Flaunt your style with diamond pendants

There could be many gems that mankind has discovered but there will never be anything like the diamond, the king of the gems. They say the God of mines himself found diamond, ‘as pure as dewdrops and invincible in hardness’, and to say the least, it the greatest gem ever. There really is no surprise then, that the diamond jewellery should be a woman’s best friend.

Wearing a diamond in the form of a beautifully sculptured pendant is the best way to flaunt its grandeur and have it bring all the prosperity, the strength and the good luck that it is known to bring to the wearer.

Diamond Pendants by JPearls have been the best form that a diamond pendant could take, crafted into the most beautiful designs and in their purest ever form.

The best of our designs yet has got to be this, the flower diamond pendant that is bound to steal the hearts of anyone who takes so much as a look at it with a diamond placed at the very heart of a flower.

Diamond Pendant for WomenA more intricate design that makes the diamonds in it and the wearer of the pendant look great is the spin diamond pendant where in the design is the most attractive spiral with diamonds embedded on it. You can get it here for Rs. 3,848.


Silver diamond pendantThe Ronak diamond pendant, which is designed to look like a swan’s head is one more of our perfectly crafted pendants. You can get it for Rs. 3,744.



Silver pendant for womenDiamonds put into even the most simplest of the designs can still be more beautiful than you could ever imagine, and this round diamond pendant which is made of a mere circular design but still looks like the most beautiful thing on earth is an example. You can get it here for Rs. 3,124.


Sterling Silver and Diamond PendantThe unique diamond pendant is another example of our elegant craftsman ship. With a flower fully embedded with diamond and fabricated into a simple design, this diamond pendant is just perfect. You can get it here for Rs. 6,521.


Be it for a gift to someone close to your heart or be it for yourself, the JPearls diamond pendants are the most beautifully designed diamond jewellery and if you let these exquisite pieces of art become a part of your life, they could change your lives forever!


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