearls have been the favourite wedding jewellery for brides all over the world. Be it the grand Hindu and Muslim weddings or the simpler Christian weddings, no wedding is really complete without a lot of pearl jewellery everywhere. Pearl necklaces for brides, are known to bring harmony and happiness into their lives post wedding. It is also believed that they keep a bride from crying during the wedding. And above all that, they’re just so beautiful that they make the whole affair a spectacular ceremony.

A pearl necklace goes equally well with a white wedding dress and a wedding kanjeevaram. It can add its own element of sparkle to the bride and make her gleam, literally. Pearl necklaces for brides however are a whole different genre of jewellery. Bridal pearl necklaces are being made into some really magnificent designs off late and are so spectacular that they make for the perfect bridal jewellery every bride would want to show off on her big day.

JPearls has got some really artsy and gorgeous pearl necklaces for brides which were designed to make your wedding nothing short of a glorious occasion. Here are five of our best pearl necklaces for brides.

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JPearls Gulmohar Bridal Necklace:

While longer strands of pearl necklaces are usually preferred, choker pearl necklaces are the most elegant when it comes to weddings.This choker pearl bridal necklace is made of pearls, stones and silver plated with gold. Every bit of it spells grandeur and the bride who wears it is sure to ooze glamour and elegance on the wedding day.

Get it here:


JPearls New Complete Bridal Set:

Wedding pearls are usually worn in two to three layers of necklaces. The new complete bridal set by JPearls, which has two necklaces makes for two gorgeous layers of pearl bridal necklaces. There is also a pair of gorgeous pearl ear rings and a finger ring that comes in this set.

Get it here:


JPearls Starling Bridal Set:

This CZ and pearl necklace with all its magnificence can transform you into something of a star-bride. It goes with just about any colour that you choose to wear on your wedding day, adding its own starry appeal. It also comes with gorgeous shiny CZ ear-rings. This set makes for a great addition to the long and white wedding dresses that are usually worn for  Christian wedding.

Get it here:


JPearls Rich Look Bridal Necklace:

Long and three stranded, this pearl necklace can make for one really gorgeous bridal necklace. The bits of gold plated alloy, the green and red stones all add a very subtle grandeur to the necklace. It is easily one of the best in JPearls’ collection of pearl necklaces for brides.

Get it here:


JPearls Nora Bridal Necklace Set

Made out of four strands of tiny white pearls and rubies, all woven beautifully with gold, this necklace is sure to make any bride exude gorgeousness. It comes with pearl drop ear rings and pearl and ruby studded bangles that go with it perfectly.

Get it here:


‘Wedding gems’ as they are often called, pearls complement a wedding like nothing else. And with the JPearls pearl bridal necklaces, your wedding is sure to become a very special and unforgettable event.

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Pearl Gold Jewellery – the classic Indian wedding combination

j pearls gold necklace

Indians have always loved flaunting their jewellery, especially at their weddings. Gold has without doubt been a favourite with Indians but it is always the combination of gold with pearls that has been a hot favourite at all the grand Indian weddings. At every corner in a wedding we find people wearing the most fascinating designs of the classic combination – the pearl gold jewellery. As for the bride, amongst all the jewellery that she is filled to from head to toe, there is atleast one gold and pearl necklace that dominates the rest of her jewellery.

So why is pearl gold jewellery this popular at weddings? The answer to that is quite obvious. Pearls might look good with just about anything they are combined with, but gold accentuates their beauty like no other metal can. The gorgeous yellow shine that gold radiates makes pearls look their prettiest and the shiny little pearls that adorn a gold necklace add a subtle grandeur to the gold necklace. And this combination especially looks good on kanjeevarams that are worn at weddings.

At JPearls, we’ve got some stunning designs of pearl gold jewellery that is tailor-made for Indian weddings. Here are five of the best pearl and gold necklaces that spell class and grandeur.

Rajasthani Jaadu Jewellery

The gorgeous Rajasthani Jadau choker necklace set is made up of a classic gold and pearl necklace design. A thick, finely crafted gold choker with tiny pearls hanging off from the edge of it. Although the design is quite common, it is so popular that nearly every Indian woman owns one of it. For all the class and sheen it brings to the wearer, it is little wonder that it’s loved that much.



j pearls pearl gold necklace

The JPearls Pearl Gold necklace is yet another example of how beautiful pearls and gold can always look together. Especially when they are crafted into a beautiful design. This necklace hasn’t just got pearls hanging from the edge of the it but embedded althrough it, embedded in the middle like tiny white dots beautifying what could have been a plain gold and pearl necklace by many folds.



j pearls gold necklace

Adding coloured stones to a simple gold and pearl necklace can add a subtle grandeur of its own kind to a necklace. This JPearls gold necklace which is a mix of pearl, gold and coloured stones of coral, crystal and jade is proof of that. It looks beautiful and goes with a kanjeevaram of any colour.




j pearls diwali pearl gold chain

The JPearls Diwali Pearl Gold Chain is an example of how a simple gold chain can look fabulous just by the addition of a few pearls to it. This really simple piece of jewellery is made up of a single, thin gold chain with a few pearls adorned along its length symmetrically. It can be used not just for weddings and functions but for people who like to wear gold every day.



Jpearls South Sea Pearl Gold Chain With Victoriean Balls

A long chain of beautiful south sea pearls connected with little bits of gold, the JPearls South Sea Pearl Gold Chain with Victorean balls is extremely elegant. Although it is pearls dominating the chain, it is wedding-wear-material just because of the pretty, floral gold design interconnecting the pearls.




Pearl Gold jewellery although has been an ancient and age-old combination, due to all its versatility and elegance, continues to enjoy a special place even in the world of modern jewellery. And the best way to revel in this timeless combination is to own one of JPearls’ fabulous pearl gold jewellery designs.

The wedding diamond ring to make your big day special

True love and diamonds have always been compared, both of them are rare, beautiful and last forever. What better then, than a diamond ring to seal the bond of love?

This is probably why they’ve always used diamonds for engagement rings and wedding rings aside from the fact that it could bring in a lot of prosperity and good luck into your marriage and aside from the fact that it could also be good for your heart, if worn on the left hand’s ring finger.

If you’re in search for ‘the’ perfect engagement ring or a wedding ring to make your big day as special as your love, JPearls diamond engagement rings collection could be just what you’re looking for. They’re made with such finesse and into such beautiful designs that they will be remembered forever!

The JPearls diamond ring men’s collection can help you make your event all the more special, like this gold one with three diamonds embedded on to it, simply yet, elegantly,–3-Diamond-Ring-For-Men/pid-7122300.aspx and the explode diamond engagement ring that has two rows of diamonds placed into the most beautiful design–Diamond-Finger-Ring-For-Men/pid-7122292.aspx .
Diamond RingThe JPearls diamond ring women’s collection is the best you can find, with a vast and the most beautifully designed collection of diamond rings. The JPearls Jasmine diamond ring for instance, is an example of how a ring can be very simple, with just a single diamond and yet be so very beautiful.



Diamond Finger ring Fairy Diamond Finger Ring





The incredibly beautiful rosie diamond ring with diamonds crafted into the shape of roses, the fairy finger ring that spells exquisiteness throughout, with a really elegant and rare design ,  and the ruby encrusted mesmeric finger ring with a magnificent ruby surrounded by diamonds all around are some of our best.

Celebrate the most special day of your life with JPearls diamond rings and it is sure make the day really beautiful and memorable in a way that you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!