Make your wedding a classy affair with JPearls pearl necklaces for brides

For ages now, pearls have been the favourite wedding jewellery for brides all over the world. Be it the grand Hindu and Muslim weddings or the simpler Christian weddings, no wedding is really complete without a lot of pearl jewellery everywhere. Pearl necklaces for brides, are known to bring harmony and happiness into their lives post wedding. It is also believed that they keep a bride from crying during the wedding. And above all that, they’re just so beautiful that they make the whole affair a spectacular ceremony.

A pearl necklace goes equally well with a white wedding dress and a wedding kanjeevaram. It can add its own element of sparkle to the bride and make her gleam, literally. Pearl necklaces for brides however are a whole different genre of jewellery. Bridal pearl necklaces are being made into some really magnificent designs off late and are so spectacular that they make for the perfect bridal jewellery every bride would want to show off on her big day.

JPearls has got some really artsy and gorgeous pearl necklaces for brides which were designed to make your wedding nothing short of a glorious occasion. Here are five of our best pearl necklaces for brides.

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JPearls Gulmohar Bridal Necklace:

While longer strands of pearl necklaces are usually preferred, choker pearl necklaces are the most elegant when it comes to weddings.This choker pearl bridal necklace is made of pearls, stones and silver plated with gold. Every bit of it spells grandeur and the bride who wears it is sure to ooze glamour and elegance on the wedding day.

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JPearls New Complete Bridal Set:

Wedding pearls are usually worn in two to three layers of necklaces. The new complete bridal set by JPearls, which has two necklaces makes for two gorgeous layers of pearl bridal necklaces. There is also a pair of gorgeous pearl ear rings and a finger ring that comes in this set.

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JPearls Starling Bridal Set:

This CZ and pearl necklace with all its magnificence can transform you into something of a star-bride. It goes with just about any colour that you choose to wear on your wedding day, adding its own starry appeal. It also comes with gorgeous shiny CZ ear-rings. This set makes for a great addition to the long and white wedding dresses that are usually worn for  Christian wedding.

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JPearls Rich Look Bridal Necklace:

Long and three stranded, this pearl necklace can make for one really gorgeous bridal necklace. The bits of gold plated alloy, the green and red stones all add a very subtle grandeur to the necklace. It is easily one of the best in JPearls’ collection of pearl necklaces for brides.

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JPearls Nora Bridal Necklace Set

Made out of four strands of tiny white pearls and rubies, all woven beautifully with gold, this necklace is sure to make any bride exude gorgeousness. It comes with pearl drop ear rings and pearl and ruby studded bangles that go with it perfectly.

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‘Wedding gems’ as they are often called, pearls complement a wedding like nothing else. And with the JPearls pearl bridal necklaces, your wedding is sure to become a very special and unforgettable event.

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