What you need to include in your wedding trousseau!

Other jewellery for wedding trouseau

Other jewellery for wedding trouseau


You’re ecstatic! You’re finally getting married to the man of your dreams and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The countdown to your big fat wedding has begun too and a lot needs to be done before that- setting up the venue, dance practices, catering and what not. But more importantly, since you’re the bride, you cannot afford to overlook your wedding trousseau.

While the hysteria around clothes and jewellery never ends, an aspect which we usually pay less attention to is ‘centrepieces’. Where will all the flowers be kept, what diyas are going to be lit, will you give away your gifts on a steel thali? We are going to help you put together a basic list of items you may require.

  1. Idols

No auspicious ceremony starts without a small prayer to our Gods. While different communities pay their respects to different idols, we have picked out the two most popular, idols of Lord Ganesha, the God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings and Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. You can buy a cute set of the two together.

2. Lamps for the ceremony

A ceremony would be incomplete without lighting lamps. And we have found the perfect lamp for your wedding. This lovely peacock shaped lamp is our pick.

3. Prayer Cups/Katoris

There is a lot of stuff that is to be contained especially while the rituals are being performed. You will definitely need cups to keep all the turmeric, water, milk, etc. Invest in a cute set and you’re sorted.

4. Thalis/Trays

These are by far the most important item in your list. For flowers, for gifts, for fruits- you need them for almost everything. You can either buy them separately, if you need many or buy a ‘puja set’ which contains everything from a thali to an incense holder.

5. Kumkum Holder

According to Indian tradition, a married woman must apply a ‘sindoor’ on her forehead. For the sindoor, this beautiful kumkum dabbi embellished in colorful stones, will do the trick.

6. Gold Coins

What better way than gold coins to thank your guests for attending your wedding? Get them covered in a nice velvet box and decorate with cute ribbons and this makes for the perfect return gift for loved ones.

The noise, the drama, the confusion, the nervousness, they all give way to tons of memories once the wedding is over. Be prepared for everything and have a smooth wedding.

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