Three kinds of rings you absolutely need

Rings are still the best adornment you can give your hands. Depending on the kind of look you’re going for, they can either dial up your fashion quotient or help you create a more comfortable look. Whatever your fashion aims, finger rings have can help you achieve them. Here are three kinds of rings in three different types of precious metal to add to your collection:



Beauty set in silver

Made with 925 sterling silver, this ring adds a distinct style to your outfit. With diamonds sparkling on its silvery edge and a precious pink stone the only bling on it, it is the perfect ring for light coloured ethnic wear or even office wear. With just the right amount of flash, this is an understated piece that adds substance without demanding attention.

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The name of the rose

From one of our most popular collections comes the beautiful rose gold ring. 34 diamond pieces twinkle on the arms of this ring, alluring wearer and viewer alike. The rose gold adds a depth and solidity to the entire ring that makes it the perfect contemporary jewellery. The twirling arms on which the diamond pieces rest entwine around each other creating a simple, yet elegance mosaic of pooled light.

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A ring of celebration

Jewellery often plays the role of communicator. Where a simple necklace with wispy pendant might define your contemporary tastes, a ring studded with red rubies is a proclamation of vivacity. This beautiful ring uses diamonds and rubies in a golden frame to give the wearer a bright, cheerful adornment that is high on elegance.

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Fit for a queen

In a time gone by, pearls were only the domain of royalty. Without a connection to nobility, there was no way you could ever hope to wear any jewellery made with pearls. Now, with pearls more widely available, the question is no longer of access but of design. At Jagdamba Pearls, we try every single day to make designs that find resonance with the emotions our customers feel when they wear jewellery. We try to create jewellery that is as memorable as it is beautiful. We want to help you own heirlooms, not jewellery. Today, we showcase one such piece.


The JPearls South Sea Drop Necklace

South Sea Pearls are the rarest and most expensive of pearls. Coming in a range of colours, they are some of the largest pearls. We’ve made this necklace using some of the highest quality South Sea pearls threaded to a 22kt gold chain weighing in at close to 14 grams. The resultant necklace is the perfect example of a classic design redone to contemporary tastes. Whether it’s ballroom gown you are wearing or your wedding sari, this necklaces brings you the promise of unique beauty.

Price: Rs. 77,000

This necklace is made upon order. Please enquire here. (link to necklace)

4 gold chains that epitomize timelessness

Every wardrobe needs a go-to piece of jewellery, the ever reliable sparkle that adds pizzazz to any dress you own. You’re not looking for something that is trendy now or something that is a flash in the pan. You’re going for something classic, something that can hold good for years to come. But you don’t want ultra-simple. You don’t want a minimalist chain with no element of surprise. The piece needs to hold its own even when it is only the final piece in your outfit.

If this seems like a tall order, then we’ve got your back.

Our gorgeous gold chain collection is the perfect accompaniment to office wear, traditional dresses and even casual wear. Our idea was to make something that is charming and is easy on the eye. Our designer gold chain collection is just what you need.



Whether it’s ethnic day at office or a get together with your friends in that trendy new spot, this golden necklace is the perfect foil. Crafted in 22kt gold with pearls adding an aura of mystery, you can never go wrong when you wear this necklace to complete your look for the day.

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You know you’ve arrived as a fashionista when you find that perfect balance between bling and minimalism. This emerald and ruby enhanced gold chain is the epitome of this balance. Perfect on casual wear and better on those style blurring sarees you always wanted to buy.

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Often an occasion calls for something more traditional. While most others might think of this as the time to wheel out the heavy jewellery, you could choose a contrarian minimalist approach. Made with 22kt gold and studded with small seed pearls, this necklace is conventional beauty at its best. The best part? You can wear this on almost any kind of attire and carry it off with aplomb.

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Some jewellery can end of defining its wearer. Picture Audrey Hepburn and you remember those pearls. In the same vein, this beautiful necklace plays with length and uses the timeless elegance of South Sea pearls to create an aura of grace. Set in yellow gold, this is one piece you must have in your wardrobe.

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