5 Colour-combos in Jewellery That Will Make Your Jewellery Case a Better Place!

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 2

When it comes to jewellery, it pays to have variety in your box. Well, if you’re into classic and elegant fare, then all the more reason why you should opt for something “out of the box” to fit into your fashionable life. Pearls are of course, in everybody’s lust list – they’re precious, classy and oh -so-fabulous which brings us back to the question – would you add anything else to make them better? Yes, of course! This holi, our dear festival of colours reminds us once again that we need something bright and big in our lives. Our jewellery box included. That’s precisely the reason why we need to up the ante and look for necklace ideas and combos that are off-beat and unique – one’s will stop traffic in varied hues. So go ahead, add a bit of colour into your staid pearl sets – the brighter, the better.

#1 Multi-coloured Wonders
5-Colour-combos-in-Pearl-Jewellery-1These jewellery pieces are extremely versatile – they fit perfectly, like a glove into your wardrobe. Because, they can go with every outfit of yours – you name the colour and they match it in a jiffy. Look for a necklace that can be worn on western or Indian outfits – and that’s why the Navratan collection is your best bet. It offers a safe option for those who are divided on colours and hues, plus it offers excellent avant-garde styling ideas. Of all colour combos, this one’s definitely the safest, you’ll never go wrong with this gem.

#2 Pearls With Rubies

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 2A combination that’s pretty common – rubies gel very well with pearls and together, they can clearly create magic. But if you’re vigilant, you can take this combination a notch higher with great craftsmanship and interesting designs. Opt for neckpieces that are wholesome and big so that rubies get as much attention as your pearls. Add floral elements or exquisite paisleys and you’re on the path to a fashionable start.


#3 Emeralds and Pearls

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 3Emeralds are all about royalty and power and when teamed with pearls, they add a touch of elegance and charm to their ilk. The explosive combination of emeralds with pearls can give you a sophisticated air – so look for ones that showcase both parties well. Go for neckpieces that work well on saris and anarkalis – so powerful and so exuberant. Layered necklaces will help bring out the best in them – and work very well on our outfits as well.


#4 Pastel Rainbow
5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 4Pastels are the biggest trend for summer – somehow anything light and delicate seems to be the tune for the day. So look for necklaces that showcase that simplicity and clarity in your styling like those that come with peach-coloured pearls, rose-coloured ones and even those that come in an interesting golden shade. Wear them with white pearls to add charm to your look.


#5 Purples and Whites

5 Colour-combos in Pearl Jewellery 5There is definitely something about lilac and white combinations – they are ethereal and heavenly and all things divine. They bring out the hidden elegance in our styling and help us look really classy. That’s why this off-beat combination is only for those looking at something new altogether – something out of this world! Look for delicate threads, single layered necklaces that will slip in easily without being noticed – but on the whole they bring in a sort of delicacy to the entire look.

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