12 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Pearls

Pearls are every girl’s dream jewellery. Only because they’re simple, elegant and classic. Who doesn’t want to channel Rajmata Gayatri Devi in daily life? All of us do, right. That’s why we love our dear pearls. And so we put together 20 amazing facts about pearls that will blow your mind. Obviously, you got to know your pearls better!


  1. Gemstones don’t come from animals. Pearls do and to top it off, they come from a living animal. They are the only ones who are made by a living organism.

  2. We all love a good margarita. But did you know? A margarita actually means “pearl”. Now, let’s get ourselves a few more margaritas and pearls.

  3. Every pearl is unique, just like a snowflake. And all of them have certain imperfection, from big to minute to make them unique.

  4. Who wore the world’s first pearl jewellery? As far as we know, the oldest pearl was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess from 520 BC and you can take a look at it in the Louvre in Paris. Dying.to.see!

  5. Did you know? Saltwater pearls are made by oysters and freshwater pearls are made by mussels.

  6. Pearls decide their colour from the shell they are born in – that means the colour of the pearl is dependent on it’s shell – so choose from white to gold, and from pink to black.

  7. Pearls that aren’t high grade are known to be crushed and made into a translucent powder and they are widely used in make-up. Ooh, jewellery for your face too.

  8. Cleopatra made pearls famous by showing off to Marc Antony that she can plan a banquet costing more than the assets of a country. She took off a pearl earring, dissolved it in wine and drank it. But is that story true? Can pearls dissolve in wine? Looks like it’s a no.

  9. In 1916, Jacques Cartier apparently bought his 5th Avenue Cartier store in exchange for two pearl necklaces. Ah, he made a fortune and got some luck going for him.

  10. Pearls are the official gemstone of those born in June and they are known to symbolise fertility and loyalty.

  11. Pearls were seen as the official jewellery to wear during mourning during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Some say, they symbolise memorials and tears.

  12. La Peregrina is known to be the name of the world’s most famous pearl. It is rather large and pear-shaped and was discovered in the Americas. It was gifted to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. Lucky woman!

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