JPearl bracelets befitting royalty – to pamper the princess in you!

There’s only one thing that could make you feel like a princess and that’s jewellery. While a crown is what the princess in you really deserves, bracelets sure are next the line.

A modern spin-off of bangles, bracelets are not just trendy but are also very beautiful. Whether you decide to don the western chic avatar or become the traditional belle, bracelets are sure to fit in and accentuate your look.

Time for a little bracelet history:

Before you go bracelet shopping, you should know the significance of bracelets. It turns out that bracelets aren’t just decorative pieces but have actually got some significance to them since very early times. Ancient Egyptians, Greek and Indians have all worn bracelets as good luck charms. Stones, crystals and rocks that are meant to bring good luck to the wearer were always attached to a bracelet. There were also times when bracelets were tied by one person to another to signify the relationship between them, especially when they were parting.

At JPearls, we’ve got the most beautiful collection of bracelets. Whether it’s because they have your birthstone embedded on them or it’s because they make for the perfect gift or it’s because they are just that beautiful, you should totally indulge in one of our designer bracelets.

Here are some of the best bracelets we’ve got…

This one’s sure to give your loved one the butterflies!

How about a butterfly bracelet that makes for the perfect gift for your loved one? With a gold and stone butterfly held onto a black leather bracelet, this ‘fine cut charm diamond bracelet’ is just what would make for the most beautiful gift ever whether it’s for the valentine’s day or for your anniversary.


How would you like to wear a stone rose on your hand?

With a beautiful carving of a pink coloured rose on it, the ‘fashion bangles bracelet’ that looks like half a bangle and half a bracelet is a piece of jewellery that is sure to make you look like a princess. Worn to a wedding or a party (because it goes well for both the occasions), this bracelet is sure to make you stand out in a crowd.


For those who like to keep it simple

So you’re not a fan of ostentatious jewellery. If keeping it simple is what you like when it comes to your jewellery, this simple chain bracelet is what you’re looking for. Delicately woven with gold and diamonds, half of this bracelet is just gold while the other half is studded with some stunning diamonds. It’s barely-there on your hand and yet, makes for a really charming piece of jewellery.


This heart-shaped diamond bracelet is sure to win hearts

There’s one good thing about bracelets and that is the fact that they come in the most beautiful and intricate designs ever. This heart shaped gold and stone bracelet that has tiny hearts crafted all over it is sure to win your heart and the hearts of everyone who lays their eyes upon it. At the very least, it can make for one really beautiful Valentine’s day gift.

jp-jan 766

There’s every reason why should get your hands on one of these bracelets from our exquisite bracelet collection and pamper the princess in you!

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