Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi At Jagdamba Pearls!

Are you ready as the nation is about to erupt in zealous celebrations? The Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is coming close and people everywhere are decking up to begin the celebratory rituals. The palpable excitement is in the air as people have took to the streets to shop for the best festive jewelry and accessories.11 days of prayers, pandal-hopping, eating delicacies and waiting hours in queue to get Ganesha’s darshan, nothing can prepare you for the madness that is Ganesh Chaturthi.This year, Jagdamba Pearls brings you a wonderful festive surprise! With wide ranging collections that stand out, we truly care that you have the best Ganesh Chaturthi and have the most majestic decorations to make this an unforgettable event. We also have plans to give you the best gift by offering a 5gram silver coin for free, with a purchase of any Ganesha merchandise!

Here are 5 festive and spiritual jewelry from the gorgeous Jpearls collection to add to the bling of your preparations. With unbelievable deals and stunning designs, you will truly come home to Jagdamba Pearls.

  1. Ganesha Pendants

With more than 70 designs of Ganesh Chaturthi themed pendants, Jagdamba Pearls has an unbelievable collection to shop for spiritual jewelry at affordable prices. Beautiful diamonds set in gold and varied sizes to adorn your outfit. Add a spiritual shine to your days and dwell in the positivity these pieces radiate.



  1. Divine Idols

A wide range of silver and gold idols are available on the Jagdamba Pearls website jpearls.com. Crafted with precision and made from the best gold and silver, these will light up the ambience of your puja room. Varying prices make them suitable for gifting your friends and relatives. All the more reason to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with us!


  1. Decorative frames

What better way to express love than to gift someone a Silver Frame from Jagdamba Pearls?

Inscribed with spiritual messages and an exquisite finish, these come within a suitable price range. A delightful rendezvous between cultural roots and new designs,this Ganesha Chaturthi, spread joy and beauty with these silver lucky charms. They make a thoughtful gift or just prop them in your home to bring a positive, spiritual aura.


  1. Holy Kalash

The kalash is instrumental in every puja ritual, as it holds the holy water that purifies the gathering. Make this festival even more sacred with special silver kalashes. Perfectly designed to set the tone for an ecclesiastic ritual and adorns your puja room like no other.


  1. The puja bell

The first thought that comes to mind when imagining an Indian festival puja is the merry chiming of countless bells. Their chime is the messenger inviting radiant energy to your Ganesha vandana. Again, their elegant designs will add to the dainty atmosphere as it is in our hearts to make this Ganesh Chaturthi your most indelible one



Embracing the opportunity to add you in our huge family, we wish you a very happy and prosperous  Ganesh Chaturthi.


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