Women’s Day Love: The First Women Of Bollywood Who Rocked Pearls

It’s hard to stay on the elegant side of fashion when Bollywood is heavily influenced by new trends, avant-garde ideas and tacky bling. That’s why our favourite stars and fashionable ones at that, are those who balance eternal style with their fabulous personalities. This women’s day, we picked out 10 such amazing personalities, the first women of Bollywood who stand out for their excellent taste in jewellery and their picture perfect lives that inspire us everyday. And their favourite jewellery is: Pearls, of course! Take a look at how they wore their favourite jewellery.

Aishwarya Rai 

j-Aishwarya+Rai+Dangle+Earrings+Pearl+Drop+earringsShe’s the biggest star India has ever seen and as made sure her personality stood the test of time. Her acting abilities, her amazing family and her classic beauty was praised to the skies. And what we love about Aishwarya is the way she satys in the limelight with minimal efforts – India’s biggest export. At Cannes and on the home turf, Aishwarya stays true to who she is with her personal style – we love the way she wears her favourite drop pearl earrings – with panache.


Kareena Kapoor
j-kareenaThe second lady of Pataudi, she had a few ups and downs when she started her career in terms of personal style. But she soon found her groove and got classy and understated in the process. Her well-fitted cocktail gowns and easy breezy salwars and anarkalis had us at hello. We love how she wears her chandbaalis, dangly and fun.




Kangana Ranaut
j-kangana2014 was Kangana’s biggest year – she acted in Queen and that role nearly changed her life. In real life, we love the independent and suave lady who trips us up with her fashion choices and her unconventional roles. Her personal style is devastatingly modernist – cluster pearl necklaces and large chunky pearl chandeliers. That’s also her style staple – so gorgeous and so refined!



Vidya Balan
j-vidya-balanAs traditional as they come, Vidya Balan is bollywood’s biggest gamble that paid off. A non size zero actress who guards her individuality and that’s why we really adore Vidya. Her personal style is traditional and very old school – and she often is seen with her favourite pearl pendant necklaces and jhumkis – we love the fact that she wears them beautifully with her favourite kanjeevarams. Her look at Cannes in sabyasachi was our favourite till date.


Deepika Padukone

j-deepikaAh, the reigning queen of Bollywood has everyone in a tizzy because she’s so fabulously awesome. Whether it’s movies or her personal style – Deepika Padukone sure knows how to stay in style everyday. Flawlessly beautiful and brilliantly intuitive, Deepika knows what fits her body and what really works on it. But her personal favourite (which is our favourite too) is her jhumkis. We love how she pairs them up often and on western and traditional fare. Simply amazing!



Pictures courtesy: Bollywood Celebden

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