How to Take Care of Pearl Jewellery?

Are you wondering how to take care of the lovely pearl set you received on your birthday?

It will undoubtedly be a memorable and timeless collection in your jewellery collection, but beautiful things like pearls need tender care.

As you may already know, pearls are the gift of the sea. They are one the most precious things you can possess, and they require care and warmth.

This article will discuss what should be done and what shouldn’t be done to take care of your pearl jewellery.

Taking Care of Your Pearl Jewelry

Taking care of your gorgeous pearl jewellery is not a very tough thing to do. Following the steps mentioned here is all you have to keep in mind.

Cleaning and Storing

●      Soft cloths for cleaning

Use a soft cloth for cleaning your pearls. Apply water, or a pearl cleaner, to the cloth to moisten it. Wipe your jewellery gently to clean.

●      Use soapy water

You can occasionally wash your pearls in soapy water.

●      Do not mix your ornaments

Pearls are much more sensitive than other jewels. So, it is also essential to keep them separate from other jewellery, especially metallic ornaments.

●      Wait before storing

Do not store your pearls immediately after cleaning them. Let them be completely dry before you store them.

●      Soft cases for storing

Storing your pearls in the right way is crucial. Store them wrapped in a piece of soft cloth, a soft pouch, or a case given by your jeweller, away from coarse or abrasive objects.

●      Best storage conditions

The conditions in which you store your pearls give them the care they need. Expose them regularly to humid conditions. You can keep a glass of water in the compartment to provide the moisture the pearls need.

Substances to Avoid

●      Spray and perfume

Things like hair spray or perfume contain substances that deteriorate the surface of pearls. When you need to re-apply them, make sure to remove your pearls.

●      Avoid rough fabrics

Interestingly, the fabric of the clothes you are wearing with your pearls can also damage them. Avoid wearing fabrics like Shetland wool if you are wearing pearls.

●      Chemical cleaners and agents

There are a few substances that are extremely harmful to pearls. Some of them are chlorine, vinegar, and ammonia. Ensure that you do not keep any of these substances anywhere near your pearls. 

Never put your original pearl jewellery in substances like powdered cleaners, detergents, dishwashers, cleaners, ammonia cleaners, baking soda, bleaches, chemical cleaners and varnishes containing bleach or ammonia, etc.

When and When Not to Wear

●      Before and after stepping out

Remember that the last things you should wear before going out are your pearl jewellery. They must also be the first thing you should take off when you return home.

This is because pearls are delicate, and you don’t want your clothes to scratch their surfaces. Just imagine wearing a dress over your real pearl necklace!

●      Do not wear them during chores

Do not wear your pearls while you do your household chores. There is a high possibility of your pearls getting damaged when you do household work with them. For instance, the detergent can corrode the surface of the pearls when you are doing the dishes with your pearl bracelet on.

●      Perspiration and pearls

Human perspiration can also damage pearls. Body oils and sweat contains natural body acids that can be unsuitable for your jewellery. Wear your pearl necklace at least half an hour after applying beauty care products that may stimulate perspiration.

A List of Don’ts for Pearl Jewellery

Here are a few things that you must never do to keep your pearl ornaments shining forever.

●      No sharp objects

Do not use harsh objects to clean delicate pearl jewellery, such as toothbrushes, scouring pads, other kinds of brushes, etc.

●      No steam and heat cleaning

Never use steam or heat cleaners for your loose pearls.

●      No acids

Do not forget to keep your pearls away from food items or drinks high in acidic contents, such as lemon, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, etc. Any kind of acid, no matter being very mild, can affect your pearls.

●      No swimming

Do not wear your pearl jewellery in swimming pools. It is obvious that you do not want to lose your beautiful belongings in the water.

●      No plastic

Do not carry your pearls in a plastic bag. Plastic bags can emit certain chemicals that may deteriorate the surface of the pearls.

●      No hot objects

Leaving your pearls where there is a source of heat is a bad idea. Never keep your pearls near the fireplace, near the iron or stove, on top of a TV set, or any appliance that turns hot with use.


Can Damaged Pearls Be Restored?

Sometimes, stained or mildly damaged can be restored to their natural glamour. The layer or platelet of a pearl is the nacre. Once a nacre is damaged or scratched, there is almost no way to bring back its original beauty. A bit of polishing or smoothing can be done; however, it will not return to its fresh state.


So these were some of our tips which you can follow to take proper care of your pearl jewellery. These tips are applicable for any kind of pearl ornaments, such as a genuine pearl necklace, pearl bangles, pearl earrings, and so on. Do give attention to the don’ts as well.

Beautiful pearl jewellery is such a wonderful thing to have. Taking care of it is simple if you obey some rules to clean and store it.

Rakhi Trends 2019

Rakhi is around the corner and it’s time to celebrate this auspicious festival in style. The undying eternal bond of love and protection between the brother and sister is marked on 15th August 2019. On this day, the sister ties a sacred thread on brother’s wrist praying for his success and well-being. Though the festivities remain the same, Rakshabandhan has truly evolved over the years. The Rakhi isn’t a traditional classic thread anymore; it is a beautiful modern Rakhi tied to adorn the wrist of your brother. There are endless options, but don’t you want to choose the most stylish Rakhi for your brother? Here are the most trending Rakhis this year:

Pearl Rakhi:

Pearls are known for their timeless beauty. They add a touch of modernity to the traditional Rakhis, and symbolize purity and elegance. Studded with beads and stones this could be an excellent choice for him.

Gold Rakhi:

If you are looking for something that will outshine your brother’s wrist, a gold Rakhi has to be your pick.  Embellished with stones and pearls this Rakhi is a style statement this year.

Diamond Rakhi:

Let your brother shine bright like a diamond this Rakhi. Add a personalized touch by gifting him a Rakhi with his initial designed on it.

Designer Rakhi:

Accentuate your brother’s wrist with designer Rakhis available in different colors embellished with stones and beads.

Distance cannot be a hurdle this Rakhi! Surprise your brother by sending Rakhi to India to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with joy and happiness. Making your online shopping experience easier, Jagdamba Pearls offers a magnificent range of pearl, gold, diamond, designer, kids rakhi, rakhi gifts for sister and brother and Rakhi hampers all available online.  We promise to deliver Rakhi and gifts at the doorstep of your brother and sister in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc at absolutely no cost.

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The July Birthstone: Ruby

Are you a Cancerian? Does your birthday fall between 21 June-22 July? You can consider yourself lucky to have the King of the Gemstones, Ruby as your birth stone. Rubies are one of the most stunning gemstones, known for their timeless beauty. The name Ruby comes from the Latin word Ruber, which means red. Considered as the stone of love, this gemstone is said to bring success, power and zest for life. Aside from diamonds, Rubies are known to be one of the hardest of natural gems.
A Ruby can be accessorized for daily wear yet be stylish and can add great charm to your personality. Rubies are thought to bring good health and prosperity to the wearer. In the beginning, there were only four major gemstones, known as The Big Four. Ruby is one of The Big Four precious stones. The most valuable rubies have a deep blood-red color, which is due to the presence of chromium in it. The shades might vary from burgundy and pale pinks. The cut quality and carat weight determines the value of the ruby. It symbolizes life, wealth and status because of its high value. The person wearing a ruby sends a bold statement to their personality. Rubies can add a pop of color to your simple and elegant outfits. It can be embellished in necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, adding a romantic statement. Rubies are considered ideal for gifting as well.
Ruby is one of most exquisite gemstones which is breathtakingly beautiful. At Jagdamba Pearls, we have a varied collection of Ruby neckpieces to choose from. So wear your birthstone with pride!

Why Is Month Of Pearls Celebrated

why month of pearls celebrated?

Pearls, known for their natural beauty are one of the most lustrous and elegant gemstone. If you’re born in the month of June consider yourself lucky to have Pearl as your birthstone. It not only adds elegant finesse to your style but also brings good luck and prosperity.  Naturals pearls are the rarest gems considered as one of nature’s greatest miracle. Also known as “Queen of Gems” pearls were perceived as tears of god during Ancient Greek days.

The history of pearl jewellery dates back to 420BC, since then this fascinating gem has been of great beauty and value. These incredibly beautiful gems come in different colors ranging from white, blues, golden, lavender and black. Pearls symbolize purity, integrity and loyalty. These shiny jewels are well known for their calming properties. Women celebrate the Month of Pearls as a symbol of self-love. Pearl jewellery adds sophistication and confidence along with a feminine touch.

Nothing can match the beauty of these jewels! Pearls have magical properties and are known to provide peace of mind and bring opportunities to the wearer. Add a sophisticated touch to your style with a single strand or by layering pearl jewellery.

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How To Style Pearl Jewellery- The Workwear Edition

How To Style Pearl Jewellery

A woman needs ropes and ropes of Pearls. – Coco Chanel

Spending a long time working? Let’s make it a little more fun. Accessorizing is majorly neglected, but adding a few details here and there, with some tips and tricks can make your workwear simple and professional, yet elegant. Pearl jewelry offers a sophisticated look that works well with formal clothing at the office. It can be timeless and modern and at the same time, fun and inventive, giving your look an air of confidence and femininity. Perfect the art of styling pearls with our avant garde jewelry selection to make sure you’ll never miss out on the trend!



This iconic pearl necklace brings elegant finesse to your professional style quotient. Ideally styled with casual shirts, blazers and pencil skirts, it gives you a look of power and confidence that brightens up any workday ensemble. Check out the Round Pearl Necklace here.

Sweet Cz Pearl Earrings

Sweet Cz Pearl EarringsWomen across the globe see pearls as a celebration of self-love, that adds a touch of elegance to their personality. These dainty pearl earrings can be the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe putting together a look that reflects both your personal and professional style. Take a look at Sweet Cz Pearl Earrings here.

Classic Pearl Watch

Classic Pearl Watch

The classic pearl watch is one of a kind! Investing in this versatile piece will add a touch of glamour to your comfortable workwear wardrobe making it feel more polished and pulled together. Style it up with an Indian fusion tunic for a fun look at the office. Buy Classic Pearl Watch here.

New Full Grey 2 Strings Pearl Set

New Full Grey 2 Strings Pearl Set

Dress it up or keep it casual with this instant game changer pearl set! Pair it up with a tailored blazer and a low ponytail to highlight your grace and sophistication. This layered pearl set is the perfect mix of classic and modern design. Look chic with the New Full Grey 2 Strings Pearl Set here.

Make waves in your career with these stunning pearl designs from our workwear collection to create professional looks that up your fashion game.

Top 20 Gifts for Perfect Mother’s Day

For Mothers day, we have offered 20 of our special products for the women that mean the world to us. From a variety of single, double or three line pearl necklaces, along with other options such as – bracelets, watches, earrings, bangles you can choose as many to gift them to your mother!

1.Glamour Pearl Necklace:

Gift these freshwater pearls to enhance your mother’s classy wardrobe. – Buy Now
Glamour Pearl Necklace:
2. White Single Line Pearl Necklace

Our mothers never boast about their achievements; gift your mom this pearl necklace to celebrate her untold stories.

White Single Line Pearl Necklace
3. Sizzling pearl comb set

Our complete pearl combo set can be an elegant surprise for your mother.

Sizzling pearl comb set










4. Blue stone pearl necklace

Our elegant three string pearl necklace with blue stones will compliment your indian attire perfectly.

Blue stone pearl necklace
5. Combination of triple line pearl necklace

We at Sri Jagdamba Pearls, use high quality pearls in our designs to give our customers the best.

6.Amazing pearls of two line Necklace

You will surely be appreciated for your fine style sense, by picking up jewellery that looks rich and fashionable with this fav piece of ours.

Amazing Pearls Of Two Line Necklace
7. Wonder pearl Necklace

A mother is the string that holds every family together, surprise her with this set and show your gratitude.

Wonder pearl Necklace
8.Simple Pearl Set

A simple pearl set can make any occasion memorable, don’t miss out on these high quality pearls and grab them on our website!

Simple Pearl Set
9. 2 string classic pearl set

Make a statement at work by adorning this well crafted classic piece.

2 string classic pearl set
10. 3 string ruby pearl necklace

A string of handcrafted pearls along with rubies, is bound to make a royal statement.

3 string ruby pearl necklace
11.2 string pearls and ruby necklace

Invest in a combination of pearls and rubies in this multi-stranded necklace to get a bold yet classy look.

2 string pearls and ruby necklace
12. Flower pearl earrings

This set of earrings will make your office look bolder and your party look even more happening.
Flower Pearl Earrings
13. 92.5 silver unique pink pearl studs

Pearls are for both young and old, and a vital addition to your pearl collection

92.5 silver unique pink pearl studs
14. 92.5 Silver White Flower Pearl Earrings

Make a praiseworthy purchase for your dear mother who deserves the world with these silver sterling pearls.

92.5 Silver White Flower Pearl Earrings
15.  Bunch of 3 line bracelet
For the woman we all love to the moon and back – gift your mother this bracelet to make her day.

Bunch of 3 line bracelet
16. Multicolour pearl bracelet

This bracelet combines the hues of various pearls to make an elegant yet fun piece which can be worn by all age groups.

Multicolour pearl bracelet
17. 3 line oval pearl bangles

To make your wedding attire grand, invest in these pearl bangles by #Jagdambapearls

3 line oval pearl bangles
18.Charisma Pearl Wrist Watch

Make people stop in their tracks with this elegant black beauty pearl wrist watch!

Charisma Pearl Wrist Watch
19. Brio Pearl Wrist Watch

We have combined pearls with earrings, necklaces and bangles. Now, we present watches with pearls to make your wrist look more stylish.
Brio Pearl Wrist Watch

20. Pleasant Pearl Pendant Set

A classy set of stones with an elegant pearl combination, silver alloy gold plated  pendant set for your special occasions.

Pleasant Pearl Pendant Set


What Type Of Jewellery Can You Wear Everyday?

When is comes to wearing jewellery everyday, there are three types of people:

  1. People who know exactly what piece they want to wear with their outfit;
  2. People who have a couple of fixed pieces that they wear everyday;
  3. People who prefer not to accessorise with jewellery at all.

Whichever category you belong to, we’re here to introduce you to some irresistibly simple pieces. The following types/pieces of jewellery can be worn every single day and can be paired with any type of outfit.

  1. Coming in hot at number 1 is this classic gold chain from Sri Jagdamba Pearls. This necklace, made of 22kt gold, weighs only 5.73 grams and is both light-weight and subtle enough to make it to our best daily wear pieces list. Order this piece here
    5.73 Gold Chain 1
  2. Another popular option is this set of gold pearl earrings. Simple and elegant, these earrings can pull together any outfit without drawing too much attention.
    Gold Studs at jpearls
  3. The good thing about purchasing a pendant set is that you don’t have to bother with any other accessories. A pair of earrings along with a pendant can polish up your outfit like nothing else. Check out some options for pendant sets here
  4. There is just something so complete about diamond earrings, isn’t there? On some days, you need to go all out with jewellery and on other days, you can throw on a pair of stunning diamond earrings and head out. Check out this page for some diamond earring inspiration
  5. For days on which you feel like wearing a traditional outfit, these bangles will be your best friend. Made of 22kt gold, these bangles weigh a total of 35 grams, thus being lightweight enough to be worn out and elegant enough to stand out. Check out these bangles here
    Lila Gold Bangles at jpearls
  6. Birthstone based jewellery is also something that you can consider wearing everyday. It is said that wearing your birthstone can have spiritual and healing benefits. Wear your gemstone in the form of a ring, a pendant or even earrings – the choice is yours.

Always dress for yourself. We hope these suggestions helped you. Let us know in the comments if there’s any other type of jewellery you’d consider wearing everyday.

Birthstones Of April | Diamond & Sapphire

birthstones of april

What are the birthstones of April?

Each month of the year is associated with certain gemstones. For example, when an individual is born in March, their birthstones are Bloodstone and Aquamarine. Birthstones are said to carry spiritual energy and can bring their wearer good luck. This is why the whole concept of wearing/carrying your birthstones is very popular.

People born in April are especially lucky, because their birthstones are Diamond and Sapphire. Not only are these gemstones stunning, but they are also easily available in the market and can be worn in different ways.

What are the benefits of wearing your birthstone?

As mentioned before, birthstones carry spiritual energy. For people born in April, wearing diamonds can boost inner strength and improve relationships. Not only this, diamonds are said to have healing properties and can act as a catalyst in curing ailments. To add to all these positives, diamonds are absolutely stunning and can dress up any outfit.

Sapphire on the other hand represents wisdom and royalty. This beautiful blue gemstone brings more than just glamour to the table. It is believed that carrying/wearing Sapphires can bring fortune, good health and spiritual awakening. The stone’s blue tones also help in promoting peace and calm.

How can you wear your gemstones?

If there’s one thing that’s easy to wear it’s jewellery; and there is no dearth of jewellery made with diamonds and sapphires. Most people choose to wear their birthstones as rings but the options are unlimited.

Wear your birthstone as a necklace – Order Here

Buy Exquisite Diamond Pendant at jpearls

Or embedded in a pair of earrings – Order Here

Buy Spectacular Blue Sapphire at jpearls

Or even as a bracelet – Order Here

White Gold Cuff Diamond Bracelet at jpearlsthe choice is yours. Feel free to browse our website and pick out your birthstone, today.

2 Easy Tips To Help You Judge Pearl Quality

Tips to Determine Pearl Quality

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur, buying pearls becomes an easy task with these 2 super useful tips. After deciding upon the pearl type, color, and size, look out for these 2 defining factors – luster and blemishing. The end goal is to buy pearls with the most lustre and least blemishing. But consider your personal preferences first, of course. What you like is what matters at the end of the day.

What is luster?

Luster refers to the shine of a pearl. So, the more shiny and reflective a pearl is, the better is its quality. A pearl with the most amount of luster will have definite reflections of its surroundings. One way to determine a pearl’s quality is to view it in low light and see the kind of reflection it gives out. A good quality pearl will give out a sharp reflection as compared to a dull one.

What is blemishing?

Pearls with next to no blemishing don’t exist. A blemish could be varying shades of color, tiny dents or such imperfections. So it becomes imperative to determine the amount of blemishing on the pearls you’re looking to buy. The trick is to look at the pearl in bright light as these blemishes may not be visible to the naked eye in regular lighting.

It is important to note here that a pearl with the most amount of lustre and minimal blemishing could also be on the expensive side. So the shopper should pick the right balance between quality and preference. Sri Jagdamba Pearls offers a great variety of pearls, and is the perfect place to indulge in some jewelry buying. Happy pearl shopping!

Birthstones of March: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

Often linked with zodiac signs, different gemstones represent different birth months of people. These birthstones have a positive impact on the life of people who wear them. Each month has a couple of different birthstones that a person can choose from.

March, signifies the transition of the seasons from the chilling winters to the warm summers, as do the birthstones of this month. Symbolizing warm soothing spring, the birthstones for March are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Both these stones are polar opposites when it comes to physical appearance, but they both represent the perseverance of the health of the wearer.


Derived from the Latin word ‘aqua’ and ‘marine’ meaning water and sea, Aquamarine is not only the birthstone for March, but also a symbol for youth, hope and health.

This stone’s colours range from pastel blue and greenish blue, to the more rare and expensive darker shades. Aquamarine is usually found as a large hexagonal crystal which makes it suitable for cleaving in larger carats. Larger the gemstone, darker and more intense is the hue.

Add aquamarine to your wardrobe by purchasing it here 

Aqua Marine Pearl Pendant Set at jpearls


Found as a pebble, this dark green stone with red vivid spots of iron oxide all over it has it deep roots in Greek mythology. Known as ‘heliotrope’ by the ancient Greeks, it is believed that the bloodstone had the power to turn the sun red. Also known as the Red Jasper, it is of two varieties, one with the dark red spots or veins (heliotrope) and the other sports faded red spots and is more opaque (plasma).

Bloodstone at jpearls

For a Bloodstone, a solid, green coloured stone with dark red veins of ferrous oxide is considered the best and can be cut into a plethora of shapes.

Even though Bloodstone is devoid of the lustre that Aquamarine possesses, people choose this for what it symbolizes, cleansing and realignment. Preserve and enhance your health with Aquamarine and Bloodstone, this March.