5 pieces of essential Diwali Jewellery for every wardrobe

Ganesha Diamond Pendant from JPearls

The festival of lights is just a week away. The air is abuzz with excitement and anticipation as we count down the days to the biggest Indian celebration. The clothes have been purchased, the sweets for the day have been decided and the laundry list of firecrackers has been argued over and decided by the youngest in the family. Now all that’s left is to look your resplendent best on the day. Here’s a selection of jewellery for the kind of dress you wish to wear.

Temple jewellery diamonds gold and pearlsThe necklace of divinity
Wear your faith with this classically designed piece of temple jewellery. Made with 22kt gold and studded with uncut diamonds, pearls and other precious stones, the necklace has a golden embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi at its heart. You can know more about this perfect addition to your day of joy, celebration and hope here.



Gold chain with rubies and emeraldsThe subtlety of emeralds
Wearing a light sari or a classy salwar kameez? This gorgeous gold chain is perfect for your understated dress. 22 carat gold forms the base for a creation that weaves rubies and pearls with an emerald stone that occupies pride of place. Get it here.




Ganesha Diamond Pendant from JPearlsGanesha for every occasion
This evergreen Ganesha Pendent slots beautifully into any celebration and adds to any dress you wear. Made with 18kt gold and a single diamond piece artfully tucked onto one side, this pendant could be your new lucky charm. Get it here




Pearl earringsHanging delights
No outfit can be complete without earrings that draw admiring compliments. From pearl earrings that play with light and shape to gold earrings that glow with the sheen of studded gemstones, Jagdamba Pearls offers a wide range of earrings that cater to every kind of taste. Get it here.




Pearl Bangles with CZ stones and goldThe clink of bangles
Bangles are the final addition to your festival outfits. These small bands are the final aspect of your Diwali attire. Our pearl, CZ and gold bangles come in a variety of styles that are perfect for you to choose from. Get them here.

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