The 3 types of bangles

BanglesinindiaDiamond bracelets or bangles are aesthetically pleasing and provide a classic finish to any outfit. Wrists, unlike necklaces or earrings, aren’t generally the focal point of attention. So, they need to be glammed up with either bracelets or a bunch of bangles.

Bangles are the oldest form of jewelry and date back to 6th century Egypt. Some of the earliest forms of bangles were made from copper, seashells, or agate. They are worn quite often, in sync with Indian tradition and culture, symbolizing prosperity. But, other cultures restrict it as only a fashion accessory. A single sterling bangle can be worn to a formal event, when the jewelry is kept minimal. Bangles, adorned with semi-precious stones and glass beads can be worn in a bunch to add flare and to a casual outfit.

The best part about bangles is that it is that one piece of simple accessory that can be worn with either necklaces or earrings. has thousands of listings for bangles in popular styles which are made from 18-karat gold which may be a little on the expensive side but there are others that fit into any budget and style. That is why JPearls is the perfect pit-stop for buying bangles online as its bangle collection includes an array of unique designs and patterns.

There are three main types of bangles: Solid, Expanding, Spring or Hinge bangle.

THE SOLID BANGLE – solidOne of the most traditional bangle styles, the solid bangle is quite popular amongst buyers.



THE EXPANDING BANGLE expanding bangle– Some circular bangles are not completely solid, but reveal a small opening in which the two parts of the bangle can be pushed together, then slipped over the hand, and expanded as the bangle is moved up the arm.




springTHE SPRING OR HINGE BANGLE – This bangle opens and closes with a spring or hinge and is easy to get on and off.

Bangles are a timeless fashion accessory. They can serve as an accessory that merely accents an outfit or draws attention to itself. Regardless of the intended look the buyer is going for, they will find a plethora of bangles to choose from on


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