Few years after the concept of “brunch” hit global mainstream, every fashion magazine published its take on what’s the perfect brunch outfit. Brunch is cheerful, inciting and casual.  Throw in some jewelry, get creative with the styling and you have another class of clothing altogether. Denim, beige, wool or leopard? There are no rules to the brunch game.

On those lazy weekends, brew some coffee and take a look at these 5 ideas you can experiment with for your brunch date.


  1. Maxi dresses and pendants


Wearing light, flowing maxi dresses instantly reads “casual”. If you’re stressing over a summer brunch just put on a light hued maxi dress with chunky gold pendants and beautifully designed danglers. Accessorizing your outfit with jewelry will balance the ensemble for a relaxed feel and look like you took some trouble to put together an actually effortless get-up!



2. Danglers and denims

jewellery 1

Denims are a constant. White denims, blue, black or colored, they are appropriate for every occasion. Let’s see what we have for brunch, huh?  When wearing pastel denims, we suggest keeping minimal accessories to avoid looking over-the-top. Throw in some ripped jeans and a white t-shirt with platinum bracelets, some simple necklaces and with a bright smile you’re good to go.

3.Palazzos and layered necklaces



After the Bollywood debut last year, Palazzos were quite a rage among all age groups. We saw them romancing short crop tops to printed tees and kurtis. Even “half saris” were wrapped around these loose and super comfy pants. Either use minimal accessories for casual girl-next-door or go all out and wear layers around your neck to balance attention to your neck and shoulders. Use pearl necklaces and diamond pendants, gold, rubies to create jewelry layers thereby making your brunch wear a very trendy attire.


  1. Ethnic kurtis and nose ringsp3

If ethnic wear is what you feel more comfortable in, kurtis is the solution to your brunch wear frustration. Pair up a casual kurti with hair accessories, and Diamond studs to glamorize the casual look you will be sporting. Gorgeous pearl nose rings are finding their way to the glossy pages of every fashion magazine so try to work up your ensemble.  There is always something new to try. Wear your kurti with jeans or even ripped shorts for an indo-western appeal. Nothing speaks “funky” than mixing ethnic wear with modern fashion.


  1. Skirts


Every season has its own skirt. It is quite safe to say that skirts never go out of fashion! In over 100 years, skirts have been transformed and redeemed as the universal “girl” wear. For a summer brunch, put on a floral print skirt with a preferably plain top and with minimal jewelry around your neck. Splurge on bracelets. Layering works beautifully around your wrists too! Try denim skirts, they ooze the glam slam like no other. Work with colors and sizes. Use light, small earrings for brunch with a casual hairdo. Don’t forget to experiment with simple rings, with modern designs as available on

Use your distinct sense of style for a relaxed weekend brunch outfit. Happy brunching, Miss Sunshine!



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