5 ways to make a style statement with choker and pearl necklaces

Pearls are no more just a compliment to Indian sarees but they hold more to it. There are many ways in which you can mix and match and flaunt your own style statement with it.


  1. Add a pop of colour with your white or black party dress. Late Princess Diana was the style icon of this charming combination. You can also combine colourful choker pearl necklaces with your elegant black dress to add a whole new look to the attire


  1. Its the right way to explore more. Don’t be shy to explore your animal prints with the pearls. White collar necklaces gemmed with pearls will make you shine as a star. New Sehra pearl collection from Jagdamba pearls is one such range you can chose from. Be bold and beautiful in one go.



  1. The sparky collar pearls will jam the eyes of the crowd with the latest denim shirts. The cowboy look with the twist of pearls thats what holds a perfect walk for the day.



  1. The mamas cardigan with the pearl jewel is whats just missing this winter season. Pair it up with your rugged jeans and you are ready to walk be it day or night.


  1. Do you remember the bold graphic tees? Glam up your tees with sparkling choker pearls..


5 Best gifts for your woman this Christmas

Small packs with lasting gifts is always extra ordinary. And we are back in the days where you will find Christmas angel decorations all around. Yes, it’s the festive season again. We here present to you a range of choices to pull you out of all the worries for that special one that holds your heart. Make this year special for her with the best.

  1. This year you can present the very famous Jagdamba pearls handcrafted Christmas ornament like jewelry that stands out and will be uniquely hers. Birthstones, and her favourite gems embellished just the way she likes it.


  1. Don’t get caught off guard this gift season! Prepare early by finding all your Christmas tree ornaments at great prices. What if this is what she has in her mind? Perfect

1    3. Among friends, family, and the glow of the season, the holidays can be the most romantic time to pop the question. Bestow her with that long indulging vacation where she can build her own Christmas ornament snowman.


  1. Red and gold Christmas ornaments bauble is what will you see all around. From stepping into the malls or the offices, they are just a part of every Christmas decorations. A red dress or a saree to match the occasion is just what she must have been looking for.


  1. Find that perfect watch to keep her in style and on time this Christmas. Whether she loves to stay on-trend or go classic, you need a blue Christmas ornament to make it perfect for the occasion.


5 choices: Stay timeless with your watch Purly collection

Live in the time! No future no past what is in front of you is the fashion that will portray your charm. Accessorizing with watches is becoming a basic necessity of women wardrobe. They are the extension to their personal styling and reflection of independent women who takes their time seriously.

There are some basic categories that they can be divided into and are definitely timeless bucket list:

  1. Go CASUAL: Very basic, non fussy watch that holds the potential to match with most of the outfits. It’s the first love of the college girls and popular in hangouts and dates. It is only a reflection of a casual mood and free spirit that you can carry along wherever you want.


  1. FORMAL WATCH: It’s not a choice where anybody can mess with. Simple sleek designs with high on elegance. White, gold, silver, black and brown are the only colors you can flaunt on your wrists. It’s a collection where watches talk. These are the ones which can be used for office time flaunts.


  1. Affordable LUXURY: Flaunt it if you have it. There is no definition of style in luxury watches than just money. The more the merrier. After all it’s a luxury that not every lady can afford.


  1. SMART CHOICE: No brains can match or the style can change for a smart watch or as we use to call it in old days – sports watch. Cool and chic for our smart tech savvy ladies. It’s not just popular to tell the time but can count your walk steps, read messages and take calls. Why a woman needs to act smart if she owes a smart watch.
  1. PEARLS: Jewels are girl’s best friend and this time pearls are on top. To many, shines of diamonds bother. Pearls fit in here as the right jewel on their wrist. So far, Jagdamba Pearls is the only name behind pearl watches collection in India. Take your pick and start living with the time.