10 Gifts To Make You Feel Fab This Women’s Day!

Oh, we’ve been through a hard year as women. We’ve made beds, cooked up a storm for the family and made sure we got the “Employee of the Month” badge at work. So this Women’s Day, make sure you love that amazing person who’s been with you throughout – yourself! That’s why we put together 10 exquisite jewellery pieces that can make you feel oh-so-good about yourself. From pretty pendants to scintillating earrings – there’s something for every woman out there! ***Psst, take a look and tell us what you love the most in the comments section though!

  1. Dual Heart Pendant Set

This one’s as simple as it looks. Everyone in love needs a heart and add a pearl necklace with it and you’ll cherish this piece forever.

Wear it with: A cool tank top and jeggings!


2. Pink Button Pearl Bangles

Pearl bangles are just the thing a girl needs to make herself feel better on a rather dull day. These tiny pearl bangles add a bit of old school glamour to your everyday work look.

Wear it with: A quirky kurti!


3. Claire Baalis

As traditional as they get, these cutesy Claire baalis are a simpler take on the heavier chand baalis. What makes them stand out is the ruby settings, we are so loving the pearl drops that are crafted to perfection.

Wear it with: An anarkali.


4. For You Pearls Watch

So unique and so out-of-the-box, the exquisitely designed pearl watch is a sight for sore eyes. It can go on western as well as traditional outfits and adds the much needed elegance to your look.

Wear it with: A maroon-coloured high slit cocktail dress!


5. Three String Grey Pearl Bracelet

It’s an unconventional choice – buying yourself a grey pearl bracelet. But that’s why you will stand out in a crowd of “mee-toos”.  The grey bracelet adds sophistication to your look and also gives your wardrobe a new perspective.

Wear it with: A work-wear shirt.


6. Two-line Pearl Set

Every girl needs one classic essential set of the finest pearls in her jewellery closet. Take this as the one thing that will gear your wardrobe up for the future – to pass it onto your daughter , silly. It’s so versatile, it will work on any outfit.

Wear it with: A little black dress!


7. Navratan Pendant Set

If you’re a traditional gal at heart, then this one’s just for you. The Navratan pendant is simple yet conventional – so you can actually wear it for special occasions or all of our Indian festivals.

Wear it with: A georgette sari.


8. Gold Pendant Set

The smallest, most cutest gift ever, the small gold and pearl pendant set is perfect for work and play. It works on everyday work wear and you could definitely pair it up with corporate clothing as well as your kurtis.

Wear it with: Wide-legged pants and a white shirt!


9. Two-piece Pearl Finger Ring

Rings are precious and rings are personal. Which is why you need to invest in a good diamond and pearl ring. It can be worn everyday and has a certian charm to it – it’s pure and divine with a touch of delicacy.

Wear it with: Your favourite denims and a crop top!


10. Pearl Combo Three Earrings

The best thing to buy if you’re a working woman. These three interesting combo pearl earrings are just what you need to hit all the right notes at work. Wear one everyday and change them up a bit – fabulous all the way!

Wear it with: A good jacket or a nice body-con dress!


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