Add bling to your boring work attire with JPearls office-wear earrings!

So you’re forced to wear formals to your work place and wish there was some way you could add some colour and zing to it? JPearls office-wear earrings are the answer to your prayers.

Pearl earrings are everything that you’d want that perfect work-wear jewellery to be – classy, blingy, simple and often make a very elegant statement.  Without being ostentatious, pearl earrings silently go about doing their job of making you look pretty.

We at JPearls have got a great collection of some sparkling earrings that are designed just to with your work-wear. They’re simple and yet radiant. Our team of designers and craftsmen have woven these pearl rings with some great expertise and art. Here are some of our most beautiful pearl earrings listed out for you…

Nothing like adding some flower power to your pearl earrings

Did you always love floral designs? Flowers needn’t just be restricted to your clothes but can also be worn as jewellery. Our pearl floral earrings will take care of your floral jewellery needs from hereafter!

These set of pearl jewellery have all got a beautiful coloured rose embedded on top of a hanging pearl top. Get them all from here and wear one each day of the week to go with the colour of your dress.

j pearls rose earrings 1

Lose out your heart to these heart shaped pearl earrings

Wearing your heart on your sleeve might not really be a good idea, especially at your work place. But who said anything about wearing a heart on your ear? Wearing a beautiful heart shaped pearl earring could take you places in your career, after all, you are putting your heart to your work (symbolically of course)!

Check out these heart shaped pearl earrings of ours that you (and your colleagues) are sure to fall in love with..

j pearls heart earrings

Leafy dangling Pearl Earrings

There is only one way to make pearl earrings look more beautiful than they already are – to weave them into different shapes that could enhance their elegance. Ever heard of jewellery woven into the shape of leaves? We at JPearls have made this little experiment of crafting pearls in the form of leaves and they came out this pretty. For one thing, work friends and colleagues won’t be able to take their eyes of them!

j pearls leaf earrings

Let us decide your week-long pearl earring schedule for you

Often times, we won’t have enough time to spend on choosing our every day jewellery or for that matter even our everyday clothing. For hectic weeks and days like that, we’ve got your pearl earring schedule planned out for you. This Monday to Friday work wear pearl earrings set has got the perfect combination of pearl earrings that you should try out from Monday through Friday. What’s more…since they come in a set, they come at a very low price.

j pearls rose pearl earrings

Time to colour your pearls up!

Why wear only white pearls everyday for your work when you can wear coloured pearls? When you want to match your jewellery with your clothes and would still like to wear pearls, our coloured pearl earrings are what you should turn to.

Our collection of dangling peach, green and white coloured pearls will not just add class to your work-wear jewellery but also that splash of colour that it needs!

j pearls pear ear hangings

With our amazing work-wear pearl earrings collection that you can now get your hands on, going to work will no longer be boring!

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