What would you find in a traveller’s jewellery box?


Everybody loves to travel. To discover unseen places, to marvel at historical architecture, to try different cuisines- the pleasures of travel are many. Besides these experiences, it is of paramount importance to click the best pictures. From skiing to snorkeling, we want a picture of everything to post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So, it is essential that we look exceptional.

Filters and other editing apps have made life much easier for us today but here’s another trick, jewellery. Let your 8 megapixel front camera also capture your lovely diamond pendant or your beautiful ear cuffs.

We’ve put together some jewellery items, apart from earrings, that we believe any traveller would love to carry along on a trip. Read on!

1. Tons of Pendants!

Travel light is what they say. So, instead of carrying 10 different chains, carry just one or two and mix those up with different pendants. If you like expensive jewellery and are travelling to a risk-free place, then you can try lovely diamond pendants. Otherwise, you could also carry pearl pendants with different stones.

Pendants work particularly well if you’re wearing a top that exposes your neck. You can wear them with blouses or even tank tops!

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2. Bracelets/Bangles

Bangles are perfect especially if you’re newly married and are on your honeymoon. You can flaunt your newly married status by wearing shiny gold bangles and also make a style statement. Match your gold bangles with a watch and team those up with a full sleeve sweater.

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If you are on the older side and want to accessorize your wrists but keep it subtle, then diamond bracelets are the way to go.

3. Anklets

Anklets are amazing especially if you are going abroad. They’re so Indian and go pretty much with any outfit and more so if you’re wearing something that exposes your ankles. Our thumbs up to silver anklets for any location!

You could wear anklets with skirts of any length, capri pants and they would look great with culottes, where you can have a boho look going. 

4. Pearl Sets

Pearls look great on any kind of outfit, be it ethnic or Western. Hence, they are must have on any trip! You could carry an entire set if you have the space for it, or carry just single pieces of jewellery. A lovely bracelet to go with your pretty floral top, or a short necklace for that little black dress.

Our pick is this lovely flower-shaped pearl set that is suitable for everything.

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5. Nosepin

Nosepins are the cutest and they can bring a lot of difference to the millions of selfies that you take while on your trip. So, grab one today. They’re easy to carry and super stylish.

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These are our top items for your trip but you can mix and match. Remember to carry jewellery that is multi-purpose and suits your outfits well and shine!

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