Your Ultimate Gifting Guide: Show Your Love with a Personal Touch

Why wait for a special occasion to show your loved one how much they mean to you? One timeless and elegant way to do that is by gifting them pearl jewelry. Pearls symbolize purity, innocence, and love, making them the perfect choice for all special ocassions. Here are some pearl jewelry ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

A pearl necklace is a classic and elegant gift for most of us. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as a single strand pearl necklace, to a multi-strand or a pearl pendant necklace. A single strand is perfect for a simple and elegant look, while a multi-strand pearl necklace is perfect for a more dramatic and glamorous look. A pearl pendant necklace is a great option for a more modern look.

For the nature lover:

Pearl earrings are always in the fashion game, ever since Cleopatra. Your options range from pearl stud earrings, pearl drop earrings, or pearl hoops. Pearl stud earrings are proper for a subtle look, while pearl drop earrings are perfect for a statement look. The versatility of the pearl hoop earrings makes them match almost every outfit in your wardrobe.

For the minimalist:

A pearl bracelet is an ideal gift too, because those dainty wrists, it will always remind her of you, whether it’s a simple pearl bracelet or a more elaborate one. A variety of styles are available for you to choose from pearl bangles, pearl cuffs, or pearl strand bracelets. html

For the diva:

A pearl ring is a symbol of clear commitment & loyalty, whether it’s a pearl solitaire ring, pearl cluster rings, or pearl cocktail rings. When it comes to minimalism, a pearl solitaire ring is ideal, while a pearl cluster ring has more element to it. A pearl cocktail ring is appropriate for a more sophisticated look.

For the trendsetter:

If you’re looking for a complete gift for your special day or occasion, a pearl set is the perfect choice with everything that we just mentioned.

When choosing a pearl jewel gift, consider the style and taste of your loved one, and also the occasion. If you’re unsure, a classic pearl necklace or pearl stud earrings are always a great choice. Regardless of the pearl jewelry you choose, your loved one will surely appreciate the thought and care you put into their gift.

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All About Gemstones

The human fascination with gemstones is ancient and has persisted to this day, because of their scarcity and gorgeous physical formation. Gemstones have been used for adornment, medicine, and other purposes throughout history. However, just like anything else, myths surround gemstones too. Keep reading to explore some of the facts and myths about gemstones.

Here are some of the most common myths:

Mystical powers

Though Greek mythology always refers to gemstones with great power and mystical energy, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

This is one of the most common myths surrounding gemstones. It is believed that gemstones have mystical powers and can cure diseases, provide good luck, and bring wealth.

The myth of amber

It is believed for centuries by the ancient Greeks that amber was formed as a result of the death of Phaëton – the son of Apollo and a river nymph. Other myths about amber claim that the precious rock was used by sailors in ancient times to protect themselves from sea monsters. Oddly enough, they burned amber to ensure safety!

Emerald’s healing properties

In ancient civilizations, Emerald was revered as a valuable gemstone believed to possess healing abilities. According to legend, The Incas worshipped emeralds and believed that mere contact with the stone could result in instantaneous healing. As a result, they would offer small emeralds at the shrine of the goddess of faith, Umina.

Now have a look at some of the facts:

Medicinal purposes

Throughout history, gemstones have been used for medicinal purposes. In ancient times, gemstones were ground into powders and used to treat various illnesses. Today, some alternative medicine practitioners still use gemstones for healing purposes.


Blue Sapphire helps ease joint pain, treats gout and is also believed to relieve arthritis. The wonder stone also aligns your sensory organs which are indirectly related to your mental health.

Cultural and historical significance

Gemstones play an important role in many cultures. They have been used for religious purposes, as a symbol of wealth, and a sign of social status. Some gemstones have historical significance, such as the Hope Diamond, which is believed to be cursed.

Physical properties

They are valuable because of their physical properties, their color, clarity, and hardness. Some gemstones, such as diamonds, are highly prized because they are rare and difficult to find.

Gemstones have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. While some people believe that gemstones have mystical powers, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Whether you believe in the myths or not, gemstones remain a fascinating subject and will continue to captivate our imaginations for years to come.

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Pearls: The Queen of Gems

Through ages, pearls have been a symbol of wealth, elegance, and
femininity. Women have been fascinated by pearls for thousands of years,
and the gemstone has played a significant role in the world of fashion,
culture, and art. From ancient civilizations to modern times, pearls have
been prized for their beauty and value, and have been associated with
powerful women and feminine beauty.
“Pearls are always appropriate.”

~Jacqueline Kennedy
The former First Lady of the United States inherited the legendary
triple-strand pearl necklace featuring 158 faux pearls strung on
hand-knotted silken cords from her mother, popularly known as the “Jackie
O” style. From state dinners in the White House to her trips to India to
Greece, coronations to vacation, she wore these pearls everywhere. She
was a fashion icon in her own right.

Audrey Hepburn
The Hollywood actress and fashion icon, was often seen wearing pearls
both on and off-screen. She famously wore a pearl necklace by French
designer Roger Scemama in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which has
become one of the most iconic jewelry pieces in history and ever since the
Audrey Hepburn-pearl connection was established forever.

Coco Chanel
The legendary fashion designer was known for her signature style that
often included pearls. She believed that pearls were the perfect accessory
for any outfit and famously said,
“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”

The last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known for her beauty
and style. She was often depicted wearing pearls, and it is said that she
would dissolve a pearl in a glass of vinegar and drink it to impress her
guests. According to legend, there have been two pearls that were the
largest in the whole of history; which were both owned by Cleopatra.

Michelle Obama
The former First Lady of the United States, also had a love for pearls. She
often wore them on special occasions, and she even wore a pair of pearl
earrings on the night that her husband was elected president.

Pearls have always been a favorite adornment of some of the most iconic
women in history. From Cleopatra to Michelle Obama, pearls have been a
symbol of beauty, elegance, and sophistication for centuries. Whether worn
as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, pearls continue to be a timeless and
classic choice for women around the world.

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The ultimate work wear styling guide: Jewelry Edition

If there were awards for the most tedious yet exciting daily chore that is not so easy, then it would probably be the “getting ready” part of the day. We sure can agree that the whole process is a little harder for women and a little more for working women.

While we all desire to look our best, sometimes we hardly have enough time to check ourselves in the mirror before we leave.

Often it is hard to find the right accessories, especially for work. Most of the styling is incomplete without jewelry, as it enhances the overall appearance.

Check out some styling and accessorizing ideas curated just for you.

Keep those wrists covered

Wrists are the thinnest part of our body that can be ornamented. Women are very expressive, especially with the wrists and hands and they are also known as the ‘expressive zone’ of their body. Cover those delicate wrists with an elegant bracelet or a watch that compliments your outfit. Choose accessories that are slender.

Try avoiding anything huge and chunky at work as it might be quite noticeable.

Keep it simple and modest with a single lined pearl bracelet or a multi-layered watch that goes well with most outfits.

Consider your earrings carefully

Anyone speaking to you can see your earrings in their line of sight. Moreover, it makes your face and hair stand out. Wear earrings that go well with your outfit, face, hair and skin tone.

Pearl Earrings or studs are a perfect go-to option for both work and simple occasions. Add instant glamour to your outfit with some dainty pearl earrings to enhance your whole look.

Consider your neckline to fit the necklace

Did you know?

A thumb rule says that the necklace should either be shorter than the neckline or it should be long enough to sit above your outfit.

Simple chains with elegant pendants, preferably pearls as they go with most styles, can be a great option. You can play around with different sizes, colors and shapes of pearls with different lengths of chains.

Pearls always add a glam touch to your attire while also being work appropriate.

Every woman is likely to have several jewelry boxes stuffed full of pieces she has passionately acquired throughout the years. However, each time you open your box of magic, you are equally as puzzled as you are delighted by it. While every item of jewelry is exquisite, they all appear to either match your clothing or none of them do.

So, next time you accessorize your outfit ,try the pearl game.

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Jewelry Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

If you are still wondering what to give your loved ones this holiday season, then worry no more. The best Christmas and new year gift ideas are here. Forever now, jewelry gifts are one the most thoughtful gifts for both friends and family alike, and with pearls back in fashion, they might be one the best choices as they almost last till you and me last and are perfect to cherish. Here are some of our top picks for this gifting season.

  • Statement chains

The pendant necklaces are one of the best jewelry gift ideas for women. Furthermore, it becomes a more reasonable option if the chain has pearls .  Every woman adores pendant necklaces with pearls as they are both classy and chic.

They usually  go well with all types of clothing, ethnic and western. You can choose such lovely pieces with pearl chains, gold or silver chains, depending on your budget.

You can select any kind of pearl in any color for a pearl pendant necklace. You can even experiment with the pearl’s size and shape. Whatever style you choose, each one appears incredibly adaptable and would enhance the wearer’s neck’s beauty.

  • Pearl Earrings

We typically overlook jewelry for the ears when selecting jewelry for women. Give her something unique this time, like a classic pair of earrings adorned with freshwater pearls. Earrings make the whole face look more graceful.

Get her the anklet, beautiful ear studs or pear drop earrings with coloured freshwater pearls to make it more distinctive. Given that pearls and metals go well together, you could even invest in freshwater pearl earrings with a gleaming golden chain.

  • Forever pearl sets

One of the traditional pearl presents for women is a stunning pearls set. And they look even better when those pearls are carefully chosen and strung together into a necklace. These multi-string necklaces with round freshwater pearls are ideal for women who enjoy remarkable jewelry.

These dual toned pearls are expertly paired in the pearl necklace. The brilliant luster of authentic pearls complements the edginess of the whole look. Any outfit and any occasion look great with such a statement necklace.

  • Timeless bracelets & watches

A pearl bracelet or a watch can complete the whole jewelry assembly. Give your sassy woman a classy bracelet or watch made with freshwater pearls if she enjoys wearing timeless statement jewelry. Perfectly round pearl jewelry is simple to mix and match with other jewelry designs. She can wear it with both popular fashion and traditional clothing.

Choosing a pearl watch or bracelet with a subtly pink or gold overtone strikes a beautiful balance between class and originality. It will be the best present as it will help her enhance her confidence and channel her energy.

We hope this list inspires you to celebrate your holidays with pearl gifts, which  symbolizes your love and decades of being together, and how much you cherish the special bond you share.

Whether you choose to offer a gift of roses, pearls or diamonds (or all three), you can infuse any item with personal meaning that ensures your spouse will know you’ve been thinking especially of them on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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Happy holiday shopping.

The City of Pearls Hyderabad

The booming pearl processing and trading in Hyderabad, got its title, “The City of Pearls” and it has been the supplier of fine pearl jewelry to the whole of India and the globe for more than 400 years now.

The Nizams ruled Hyderabad for more than 200 years, from the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century, made available imperial support for the trading of pearls out of their interest for art and culture. The Nizams imported a wide variety of pearls into the princely state of Hyderabad from all over the world, especially from the Arabian Gulf. Numerous talented craftsmen arrived with the arrival of the rarest of rare pearls, making Hyderabad a one-stop destination for pearls for several centuries, from the 18th century to this till date.

A skill so rare

Hyderabad has been a center for fine pearls since the Nizam era and is home to the most pearl drilling facilities in the world. The city still actively protects and excels in this rare craftsmanship today in a village right outside the city called Chandampet, dedicated just for drilling and processing pearls, a distinctive technique that has been passed on for generations.

Wide range of pearls

Usually, original, cultured, and semi-cultured pearls are all available in Hyderabad. The “original” variety, which only comes in two hard-to-find colors—pink and black which are regarded as priceless. Black pearls are a rare and expensive species, particularly those with a green gleam.

Black pearls are a rare and expensive species, particularly those with a green gleam. While “Basra,” a pearl variety unmatched in color and sheen, is one of the highest expensive options available in this Southern Indian city.”Rice-pearl” is of particular interest to most shoppers for its metallic luster. Since pink and black pearls are uncommon, Hyderabadi jewelry has traditionally been made primarily with gleaming white pearls.

The magnificent appeal

Hyderabad has been the home of skilled jewelers who have mastered the art of exquisite pearls blended with various gemstones to craft spectacular jewelry. Gold and silver ornaments studded with pearls and precious stones are made into gracious jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, vaddanam and many more that have become very popular too soon around the globe.

The Hyderabadi culture has always been deeply rooted in the pearl, the “Queen of Jewels,” one of mother nature’s most brilliant creations.  The city’s pearl industry is expanding exponentially as you read this.

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People from all over the world admire Hyderabadi pearls. Rare, lustrous, and diverse varieties of pearls in a range of sizes, shapes, colors, and prices can be found in abundance in the city. If you are a pearl lover, then Hyderabad is the place for you.

Different Ways To Style Your Wedding Outfits With Pearls

That’s right the wedding bells have rung! And yes we understand that when it comes to a wedding, especially yours, you want it to be perfect; the dress, the jewelry, the literally-everything.

What better way to signify the celebration of love than the very symbol of purity, love, and innocence, pearls.

Adorn yourself with the beautiful pearl wedding looks that are setting a trend as you read this.

Here are some pearl styling curations that you might want to check out for your wedding looks.

Let it be the famous south indian bride in her viral wedding look or the B town divas, statement pearl jewelry has always been a winner.

Let it be your Kanjeevaram saree or your designer lehenga or your chapel wedding, a little pearl tease can make your look stand out.

  • Hairstyles

How much pearl is too much? As much as adding pearl charms to your hair makes it look magnificent, the traditional matha patti or headbands and mang tikas are now back in trend.

Sleek hair and a gorgeous matha patta will not only make you look ethereal but will also calm those wedding nerves.

Check out the benefits of wearing pearls now.

  • Studded pearl bangles

Feminine and elegant– yet surprisingly impactful. After all, you prefer to wear your bling around your wrists – while forgoing the ear and neck sparkle. For a refined, sweet approach to wedding jewelry, opt for a nature-inspired statement pearl bangles or  bracelet, featuring tiny iridescent pearls. Let it be just a bangle or a stack, your magic is always spurred.

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Best festive gifts to give this season!

With diwali around the corner we understand how important gifting is, so we made it easier.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love receiving beautifully wrapped gifts? There’s always an occasion to delight a loved one with the perfect gift, whether it’s Diwali or another festival. At the same time we know that giving the same kind of sweets or crockery is passe.

Check out this handy guide for some elegant gifting options for yourself or your loved ones. This festivities are unique and something that they will always cherish. Here are some of the puja accessories you might want to get


Who doesn’t like a beautifully crafted idol of silver, bring home the goodness of divine blessings carved and crafted intricately, with fine details is a perfect gift to fill your life with happiness and prosperity. gift yourself or any loved ones for their puja decor.

They say jewelry is a woman’s best friend, but well sure you don’t know which one she’d like. We have made gifting easier, now gift her a gold or silver coin so she can get the jewelry she dreams of

Puja thalis are one of the most ideal gifts for diwali or any other festivities as a matter of fact. A perfect gift to adorn the puja place and cherish .

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Three reasons why you should consider wearing pearls on a daily basis

Sure pearls are pretty and beautiful to accessorize your outfit., but what if we told you there are other benefits of wearing pearls? That’s right, there are other advantages of wearing them on a daily basis. Keep reading to learn more.

Did you know?

The most expensive pearl in the world is almost worth $100 million. The pearl’s incredible value is due to the fact that it is the largest pearl ever known to exist, measuring an astounding 26 inches in length and weighing more than 5 stone.

Pearls represent purity, integrity, and loyalty. Pearls are valued for their various calming and healing effects. Here are some of the most significant ones.

  • It is believed that pearls bring good fortune and neutralizes the negative effects of the (celestial) moons on humans. It is known to bring emotional balance to the life of a stressed human being by providing strength and peace to the mind while it helps in minimizing the negative energy. Hence the name, the gemstone of the moon.

  • Pearls also have medicinal properties. It is beneficial in treating high blood pressure and bladder disease, as well as balancing and maintaining our bodily fluids. It is also said that it helps in curing insomnia, psychological issues, tuberculosis, constipation, and heart problems. It is also helpful in enhancing a person’s attractiveness and body beauty.

  • In most parts of the world and in the astrological society it is advised to people with bad temper and anger issues should wear pearls. Due to its calming effect, It helps in betterment of depression, improves memory, and enhances the intelligence of the individuals as well.

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Holiday season is near and most of us seem confused or lethargic about exchanging gifts. Some may even detest gifting to the point of giving old scented candles or dusty wooden handicrafts with creased ribbons as gifts or re-gifts.

But what if we told you that there is a simpler way of gifting? Gifting made simple, now gift right from your home, something unique, special and yes economical too.

Here are some gifting options you might want to consider.

Gentlemen’s pack

Give him something that adds more detail and style to his everyday outfits. Gift a symbol of love and affection that stays always, close to the heart.

Timeless elegance

What better gift to give than a timeless pearl classic. A reminder and token of love that is remembered every second.

Pearl Glamor

Why give boring gifts when you give her something special and pretty that she will cherish as long as she will? This festive season gift the delicacy of elegant pearl jewelry that will last till the end of time.

It is the season to begin anew, establish new ties, and strengthen those that have been formed. Bring new joys to the lives of your loved ones this festive season, especially the wonderful, passionate, and fiery women in your life. You can find the finest selection of pearl jewelry at affordable rates at Jpearls.

Jagdamba pearls, gifting made more special and easier.

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