Six Reasons Why Hyderabad Pearls Are The Best In The World

Pearls are perhaps Hyderabad’s biggest tourist attractions, right after Golconda and Salarjung Museum. The only souvenir that one can carry and keep for eternity in their jewellery boxes. And women love that about this beautiful city while men run around in circles trying to decide which restaurant serves the best biryani. Hyderabad pearls have long adorned Nizams and their queens, veteran actresses and every woman in India does infact have one prized possession from Hyderabad – those delectable pearls that can give any fashion accessory a run for it’s money. But what’s so special about Hyderabadi pearls? Allow us to give you 6 really good reasons why you need that special pearl in your jewellery box asap.


  1. The patronage of the Nizams brought together jewellery craftsmanship to Hyderabad – especially pearls. Their beautifully constructed jewellery and their love for precious jewellery and extravagant lifestyle brought us pearls in many innovative designs. If you are looking at intricate designs and unique ideas, then Hyderabadi pearl sets might just set your style apart because they can royalty and craftsmanship better than any other.

  2. You have a million choices in pearl jewellery. From pink pearls to black ones and even yellow and champagne-coloured ones, there is a lot of variety in design and colour when it comes to pearls.

  3. Hyderabad is home to highly-skilled artisans who can bring in good craftsmanship, old-school vintage glamour and work with semi-precious stones to create the perfect pearl jewellery for you.

  4. Hyderabad also offers great options for those looking for pearl jewellery in a budget. From layered strands to a ones that come in gold and silver additions, there is something for everyone. And that’s really where Hyderabadi pearls score – they can work with any stone and any metal to give you a special piece.

  5. If you’re looking for an ideal pearl necklace – Hyderabadi pearls really work very well with emeralds and rubies. And there are so many interesting designs one can look out for.

  6. The best kind of pearls available in hyderabad really set it apart – there is the maximum lustre of the “Basra” pearl or the “rice pearl”. Your pearls will then always be a point of conversation and unique!

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